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Alright, in order to vote, rollover the poster with your mouse and you will see the name of the image. If you do not see the name pop up, click on the image of the poster and the name will be located in the upper left above the image. For example, XX or BC. When you find the poster you like, type in that image name into your comment for voting. Feel free to add what you like or dislike about the posters, but please be respectful of others work.

We’ll leave the voting open all week through to next Sunday, February 21st. The winner will be announce the following Monday and contacted via email before we annouonce it on the website. Thank you to everyone for submitting their posters. Good luck to everyone!

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100 Responses to “ Vote For Your Favorite Friday Sequel Teaser Poster ”

  1. Wow there are a lot of good posters here, this one a tie for me. I like both the JCO poster and the MWD one the best.

  2. These posters were all very creative. I for one was shocked by their creativity. My vote is for JCO. I really liked that one, a lot.

  3. My vote is for DM. I love the background and how the color was changed so that the lake and sky is almost a blood color. Where can I submit my application? :)

  4. camping essentials

  5. BL

    I like the simplicity of it. It also looks a lot like my ideas for a snow Friday. Good entries though, tough decision.

  6. BL

    Although it was a toss up between BL and BL_2, both are really original and well done.

    Good job by all.

  7. Very tough choices here, but my vote goes to MP. It has a great retro feel to it, and I love the tagline

  8. Got to give myself my vote. I mean you know everyone else will.. even the president does it lol

    voting for MWD2 i guess, only because of the No-BeBo-Sco cabin I put in the woods to show my respects.

    Nice work everyone. Seeing some great posters. I truly didn’t know what was coming.

    Thanks to Jasonsfury for displaying all posters so win or lose the hard work still gets displayed.

  9. sj_4 is the best in my opinion. Just the look of Jason in the dark woods in the shadows by the tree is awesome.

  10. Only two images covering the theme of 3D?
    Great images, anyone!


  11. (SJ_8) The wanted poster is awesome and could be used as viral advertising for the movie. I remember Rockstar Games did something similar for GTA IV with a lot of their characters. There are many nice pieces here so I’ll probably be stealing these for use as desktop wallpaper.

  12. Wow… looking at these, it makes me wonder how many people understand what a teaser poster is really supposed to be… or how many people have been to a movie theater in the past year.

    My vote goes to BL, though with some suggested corrections:

    1) Throw the mask in their somewhere… in the snow, in his other hand. Although the machette is Jason’s signature piece, only the uber fans are going to recognize that, aka the people who saw Jason X in theaters, aka not enough people to make up the cost of an expensive movie. Movies are, in the end, business.

    2) The perspective of Jason’s shadow is off somehow, though I’m not exactly sure myself what it is… I can just tell.

    3) A more interesting 2. Maybe even carved in blood in the snow? Or would that generate “peeing blood,” jokes? I dunno.

    I would be picked J and then C and then O (just doing that so it doesn’t get counted as a vote) except that the tag lines are just AWFUL… “the death’s curse never ends,” and “you will be slashed soon,” sound as though, forgive me, a middle schooler wrote them. But the graphics are just awesome… I mean, really really awesome, I love em! Hell, I’d have voted for it if it didn’t have the tag lines.

    A final menntion is for B and then H… I’m not sure it’s completely clear that that’s ice, and I would have done just the lower shadow half coming from the top of the poster.

    But, here’s to BL! Good luck, you deserve the win if ya don’t get it.

  13. All the posters were awesome but my vote goes to the MWD posters. very awesome

  14. My vote is for BL. Great work, everyone that submitted something!

  15. BH

  16. My vote goes for MWD. Great work on the posters!!!!

  17. BH

  18. SJ_5

  19. SJ_7

  20. @Jasonsfury:

    With it being so easy to just use a different email and name to hedge votes, I’m hoping you guys are keeping an eye on any of these “NEW” names posting votes that have never posted in any other blog.

  21. BH and SJ
    BH is mysterious, it reminds me of the very first movies, when only the shadow or parts of the killer’s body were shown on screen.
    SJ makes a clever use of last year’s remake’s poster.
    By the way, congratulations guys ! There’s a lot of talented artists among Friday fans !

  22. CP_2

  23. JCO and BL. I live in Alabama, and we rarely get snow, but when we got a good bit last week, I thought of all sorts of snow fun Jason could have. Snow has a beautiful innocence about it. We’re probably all chasing up the wrong tree on this one though.

  24. SJ_4 or SJ_5

  25. Well crap, I’m going to vote for my own too! Will it sway anyone’s vote if I tell you my photo was taken in the original Crystal Lake?

  26. for me it comes down to BA or MK. Like both of them alot.

