Deluxe Edition DVD & Blu-Ray Covers Revealed

Ugh. I can’t even begin to list the things wrong with most these artworks, but I’ll leave that to you cats. Nice one, Paramount - just when we thought you couldn’t do worse than the covers for the older DVD editions.

Source: Fangoria

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66 Responses to “ Deluxe Edition DVD & Blu-Ray Covers Revealed ”

  1. Part V is the only decent one…not sure where the house came from though.

    Why is Roy on the cover of VI?

    Seriously Paramount, photocopy your balls and put them on the covers next time.

  2. Wolf, you’re assuming they have balls to photocopy.

  3. wow what garbage!! why are they obsessed with Roy? they used him for all of 4-6. what about jason? jason’s the star, remember? part 5 is one of the least popular sequels.

    those are absolute shit. paramount, suck a bag o’ dicks.

  4. why don’t they just make every cover have a picture of a hairy asshole?

  5. They’d manage to put Roy’s head in the middle of that big ol’ hairy chocolate starfish

  6. They’re better than the shite they released on region 2!

  7. only thing I like is the lettering its better then the lettering on the box set I cant wait for these also part 2 and 3 on blu ray

  8. i sure hope when the part 7 deluxe dvd gets made it will have the reinserted gore scens like the first friday film and lionsgate/paramount release of my bloody valentine i don’t care if the deleted gore is bad quality just get back in the film and also i hope friday the 13th the series 3rd and final season comes out around the same time

  9. Damn… why they dont use the old ones?

  10. Seriously, people really need to accept that they’re not going to release uncut versions. Half the footage doesn’t exist anymore and that which they still have they don’t care for. Paramount have never cared for Friday the 13th, they’ve only come back to it coz there’s money to be made. But that’s as far as it goes, they have no love for the franchise or its fans.

  11. Why does the part III cover say 3D? I thought that wasn’t carrying over to blu-ray?

  12. Oh God, those look beyond cheap & stupid… wtf with the lame flames background on part IV? I feel like kicking a kitten right now!

  13. I don’t know why there is so much hostility over these covers. They are way better than the crap that Paramount came out with for Part 5 and 6. I think the cover for Part 5 is badass. And for those who are wondering where the house came from, the main setting of the movie does take place at a halfway house, correct? I mean it may not be screen accurate, but this is Paramount we are talking about.

    I like the Part 4 cover except for the wrong chevrons. I know that the axe mark is on the wrong side of the mask, but that looks like a product of being transposed. Overall, I am glad Paramount tried to stick to the classic.

    The Part 6 covers does bother me a tad, but it is still way better than the Part 6 DVD released previsouyly. Fix those chevrons Paramount!!

  14. Like i stated before, the reason why it says III on the 3-D blu-ray is because Paramount is realeaseing it on 3-D in Blu-Ray, and yes it’s the same one that was released on DVD a few months ago..So take that grain of salt and smoke it and quit your bellyaching..About it..If you don’t like it, then don’t buy the Damn thing..

  15. why the hell is roy on all of them? with the exception of 5

  16. oh my god! at last!!! blu ray goodies!! lookis like i’ll have to sell my deluxe dvds!

  17. They’re either smoking crack, dick, pubic hair or all of the above.

  18. what the fuck?!! why is that cock smoke roy on all of these shits,i fuckin purposley deleted part 5 from my memory,and now that shit is on all of them,yo paramount should put the whole administrations wives on the covers nude,id definitley rather that,any one else?

  19. The covers suck except for part V.

    but the real question is…

    WHEN is Friday the 13th 2024 going to be released?!!!!!!!!!!

  20. The covers look great. I can see they are trying to appeal to a new younger audience which is fine by me. I cant wait to get these on blu-ray.

  21. the axe mark is on wrong side,that is roy’s mask with red chevrons(part 4 cover),part 5 still has roy’s mask with red chevrons,though that movie has roy as the killer,and part 6 has red chevrons on the mask in the backround(still roy’s mask)and roy is on the cover(I’m guessing he has blue chevrons by looking at it closely). Is there anything else wrong with these covers?

  22. Quit hating on Part 5…which is one of the best sequels in the series. Golly!

  23. WTF? They have the same mask on every cover, the mask from part 5. Just use the old covers, nothing can beat the originals.

  24. Does this mean that part is is uncut and unrated? I remember readying that it was censored

  25. YES! PART 6! and part 4! and the Halloween 3 of the series, part five. Finally get to see 4’s altenate ending.

  26. What the hell was wrong with the original covers? Why is Paramount (why am I even asking this?) fucking with the cover art again? They are doing things almost right with these releases, so why go to the trouble of:

    - putting in a cast/crew commentary
    - including a “Making of” featurette
    - include lost scenes/endings
    - etc…

    …and then wrap it all up in a bogus, un-researched, thrown together cover??!!

    If you’re going to cut and paste random crap to make up the cover, at least you could cut and paste the original images! (like parts 1, 2, 3 re-releases - those, I thought were acceptable.)

    I am still happy in the end that these are coming out. I am glad that they will have some juicy features that are long overdue. But I just shake my head that they get almost everything right for once, and still find it necesary to cheap out and disapoint hard-core fans, this time with the packaging.

    Oh well, i’ve had my latest rant. I can’t wait to see the extra features on the latest re-releases. They will be easy to find. I’ll just look around my local music/video store in June for the 3 dumbest looking DVD covers.


