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I was a little bummed at first listen, because I was expecting more tracks from Steve Jablonsky to be on the Cd. However, the other songs that I listened to are cool. So overall I think it is worth a buy, once it is available for purchase. Some people may be upset with one music score track, however.

Visit the official website to listen to exerpts of the disc.

Let us know what you think.

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I've been dedicated to this franchise for most of my life and am happy to be contributing news and information to all of the fans out there. Happy Friday The 13th!

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  1. The website doesn’t list all of the tracks on the soundtrack, and I don’t know why they’re being so secretive.

    Its hard to properly assess the soundtrack at this point because of this. But at this point, I’d have to say the soundtrack is a big failure in every way. I try to stay up to date on newer bands, so I’ve heard of the bands featured on the soundtrack, but not one of them is big with the tweens or adults. The only song that has any credit on the soundtrack, so far, is Sister Christian.

    If I was them I would not release this one on cd. It would only sell to the purists, and that just wouldn’t be a bright move to make when the industry is already hurting because of decline in sales.

    Now if the missing tracks end up being decent artists, my opinion will change. But I have a feeling the missing tracks are just more of Jablonsky’s score.

  2. I think I found the rest of the bands featured on the sdtk..

    Here’s the list I pulled from

    1. Night Ranger - Sister Christian
    2. Classic - Get Em up
    3. Locksley - She Does
    4. The Hives - Tick Tick Boom
    5. Lyrics Born - I Like it, I Love It
    6. Jimmy Gresham - No Way to Stop It
    7. Steve Jablonsky - Score/theme
    8. Bumblebeez - Freak Ya Loneliness
    9. Living Things - Post Millennium Extinction Blues
    10. Stars - My Favorite Book
    11. Three AM - Doin’ Things
    12. The Kills - Night Train
    13. Santogold - Shove It


  3. No Alice Cooper? What the hell?

  4. What! No Friday the 13th disco track from Part 3! What the hell were they thinking?

  5. Can’t say I’m moved by this tracklist but I’m not watching ot for the music so as long as the score is okay that’s all I’m bothered about. As long as it’s not full of nu-metal like FvJ

  6. Fuckin’ rap music, I hate Paramount. Christian Sister is the only good song on here. I’d rather have no songs, instead of sucky ones that annoy the fuck out of you.

  7. I meant “Sister Christian”, this typo just shows how annoyed I already am.

  8. It\’s okay, but nothing I would run out and purchase. That said, as the previous poster said, I am not going to see the movie for the music. >:)

  9. Hip Hop and Alternative Rock, what the fuck is Paramount thinking. This isn’t the mid 90’s, nobody listens to that shit anymore. This is even worst than that Death Metal shit from Freddy vs Jason. Un-fuckin-believable…

  10. Complete garbage!! Why can’t the get Harry Manfredini to do the score and just get rid of all this crap. Or if they can’t get him to do it, just use his music from the previous films.

  11. How about just any composer that can do something beside thumps and wails. If not Manfredini, how about anyone that can muster up a cool orchestral vibe (John Ottman, Marco Beltrami etc). I always felt the scores set these films apart from their “switch on the Casio keyboard” competition and I hate to see it go generic (crap pop music or not).

  12. To be fair, alt rock is still big with the teens. Interpol, The Killers, Paramore, The Muse, and a number of others still chart very well. And Coachella is all about the alt rock, and thats a huge festival. The problem is, most of those into that kind of music aren’t into slasher flicks. So the target audience for the soundtrack, very few of them are going to see F13, and the soundtrack isn’t going to pull them in. The soundtrack for this film would be better suited for Twilight.

    Now the reviews I’ve read, there’s no mention of any of the music other than Jablonsky’s work. This could mean these crappy bands are only featured during the credits. That would be a gift from the gods because I never stick around for the credits.

  13. Dev, you do have a point about alternative rock but still, no one listens to rap anymore. Accept for blacks, wiggers and liberals. Basically, it was a lame temporary fad of the 90’s. I think that Bumblebeez and Santogold might be the rap groups that’s in this. From what I can see, Sister Christian is the only song here that’s worth a damn. Personally I think they should’ve used Alice Cooper’s - Poison, or Great White’s - Once Bitten Twice Shy.

  14. And if they were gonna use a song called Night Train, it should’ve been Guns N’ Roses.

  15. big surprise here, rap crap, alternative, meh..this soundtrack is lame. Should have used Harry Manfredini, so I guess they based the film in the 90’s. Why not in the 80’s, the soundtrack would be better. I’m only 24 and overall the 80’s was a better decade for music than the drab,depressing,bs of the grunge bands etc. Some alternative is ok, but still for Friday the 13th?? and of course we have to have the mandatory hip-hop so we can all be hip and cool like P.Diddy..PATHETIC. Hollywood gone PC.