    Final vote for BA, concise and has a definite mood. love the 3D effect on MK, but i think the red/blue may confuse those that don’t know 3D isn’t in red/blue much anymore. really like the poster though and would love to put one on my wall.

  27. Wow great posters guys..
    This took me awhile to go through all of these, but my vote goes to JCO with DM a really close second..
    Sorry DM :(

    I really liked the “Tagline” in DM, but the idea of a Friday in a snow landscape gets me..

  28. JCO for me with MWD close second

  29. “MadWorldDesigns

    With it being so easy to just use a different email and name to hedge votes, I’m hoping you guys are keeping an eye on any of these “NEW” names posting votes that have never posted in any other blog.”

    No worries. We are keeping track.

  30. MP

  31. There is alot of creativity and imagination each and every one of these, but my two favorites are the DM and SJ_8. Simplicity speaks volumes and DM does so in spades. SJ_8 plays on the fanbase and also would cause interest in the casual moviegoer who wouldn’t know what the poster represents until they see the website at the bottom. Also the simple greyscale on white background is striking when viewed alongside other posters that would be hung up with it in a theatre. My official pick is SJ-8.

  32. Vote: MP

  33. CP….by far…. Very well done. This idea follows one of the graphic designing golden rules….the KISS rule…. Keep it simple stupid. Straight and to the point.

  34. sj_4 is the one…it just……says it all.

  35. JCO is my vote but as previously stated the tag lines are just plain awful. change those and this is by far the best. still gets my vote though

  36. SJ_4 AND JCO got my vote! good work for everyone a lot of effort and creativity was put into these

  37. NS

  38. These are extremely good but if I had to choose I would choose JCO. Very good job!!

  39. JCO has prob best image (or MWD) but i agree change the tagline to at least make grammatical sense

  40. LD Like the landscape, non solid 2, nice atmosphere

  41. DM - Counselors Wanted. Nice work.

  42. Well theres alot of good choices here, but My vote goes to JCO. Looks freakin awesome, good job.

  43. MP is my favorite.

    Followed by JCO.

  44. i liked mwd2 myself. i thought jco looked like the jason takes manhattan poster but a lake instead of city

  45. jco all the way

  46. BL

  47. JCO

    “Slashed Soon” is corny…

    “Death’s Curse” should be “Death Curse”…

    Otherwise this is absolutely my favorite.

    Good effort by everyone though. :)

  48. cheaters cheaters cheaters. hey if i put my own work down 15 times it will look more legit

    bull shit all day long

  49. LD

  50. Hey, I can tell you there is nothing shady going on here. We’re monitoring the voting. I wish you would have more courage to use you’re actual screen name. It’s a shame that you’re taking this so personal as this is supposed to be a fun contest.

  51. Bl and BH are a tie for me.

  52. Sorry, that was supposed to be BL not Bl

  53. My vote is for DM. Just the way it looks is soo sick

  54. jco by far…..reminds me of the opening shot from Jason Lives with the lake and the woods in the background…love how the mask is embedded into the clouds awesome job

  55. none sorry guys
    there all cool but nothing that would make me want to go see pt2
    or hang on my wall

  56. I love the original part 2 poster with jason carrying an axe.

  57. Hey a guy named “Corey” said in the original post of the contest that he was going to do a hand drawn post but I’m not sure if he ever submitted anything.

    I was curious to see what the end result of that was. I see one that looks like a hand drawn, but not sure. Anyone know?

  58. There are definitely a lot of talented people out there. It took me a while to choose just one. To be honest, I didn’t see the perfect teaser poster, but some definitely came very close.

    It was a tough choice between BH and BL for me, but BH takes the cake. And that’s only because I think the mask is a greater representation of Jason than the machete. It’s more iconic, so BH works better as an advertisement for a FT13th film. JCO was also a great poster, but, as someone else mentioned above, the taglines are absolutely stupid and ruin the whole thing. I also liked CP2. The picture is great, but surely there’s a better place to put that “2″ than smack dab in the middle. SJ4 was pretty creepy, but I’m not a huge fan of the tagline on that one either.

    BH takes it. Great job, whoever…whomever? Who-whom-wh-I give up. Great job.

  59. I’m going with BL_3. I love the tagline. It tells you immediately that the film is going to be set in the winter and is cool/fun. I also like that representation of Jason the best. The clean Jason of bygone days. Not crazy about the font, but other than that RULES!! These are all great btw.

    Props to SJ_8. I like that makeup idea and wish they went with it, instead of the Sloth look for the new one.

  60. hey jasonsfury,newline need to make this a legit comp for the next film!there is allot of creativity in these!
    good work every1.
    but if i can only pick 1,it would have to be:::BL
    but thats only if it were a Friday film in the snow.
    also,needs the mask more seen in the snow.
    good work BL.

  61. Wow there’s some really great work in there.

    I’m going to go with DM. Great, simple, effective.

