Scooby Doo in The Curse of Crystal Lake

I found this remix video hilarious. Don’t set your standards high by expecting Scooby Vs Jason, this is Scooby Goes To Camp Crystal Lake. Big difference. Using Scooby Doo clips also serves to point out what an influence the cartoon has been on the slasher genre!

What happens when you take a lot of episodes of Scooby Doo and a lot of samples from Friday the 13th movies and throw in a TON of editing? You get…… “Scooby Doo in the Curse of Crystal Lake!” Old and new fans of the Friday series should get a laugh out of this one, though it is directed more towards the oldschool scenes of the earlier releases. I did this minisode using a selections of random scenes and I did the best with what I had. I am aware that Robot Chicken did a clay-mation version but it is nothing like that one.

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  1. This dude had WAY too much time on his hands but it is hilarious. I enjoyed this alot. The dialogue from pt 3 in the van works the best. I was nearly crying. Crazy Ralph was awesome too. Great find!

  2. That was great. When I saw that this was a video with Scooby-Doo at Camp Crystal Lake, I thought that this was the Robot Chicken Scooby-Doo/Friday the 13th parody.

  3. Holy crap man, that was awesome!

  4. That was excellent!!!! Really enjoyed it!!! The first of a trilogy I hope!!!!

  5. Wow that had to take A LOT of time. Nice though.

  6. For some reason, I can just picture Scooby and the gang in Friday the 13th part 5.

    Shaggy: “Scoob, let’s see what this monster looks like without this mask on…

    Scooby: “hehehe…good one Shaggy”

    (Takes off Jasons mask)

    Scooby: Whoa Scoob, this isn’t Jason, this is Roy Burns, the local ambulance driver.

  7. …and I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for that Reggie the Reckless.. haha. good one Kane.

    I loved this video.. “the Ted scene the most ;)

  8. Pretty cool stuff, keep up the good work.

  9. Thats was great!,I wanna know what that band and song are called from the Part 4 living room scene with crispin dancing.I guess I should go through the movie and look at the credits…duh.

  10. KYLE..Love is a Lie by Lion.
    This was seriously better than a lot of the stuff on the His Name was Jason docu!

  11. Here’s another you should check out, always makes me laugh

  12. Kyle. As you was informed it was “Love is a Lie” by the Band “Lion”. It’s very hard to find this track but it’s out there, I was lucky enough to get my hands on it. Though the version in the movie is different that the one on the album. They edited the version for the movie and they slowed the tempo as well. The original is close, but a bit faster and some parts are moved around.

  13. @ Christian Sellers I love the laugh track video, I can’t believe I didn’t put that in favorites.

    The Scooby vid was good at times but then there are some sequences where I really had to use my imagination.

  14. Awesome! Thanks guys I’ve been tryn to find that and the pysedo echo song as well,Awesome 80’s tracks

  15. Absolutely awesome!!!

  16. yeah i have the lion song on my itunes as well. Its the same band that did the theme for the 80s transformers movie.

  17. #12 eh hoo wee whut a dooze baby big jason big bad jason i say good show old chap but hoos gona step up #13 of 13 thats na chaling.

  18. I loved

  19. 3:20 crazy ralph lol

  20. JESUS…..H……CHRIST! Dude, you HAVE to make more of these! I laughed for two hours….then i called my little brother….actually woke his ass up and made him check this video out…..he actually woke his KIDS up from laughing so hard. A+, dude, A+!

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