  16. I’m a huge fan of Jason and the FT13th series and I use to appreciate this site until I heard so much hidden racism over this soundtrack issue. (Chad and Terry) Not to get me wrong good music is good music regardless of it is country or rock. Rap and Hip Hop is music just like rock and heavy metal. Its not a fad and its not crap. And by saying it is, is negative and racial. (Chad and Terry) a bad song is a bad song regardless of the type! Don’t be a racist OUR PRESIDENT IS BLACK! Grow up. Happy Friday the 13th!

  17. So Xfactor, hating rap is racist? You liberal types like to call anyone who isn’t politically correct “racist”. I hate death metal and country music too. But some types of music are more annoying than others. People like you are the reason we don’t really have freedom of speech in this country. And even though I hate country music, my mom loves it, does that mean I hate my mom? You’re brainwashed, I think MTV has rotted your brain.

  18. Xfactor, is a black person racist if they hate heavy metal or country music? Someone disagreeing with your cult-like ideology does NOT make them a “racist”. I hate hip-hop regardless of the color of the rapper. It has nothing to do with race. The funny thing is that, the few nuts like your self that buy into white guilt ideology are always middle class and up. Poor, working class white people have real problems in life, they’re not naive like you. They know for a fact that black people don’t have it any harder than the rest of us. You said it your self, “THE PRESIDENT IS BLACK”… But you’re the one that needs to grow up and get a clue.

  19. When I was little, my uncle was murdered by his wife. Because he had been to prison, she only got sentenced to four years, she was out in two and a half. If my uncle had been black she would have got eighteen years. And at this date and time she would have got another three years added to sentence for it being a “hate crime”. This goes on all the time with poor white people, but CNN never reports it. I guess poor whites don’t count… You really don’t know what you are talking about.

  20. I hate rap music so much. I have a couple black friends though so you can’t call me a racist Xfactor. Go away. I’m getting tired of the white guilt the media jams into our heads. The only one who doesn’t throw the race card into all of this ironically is Obama. Follow his lead.

  21. Brooke, I’m sorry about your uncle.

  22. Xfactor, “hidden racism”, really? You’re calling something that appears not to be racist, racist. Your comment is the most illogical thing I’ve ever read. You’re probably one of those people that voted for Obama, because he’s black.

  23. (Terry) you made the comment that no one listens to rap anymore but blacks, liberals and (wiggers?) Using the word “Wigger” is a racist comment. I’m just saying hating on anything for not understanding is dumb. I like good music regardless of the type. I’m bi-racial and I’m far from being racist. I’m just saying Wigger is a racist comment regardless of who says it. I have white friends that love rap and hate rock. Are they Wiggers? Brooke I’m sorry about your loss. I have lost too from hate crimes and gang violence.

  24. You know maybe some old F13 songs by the composer, by the name I can’t recall at this moment and some Rock n’ Roll tunes in there, but its okay with me because, “ALL HAIL JASON!!!”

  25. Xfactor, the term “wigger” isn’t targeted at an entire race. It’s no different than calling another white person a redneck. The N word is a different story because it attacks an entire race. That term is racist. Wigger isn’t. You need to lighten up man. Seriously.

  26. That’s not to bad. I’m more interested in the score though.

  27. which song is it that played during trent and the blonde girls sex scene? it was pretty awesome.

  28. does anyone know where i can just download that list Steve Jablonsky track? Thats all I want of this soundtrack. I dont feel like paying 20 dollars for one song.

  29. Amen, Von. That’s the only mp3 that I want as well. I have been searching the ‘net for it all day with no luck.


    So, some of it calls for Rock, some Rap, etc etc

    I am a songwriter and artist and happened to have one of my songs featured on this soundtrack, like many other movies.. Transformers, Fools Gold, Disaster Movie etc etc..

    IT REALLY SUCKS TO KNOW that in 2009 some people still rap is a fad. Yanno, they said the same thing in 1980. IF RAP WAS A FAD then why does it generate the most money for the music industry?
    Why is it the driving force behind most of the multi million dollar ad campaigns of products that people of ALL races are consumers of?

    if you have something to say.. look for me. google. youtube.myspace.facebook.. im a real person.. even as an artist i like interacting with people who love OR hate my music ..

    Chris Classic
    DeeTown Entertainment

  31. Which one is the hip hop song when they arrive at the house?

  32. Rap is not a fad. It is music. Just not good music. It generates the most money for the music industry because it is indicative of this generation’s societal depravity. I mean, look what is popular: reality TV, rap music, wearing baggy jeans hanging below your ass. Look at the incoherent rants on message boards: rampant misspellings, abuse of the rules of grammar, frequent cursing. Just because rap is heavily consumed by millions of people doesn’t mean those consumers are the pillars of society. There’s a reason orchestral music has always signified “class” throughout the test of time. And it’s the same reason rap will never be held in the same regard.