    It’s a tough choice though, and you all did great work. Kinda makes me wish I wasn’t so lazy and made one myself!

  62. JCO amazing

  63. JCO

  64. It’s between JCO & SJ 6.But i’m gonna vote JCO.MWD put in good entries too………………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  65. BL and BL2 I’m a little biased.

  66. JCO

  67. JCO

  68. I’m going with MWD all the way! The Mask, Bloody Machete, Lonely Canoe, and Wintery Atmosphere…Brrrrr…Can’t beath that shit with a stick!!!

  69. These are GREAT! Love the concept of the Mask with one red, one green eye. . . Love the layout of SJ3. . . Great work ALL.

  70. MY VOTE: SJ3

  71. It’s between JCO and MWD. Can I choose both? If not, i think my vote will go to MWD.

  72. JCO, enough said.

  73. Looks like I am going to have a lot of votes to count. ;) Great responses everyone! I am glas so many people have come out, visited the website and are showing support for their favorite posters.

  74. creative ones..but the one that should win is the one by BH.
    jason’s shadow and blood in snow is awesome

  75. I will vote for SJ_6.

    I love how at first glance, it looks peaceful. Then when you look closer at the tent, (aren’t we all perve’s? Wanting to see what’s going on in the tent?) we see the horror of Friday the 13th.

    It feels really early 80’s also. I dig that.

    I would have voted for JCO’s awesome picture. But the grammer issue really bugged me. It made me think of Jason jumping out of the woods (thus making me scared) and then farting before he axed me (making me go “HUH?”). lol

    Still, everyone did awesome and deserves our praise!

  76. I knew going in I wasn’t going to win, but man is it awesome to see all the different ideas.
    BH & JCO: your posters are incredible!
    I’ve been in the movie theatre business for 10 years, so I offer the following ideas in the interest of constructive debate. I think that BH should tidy up the “2″ just a little bit and it would be the ultimate teaser poster. And for JCO, lose the “taglines” (sorry, but IMO,they’re awful)and you’ve got the poster that’s hanging out front on opening night.
    Great stuff from everyone. Its always awesome to see stuff from the fellow Crystal Lake crowd.

    PS- My vote goes to DM

  77. My vote goes to sj_9. The perfect sell for the promise of Jason in the snow.

  78. My vote goes for BL.
    It’s beautiful, but disturbing.
    I love it and think it should win.

  79. SJ8…I found this poster to be very original and realistic, I think it would be cool for the studio to release a poster like this, definately never done before with such a prominent horror icon

  80. NS

  81. BL

  82. Remarkable work by everyone. I’m blown away. But BL has my vote if I can only choose one.

  83. SJ2

  84. BA… loves it…

  85. These posters are fantastic!!!!! They are brillient!!!!! Keep this up and PD will have to use one off them!!!!!

  86. I cant choose witch was is the best beause they ALL are fantastic!

  87. BA & LD were both great But I like BA the Best of the 2 So BA is My Bote

  88. JCO for sure!

  89. am I wrong to think that a “teaser” comes from the word “tease”, as in very little info? just a taste? Some of these are drop dead fantastic, and much better than my work indeed, but some are also very “final one sheet”-y


  90. I loved LD! The best hands down. I had the Crystal Lake in the winter time idea years ago. A lot classier than Jason in space or at the center of the earth! LD rulz!

  91. MP!!!

  92. I’ve gotta go with BL

  93. I would like to thank everyone who has voted for my entries and if I have to loose, I’m glad that it’ll more than likely be to JCO (not a vote). Overall that poster is great, just cut the guy some slack on the taglines, the design more than makes up for it. Definite thumbs up!

    P.S. And in reference to MadWorldDesigns, I’m on here every day and hardly ever comment on the post so don’t be quick to judge someone’s motivation. I’m not saying that you don’t have a point, but this is a contest so more comments than usual are to be expected. I don’t believe they’re going to give the win to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Truth will prevail.

    Thanks again to everyone who has voted for mine entry, and yes I agree that I should have thrown the mask in there, but hindsight is 20/20.

  94. Plus if you’d like to see BL with the mask added in the poster go to

  95. I vote for DM. It looks professional and just what a teaser poster should look like.

    Super Great Poster, I’d want it hanging on my wall and it would make want to see the movie.

  96. I vote for MWD all the way!!!!

  97. I vote for MWD, this one is great!!!

  98. @Laneamania

    I didn’t accuse anyone of anything. I only stated that it would be simple to do if no one was monitoring. I only ask that be done for everyone’s benefit and to bring it to the attention of others that it could be done. Thanks for taking it out of context.

    Sorry if it made you feel “judged”.

  99. BL


  100. JW is the one it am voting for!

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