Deleted Gore Info From Archival Fangoria Issues

Thanks to fan Matthew Head who transcribed the following passages from old 80’s issues of Fangoria! They relate to cut gore from Friday The 13th Part 2, Part 3 in 3D, and The Final Chapter respectively.

“Carl Fullerton” by James H. Burns

“As FANGORIA predicted last issue, the MPAA forced director Steve Miner to cut much
of the picture’s grisly murders.  While those missing 48 seconds don’t totally destroy
Part II’s intensity, they do diminish the effectiveness of Fullerton’s work.”

“Doug White and Makeup Effects Lab” by David Everitt

“Some of the most gruesome sequences were trimmed by the makers of the picture to
avoid difficulties with the MPAA further down the road.  Recalling problems with the first
sequel, the hot poker and spear scenes were cut to make them somewhat less graphic.
In the latter scene, one of the most dramatic 3D bits in the picture, the unstoppable Jason
fires a spear gun some 100 to 150 feet away from the camera and the viewer can see the
spear coming at him for the entire distance.  The spear then lodges itself in Vera’s eye.
According to White, “They did a side shot of her taking a reaction upon impact and falling
back into the water, and then they cut to her turning sideways with the tip of the spear
coming toward the camera for the 3D effect.  But they cut out the reaction because they
said it looked too good.”  As a result of this and similar cuts, once the picture was
delivered to the MPAA, director Steve Miner only had to go back to the editing bench
once as opposed to the eight cuts required by the ratings board on Friday the 13th Part II.”

“Savini and Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter” by R.H. Martin

“Savini tells us that much care was taken to offer maximum splat, while keeping an eye on
the established standards of the board.  “They were constantly thinking of that,” he says.
“Often, somebody’d make a suggestion, and it would be ruled out because it was obvious
that the ratings board wouldn’t let it through.  Another way they dealt with it, all the way
back to the original Friday the 13th, they always shot more than was needed, and left a
lot of it in the rough cut, so when the ratings board wanted cuts, they’d simply cut out stuff
that they’d intended to take out in the first place.”

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21 Responses to “ Deleted Gore Info From Archival Fangoria Issues ”

  1. The MPAA are a bunch of wimps who can’t handle gore. It would have been awesome to see more gore footage to both part 2 and part 3. We’ll see what happens though.

  2. we can hope for uncut editions, we can hope

  3. That part 3 spear gun sequence sounds great. Such a shame that we’ll likely never see it.

  4. We can pretty much forget seeing any cut gore footage for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 8.

    However, Paramount could and really should release Jason Lives unrated this June. If you look at the cut footage for that film on the boxset, it looks very useable. Just needs some remastering and color fixes, and it can be edited back in with little or no quality change. It for sure would work out better than the editing of the unrated My Bloody Valentine, which in itself isn’t too bad. If they can’t remastered the cut Jason Lives footage quite to the point of the existing film’s quality, then they can give the choice to watch the extra footage in the film or seperately. I think they could make it look pretty good though.

  5. I was really disappointed when I found out the Deluxe Dvd of Part 2 wasn’t uncut. I’ve heard about an alternate ending for Part 3, does anyone know if it was ever filmed?

  6. The thing that has always struck me about Part 4 is how quick a lot of the kills are in it. Now they’re gory and extremely violent mind you, but some things like when Crispen Glover gets the cleaver to the face, it seems like it could have probably gone on a bit longer with the blood squirting out of his face. Also, the part at the beginning when the doctor/nurse dude gets the saw in his throat before having his head completely ripped around looks like there could be some more frames there if they ever decided to restore it.

  7. Also, why is Paramount only releasing part 1 uncut now? I’ve read over the years that the cut gore footage for both parts 2 and 3 does still exist, though probably in the same shape as like the recently reinstated gore footage in My Bloody Valentine was.

  8. i wanna see these two dvds making it uncut
    man i dont think the new uncut version of the orginal will include the knife in the girls throat in the beginning will it?
    i wanna see that!

  9. CJ, that was never filmed. That image you saw was just a promotional photo. The scene was actually shot the way we see it in the film, which is what is most effective.

  10. Don’t you just hate the MPAA and Paramount on their horrible releases.

  11. Paramount is just lazy….
    Everytime they release another version of Friday, there’s really nothing on the discs in terms of anything new. I’ve had an uncut version of Part 1 since 1995… only took Paramount almost 14 years to catch up!
    Besides the fact that most of the ”extras” on the new versions are just taken from the boxset ( which was a disappointment in and of itself.) The company hired by Paramount to do that boxset was supposedly going to go all out ( commentaries and documentaries on every movie, etc)
    But Paramount chopped down their budget so they could only provide certain supplements. You can see the uneven amount of extras provided…. it’s a shame.

  12. I never understood why they cut out gore in the first place. It’s just corn syrup and latex! Do the rich, conservative douchebags at Paramount really think watching a couple extra frames of blood squirting will turn us all into psycho killers?!

    Freedom of expression….yeah, right.

  13. on the my bloody valentine special edition, they say alot of the censorship came from Lennon’s murder in ‘81. while we know they censored before that, it was an incredibly bad time for the early friday sequels with hollywood trying to openly portray an anti-violence image.

    the f13th cut footage is in paramount’s vaults, therefore it would be better preserved than the footage for my bloody valentine, which was in a cabinet. i think paramount is close to being willing, but they’re testing the waters with part 1…they didn’t have to put forth much effort to get that one uncut so it was very low risk.

    if sales of f13th 1 & the mbv director’s cuts are good, i think they’ll come around.

  14. Paramount is owned by liberals, Sumner Redstone and Shari Redstone. The MPAA are conservatives, they threaten to give movies they think are too violent an X rating if some of the violence isn’t cut. If the movie gets an X rating it’s not allowed to be shown in most theatres.

  15. Does anybody know if the alternate ending for Friday the 13th Part 3 was ever filmed?

  16. Yeah, the original ending to part 3 was filmed. But if memory serves me…. Steve Miner wanted to reshoot and make it resemble more of the 1st film. Hence the canoe scene.

    Yet another piece of footage that Paramount may have in the vaults and they still won’t let us see it. Fustrating..

  17. I’m with you tommyblah
    I’m hoping when paramount sees the sales from MBV uncut and Part 1 uncut that they decide to release all the sequels uncut! I can only hope.

  18. Thanks for the reply, Madpulse.

  19. Torgo, I agree. It does look like there’s some footage from part 4 that could be restored if Paramount would take the time to actually try. They probably just used the uncut version of part 1 from overseas to remaster the US version off of. Personally, part 2 is my favorite. I wish it was released uncut.

  20. I heard about the other ending for part 3. It’s suppose to be where Jason grabs Chris by the hair and cuts her head off. I would like to have seen that footage. Hopefully some day we will get to see it, or better yet, how great would it be if it was restored back into the movie. It probably will never happen but I can always hope.

  21. Dusk, thanks for the info.

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