Those Hard To Find Friday Soundtracks

I remember in 1993 walking right by the Jason Goes To Hell soundtrack and thinking, man, I should buy this. Then I thought I would buy it later. Time flew and before you knew it the soundtrack was gone from the shelves. I know that it isn’t the best score of the franchise, but I think it still has some of the classic themes necessary for the franchise.

After the Internet and eBay boom came about, I got myself a copy and all was good. However, I was still looking for tracks for the other movies, but didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get them. I love my franchise, but I have other needs that require my bigger chunks of money. Through time I acquired a lot of what I was looking for. The one soundtrack that alway eluded me, however, was Jason Lives.

A few years back I found a blog where the guy actually had 58 tracks of music from the out of print CD and posted it for download. I downloaded it, but the tracks were only named with a track number. So, I began the tedious task of renaming the tracks.

I’m still hoping that Manfredini can pull together his resources and release an ultimate edition soundtrack of all his music. In the meanwhile, us fans will continue tracking down tracks and CD’s the way we have for over 20 years, which actually makes us the fans we are!

For our Soundtrack fans, what’s your crazy stories?

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I've been dedicated to this franchise for most of my life and am happy to be contributing news and information to all of the fans out there. Happy Friday The 13th!

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  1. why would you want to purchase aNYTHING THAT HAD TO DO WITH JASON GOES TO HELL

  2. I got hold of a copy of an unofficial compilation called Friday the 13th Special Edition. It’s got all the main themes and songs from the first eight, even including that dodgy rock song at the beginning of Jason Takes Manhattan.

  3. Ha ha, No hair. I know the general disdain people have for that movie. However, as I mentioned, there is some of the original cues in the soundtrack that I like. I read somewhere that if the movie did not reference Jason and was a stand alone horror movie, that more people would have liked it.

  4. Christian, that sounds like a cool CD. I found that song, Darkest Side of The Night, at the Camp Blood website for download. I think that website has the Pseudo Echo song from Part 5 as well for download. All free, of course.

  5. I found a few on blogs, and found some cool ones right on Mr. Manfredini’s website.

  6. I think Manfredini touched on this before, he can\’t put out the music because he no longer has the rights to it. Sad, maybe Paramount and NLC (or whoever now owns it) can do it.

  7. I have always wanted this soundtrack for the Alice Cooper songs on it. I love that track which I think is called “hard rock summer” from Alice I think.

    Does anyone have more information about that track?

  8. Not sure if you guys know, but we may not have to wait for the studios or record labels to release the Friday the 13th Movie scores. I have discovered sites that have somehow have rips where they isolated the score from the blue ray DVD of 1-3 and have it available for download! Sounds awesome!!! Also there is a bootleg of the Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives soundtrack. It is from the original masters. Here is the article with the link:

    Friday, August 11, 2024
    Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives - Harry Manfredini

    Theres alot of info that surrounds the Friday the 13th scores. I
    see people all the time looking for the scores for all the films which, in reality, is not possible. “Why?’ do you ask?. Well here’s the simple

    Harry Manfredini was hired to write an original score for Friday
    the 13th but the music was later reused for the next 3 films. Like this:

    Friday the 13th - Original score
    Friday the 13th Part 2 - Reused score, no original music
    Friday the 13th Part 3 - Reused score, new original main title.
    Friday the 13th Part 4 - Reused score, no original music
    Friday the 13th Part 5 - New original score
    Friday the 13th Part 6 - New original score
    Friday the 13th Part 7 - Half score reused from the previous films, the second have new muisc by Fred Mollin.
    Friday the 13th Part 8 - New original score by Fred Mollin

    And there you go. Now on to the score. A few years back, Manfredini stated he would like to release a 2cd compilation set of his music for the Friday the 13th films. Sadly though he said all the original masters were damaged from time and he would have to reperform them on hi ssynth. To this day he still plans on doing it but not anytime soon.