    Rap, if anything, is the soundtrack for moral decay.

    Now I am not saying people shouldn’t enjoy rap music, I am just offering a counter-point to your argument for it.

    It was nice to interact with you, Mr. Classic.

    Now can anyone point me to the musical score for this film? That is far more interesting to me than a collection of songs from multiple genres.

  33. Paul you’ve made several good points. I respect your personal opinion man!
    I will only footnote it by stating that Rap, to date, has shown itself to be the soundtrack for moral decay on several occasions, but not in all cases. It certainly wasnt the intention of rap pioneers to create a forum for the further degradation of their neighborhoods.
    Artists can be more responsible AND parents can do a lil more to educate their children to recognize music as entertainment and an escape from reality, instead of a realistic way of life.

  34. Mr. Classic - I understand that rap was initially used as an outlet for certain demographics. I just think many people today don’t understand those roots; that is why I fear many just latch onto whatever is currently cool.

    But yes, rap is a musical genre, and it has its merit. I did not mean to seem elitist and denounce rap entirely.

    I enjoyed what you said about both artists and parents being more responsible. Music is a wonderful device used for entertainment. I can always appreciate music, even if I am not particularly fond of all types.

    Anyway, to go against the majority, I actually greatly enjoyed this film’s orchestral score. I thought Steve Jablonsky did a great job.

  35. Rap is a fad to everybody accept blacks, wiggers and liberals, plain and simple. And it is no where near being the type of music that “generates the most money for the music industry”. Rap doesn’t have merit, they are just talking. If a white person had invented Rap, they would’ve been laughed at, and dismissed as a joke right on the spot. The only reason it’s given any merit at all, is because of the racial double standard.

  36. Chad, man I couldn’t agree more. If it were 1996, I could understand rap being in the movie, I wouldn’t like it but I’d understand. But at this date and time there’s no excuse. What, maybe two percent of the white polulation still listens to rap. Rap was just a trend of the 90’s, for white people anyway. Hell most of the white people I went to high school with back then, that listened to rap, now try to deny it ever happened. MTV was the only reason it ever did happen. They were fake and tried to fit in with what MTV was saying was cool.

  37. The reason rap at first made a name for itself was because the rap artists were using it to express themselves. Public Enemy for example, they once in awhile would go on about socio economic issues within their environment, and Tupac would go on about the “lifestyle”. Tupac was to kids in lower income areas what Cobain was to middle class teens with self esteem issues.

    These days rap is just about glamorizing thug life, its become a joke. But the blame could be put on the industry since they’re the ones who look for these performers, and then they usually are the ones who bring in the writers.

    But every genre eventually goes to pot. In the 80’s it was all about putting hair metal bands on horror movie soundtracks. Dokken, Wasp, Love/Hate, Alice Cooper (who became a hair rocker when he got Ezrin as his producer), and a number of others. But people got sick of hair metal and it became a joke, not unlike rap. Its funny how both genres ended up being about nothing more than gratitious t&a and nonsense.

  38. At least “hair metal” sounds good. Rap is just annoying… I never really got why that type of music was call hair metal. REO speedwagon is the same type of music and they all had short hair. But Guns N Roses had long hair and they aren’t considered hair metal, all of that kind of 80’s rock sounds the same. I’m only 19, maybe you just had to be around back then to get why music was labeled by how they looked, instead of how they sounded. It all sounds the same to me. Either way, I’ll take music from the 80’s over the fake boring 90’s any-day.

  39. i just have to throw my 2 cents in im not going to try to be offencive but what needs to be said needs to be said ok xfator 1) wigger isnt racist now get rid of the w and add a n it is 2)i would say rap is not music more like dirty poetry and beats its nothing like rock (they sing) some r&b may be if they sing but no matter what it all sucks imo and shouldn’t be in a horror movie and if ur white friends dress all gangsta and talk with slang then yes they are wiggers with all that said it isnt like ppl on here are saying white power or any thing so theres no reason u need to get offencive im not trying to be an ass or any but but ur makeing a big deal out of nothing im white im not racists i have black friends hell my cousin is marry to a black guy

  40. i meant xfactor

  41. Xfactor, “I have lost too from hate crimes and gang violence”. You’re a fuckin’ liar. You only said that because of Brooke’s uncle. I think you’ve watched one too many of those stupid hood movies.

  42. which track was the one heard on the teaser trailer? it went for about ahlf the trailer then jason starts attacking people, is it on the soundtrack?

  43. It’s not on the soundtrack that is currently out. However, maybe when they release the Jablonsku score. I’m thinking that the musiic was made just for the trailer.

  44. hello ppl i just want to know what the name of the on the background when there having sex in the house…..

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