    Luckly, a bootleg floated to the surfice for Jason Lives. Someone who had a dat copy of the score transfered it to cd. This is a very rare score since the masters are long gone now. If your a big fan of Friday the 13th and horror scores, I suggest you grab this little gem.

    link is at:

    I have now the complete scores from Parts 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10,FvsJ, and the F13 remake.Let me know if your interested in some more links.
    I also have the downloaded score to obscure House/House 2 and Swampthing soundtrack. I seen the albums selling for well over 100.00 on ebay and Amazon. I am still looking for the scores to Wishmaster, The Children, Hills Have Eyes Part 2 (original)…can anyone help with a link for a download? Email me if you need help locating these scores as well

  9. just after i saw part 3 in 3D,i was in londons oxford street shopping and having a look around HMV and there was 2 LPs i wanted to buy, 1 was friday the 13th part 3 soundtrack, and other was a vannessa paradis album, but i only had enough money to buy 1, and after a short while i decided to buy the friday score and boy was that a right choice.
    i transfered it to a cassette tape so i could listen to it in my car, and it has never been played since, and it is now one of my prized collectors items.
    it is really in mint condition (with the 3D glasses), and is as rare as rocking horse shit. ive still got the 3D glasses that i saw the film with.
    its funny how you keep things.
    i know you can download the album now on cd, but to me you cant beat having the original LP.
    its funny looking back at that moment in HMV and thinking i could have bought the other album, and that would have been a big mistake.

  10. ‘I have always wanted this soundtrack for the Alice Cooper songs on it. I love that track which I think is called “hard rock summer” from Alice I think.

    Does anyone have more information about that track?’

    Yes, TED, there is a four-disc boxset entitled ‘The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper’ that features not only Hard Rock Summer but also Teenage Frankenstein and two versions of He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask). If you’re a fan of him I strongly recommend this as it is remastered and also includes rare songs, early material and soundtrack music as well as the hits. Hope that helps!

  11. I have several songs from the films, they are:

    Lion-Love Is A Lie(F13TH 4 when Crispin Glover is dancing too)
    Metropolis-Darkest Side of the Night(F13TH 8 opening song)
    Alice Cooper-He’s Back(The Man Behind the Mask) (F13TH 6 Theme + video)
    Alice Cooper-Teenage Frankenstein(F13TH 6 the song Cort listens to before he dies)
    Freddy vs Jason soundtrack
    Drowning Pool-Bodies(Jason X trailer theme)
    I do know where to get the techno dance song from F13TH 5, but haven’t gone to get it yet.

  12. Here’s the site he’s talking about

  13. here’s the track listing:
    MCA Records MCA 1090

    Great Britain
    Release Date

    Other information

    Members who have this label in their:
    Collection: 2
    Wish list: 1

    Things you can do: Update this label

    Track listing

    1. Opening Jason is Buried (01:26)

    2. Part 6 Titles (01:18)

    3. Cemetery Landscape (01:06)

    4. Tommy Tells About (02:25)

    5. Nightmarish/Ambience Doom (02:50)

    6. On Jason’s Grave/Rebirth (01:27)

    7. Chasing Out (00:22)

    8. He’s Back Believe Not (00:14)

    9. Crystal Lake (02:52)

    10. Cemetery Dayshape (00:39)

    11. A Dream/Foreman/The Corpses’ Finding (01:15)

    12. Foreman’s Reminescence (00:56)

    13. Jason Walking Death (02:30)

    14. Waiting/Body/Meet Him (01:17)

    15. Tommy Loves/Liza’s After (01:07)

    16. He’s Breaking Among Us! (00:09)

    17. Strikeout Her Dead (00:12)

    18. Descovering All (01:31)

    19. Jason’s Flashbacks World (00:34)

    20. Unfolding Arms/Headless (01:02)

    21. Terror Phone (01:16)

    22. Airport & ‘Voyage Inc.’ (01:53)

    23. Diner Blood (01:04)

    24. Why’s So Calm Down Here Now? (01:03)

    25. Gravewalker’s Tune (01:37)

    26. Rooftop Rumble (00:40)

    27. Interrupted (00:50)

    28. Generally Says (00:32)

    29. Surprise with Dead End (00:44)

    30. Recall of the Burial Ground (00:08)

    31. Back to Back (00:15)

    32. Tonight…His Night! (02:43)

    33. Words Attack/Breathing Mask (00:19)

    34. The New is Old (01:35)

    35. Unpleasant/Oxa Killed/Never End! (01:32)

    36. Jason 1st (00:49)

    37. Helen in the Burial Ground (01:02)

    38. Sort By Returns (00:31)

    39. Shower Break (01:00)

    40. The Waterway of Darkness (00:18)

    41. Jason 2nd (03:43)

    42. Plasming Waters (01:06)

    43. Moonlight Shake (01:13)

    44. Behind (00:46)

    45. The Curtain (01:28)

    46. Study Shaft/Camping Off (02:27)

    47. The Brush/Helen Gets Wounded (01:15)

    48. Firesketchs/Jay Overturns (02:01)

    49. Stabbed Lake (00:21)

    50. Jason 3rd (00:45)

    51. Body Count Grows/Murdering Helen/Tommy’s Masks Dream (01:10)

    52. Back Where It Had A Beginning (00:16)

    53. Into the Truth/Jason’s Story (01:40)

    54. Borders (00:39)

    55. He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) (03:48)

    56. He’s Back (Demo Remix) (03:37)

    57. Teenage Frankenstein (03:32)

    58. Hard Rock Summer (02:31)
    Tracks 55-58 (Songs) by Alice Cooper

    Total Duration: 01:17:21

  14. i got all of them

  15. “I think Manfredini touched on this before, he can\’t put out the music because he no longer has the rights to it. Sad, maybe Paramount and NLC (or whoever now owns it) can do it.”

    As I said before Scabby, his website has quite a few of them.

  16. Mark SAW, that “label” stuff is BS. Let me make this clear to everyone…THIS IS A BOOTLEG! Don’t waste money on it, just download it. There have been many cases of people trying to make big money off CD-Rs on eBay. I’ve reported many of them.

    Ans jasonsfury, the “Special Edition” CD-R you speak of is even worse. Just movie rips and some scenes with dialogue. Nothing you can’t do yourself.

  17. I don’t know if anyone is interested, but I still have the original F13 - Part 3 vinyl LP. I’d rather see a fan have it than it sit up in the storage in my garage.

    Make me an offer.

    Paul Kratka (’Rick’)

  18. 50$

  19. Good to see Paul Kratka on the board!

  20. rick i will pay 100

  21. I second what CraZRalph said! Hi Paul…nice to see you on the board!

  22. if your name is really cj and trying to be me hahahaha sucks but if it really is then oh… and the icon stays the same for your email so ill pay 110$

  23. robstarr and Mark Saw,
    You guys found it. That is the blog I found the Jason Lives sounds. I could not remember for the life of me where I found it, but you guys got it.

    You’re right. I found and downloaded all of the clips on Harry Manfredini’s website for Friday the 13th. That is why I mentioned in my post that I was hoping at some point he would be able to pull together all of the soundtracks. That would be awesome.

    Paul Kratka,
    It’s great to have you on the website! Thanks for mentioning you have the LP from Part 3. Could you post a link to an image of the LP? I think it would be great our visitors to see what it looks like. It might help get more people interested in acquiring it from you. Thanks!

  24. Damn…I’m finally right about something, sweet.

  25. Hard Rock Summer by Cooper rules Christian and i got it on my media player and play it quite often to say the least haha…

    and welcome aboard Paul

  26. I may not have the vinyl record from Part 3 but i do have the dead battery from Paul’s Beetle in Pt. 3 lol

    Glad to see you here man !

  27. I agree Rob, it was a fun song. Shame more F13 movies didn’t have cool songs on them

  28. Friday The 13th Part 3 has the best soundtrack, maybe I’m just biased because Part 3 is my Friday….

  29. favorite Friday*

  30. Thanks for the Alice Cooper info Christian. I very much agree about cool songs like those being on more of the other movies. How about bringing back Cooper for an upcoming Friday movie or someone like Rob Zombie? I also know of another local band that would be a good fit from Detroit here called HALLOWEEN The Heavy Metal Horror Show.

  31. I doubt they’d get Zombie has he’s associated with Halloween now, but you never know. The nu-metal soundtrack for Freddy vs. Jason was just annoying, at least the Alice Cooper songs were upbeat and added to the fun nature of the movie. Wonder if Alice’d be willing to come back ;-)

  32. I think the Freddy vs Jason soundtrack was more “new Metal”, than “nu Metal”…and it really wasn’t too bad at all.

  33. Someone have the tracklist for this one also? Its a Soundtrack with 53 tracks of music. I would be very happy if someone could help me!

    Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood

  34. Robstarr, not all the music from 2-4 is re-used. As a matter of fact, there is a lot of music in the second and third film that were not even in the original. It is possible that all of it was written during the scoring of the original, but it all wasn’t used so then it became music to the sequels, but Parts 2-4 definitely had a lot of music that was not in the first film.

  35. Rich,
    I agree with you. Not all of the same music is re-used in the first four movies. Each movie used different variations of classic themes that make each movie stand out. I can think of many scenes in each movie that have unique sounds not heard in every movie.

  36. That was a quote taken directly from the post of the link. I know they only reused the score for 3 and 4 and only had new music for the peice at the beginning and the end reels. But im guessing they aren’t paying that close attention.

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