  28. ok so the house comment about it taking place at a halfway house true but every movie has a house or houses so using the house that was in the movie a little important,ex. (heres a box set of a nightmare on elm street and on the cover the Brady bunch house the fans are dumb and will buy anyway)their lack of fan support is evident in the covers roy on all godamnit seriously! and on v is he wearing a golf jacket WTF! and true better than the last batch of covers from the last time they got us for $14 a pop but honestly a monkey with a crayon would make a better cover than the last ones.

  29. fellas fellas fellas…

    relax will ya! the fact is that these covers (even with all the OBVIOUS mistakes) will look great in our collections. the artwork is fresh, clean, vibrant (and yes — wrong) but still looks hot.

    lets not get our panties in too much of a bunch…the films are what we love; not some drawings on the front of a dvd box.

  30. I agree brett, but I just want to go on the record in saying that I’ve seen all the movies more than ten times each, and I never saw Jason stab anyone with a machete in the pose he has in part 6’s cover. That’s just a really odd shot…

  31. does anyone know if there has been any custom-made dvd boxset holders that have room to put together all 10 jasons?

  32. They are good covers, but their wat begginers could easily do! Experts should do better ones then that!! And yes, where did the house come from??

  33. Haha oh I’m loving how angry some of you guys are getting over these covers. To be honest I couldn’t give a shit, they may not be accurate of what the films are about but they’ll well presented and have extras. You should just be grateful that over twenty years later attention is still being given to the franchise. Sure, I’d love to see the uncut versions too, but some documentaries will do me for now. It’s this kind of hostility that probably gets Paramount thinking ‘Well, fuck ‘em then!’

  34. oh man, oh man, oh man, i hope they come out with posters of these dvd covers. i love them, i can’t stop looking at them. i have the part 6 picture up on my desktop wallpaper right now as i am typing this. maybe a new tattoo is in order for these.

    by now, you must sense my sarcasm. i think that somekind of a screen shot from the movie would be a good dvd cover, but thats just me.

    well, thanks paramount for getting our hopes up once again only to piss on it with laziness

  35. Well, Paramount HAS been saying ” fuck’ em..” to fans for the past 30 years. So, now they’re finally doing what they should’ve been doing 10 years ago on DVD.
    I’m kinda surprised at the extras included… the lost pt 4 ending, cut scenes ( who knows?… gore, TV footage..)

    But…All this is loooooong overdue. Happy?… Basically Satisfied?… Not by a long shot

  36. Fuck Roy, they should just put a picture of warrington gillette on all the covers

  37. :( They’re rather uninspired….

  38. Does anybody know when the New Friday will be out on DVD?

  39. BD has the date for uk and the covers to the new one

  40. That part 4 “effort” is hilarious. It’s like a kid’s inept attempt to recreate the original poster. And what’s with the limp-wristed swipe of the blade on part 6’s cover?

    Notice how in the first round of DVDs they started doing radical redesigns of the original poster concepts with part 5, and this time round they’ve kicked off with part 4. Wonder if, when we get the inevitable “super special deluxe editions” in two years time, they’ll start with part 3?

  41. Those covers are hilarious.

    Maybe the house on the cover of part 5 is Ethel’s house.

  42. I thought the same Eagle Eye

  43. I want to think it is, but they never showed her house from a distance. Eh, whatever.

  44. Here is my opinion on the new covers. I am a huge fan of the original box covers that they had going back to the vhs versions, but at the same time it is refreshing to see something new being done. Granted there are things that could have been better, such as the angle the mask is showing on the part 4 cover, i actually like the part 5 cover it is new and different, however i really think there could have been better options for the part 6 cover. I honestly would have prefered a still shot of when after jason puts on the mask and turns to look at the camera before it does the james bond intro. that would have made a badass cover. Oh well, can\’t have everything i guess.

  45. the part 6 one looks like jason(roy)’s dancing and snapping his fingers and they ghetto-photoshopped in a machete. it’s so embarrassingly awesome!

    i think we’re getting a little over-psyched about the extras. ’slashed scenes’ sure makes it sound juicy, but i’m 99% sure it will be the same stuff we’ve already gotten with the boxset. ‘the lost ending’ sounds promising, but we still have no details on it. it may just be people talking about it, which we already have.

    judging by how ghetto the covers are, i’m not optimistic at all about these. i’ve been buying everything they put on the shelf, and i’m through being disappointed. i’m done until they put out the blu-ray boxset, and i won’t buy anything after that unless it’s uncut. …which means i won’t buy anything after that.

  46. The Final Chapter cover is garbage. Part V’s on the other hand looks awesome! I know it’s not accurate but it’s a really dark image. It works. As for the Part VI one, well, it would’ve worked as a Part V cover

  47. blu-ray are european version, no 3d on part 3!

  48. Paramount should’ve just used the original artwork from the old VHS covers, they were perfect the way they were.

  49. I’m suprised no one has mentioned this yet. To all those complaining about part IV axe mark being on the wrong side, pull out your original vhs, 2024 dvd or just google the original art. ok? we done now?
    I just wish the original art was used too (esp part vi which has some of the best art in the series) but I don’t think this is that bad. it’s a million times better than the 2024 boxset art.At least the original font is used.
    What I want to know is is the UK gonna be getting blu ray releases before the us again? If so gotta place that pre order.

  50. I remember the early art of the boxset had a picture of Roy on the Part 1/2 disc, which they did fix before releasing it. Also, the Part V/VI disc has an image that was also on the back cover of the original VI DVD; a picture of Roy, just with the marks on the mask recolored red. I guess someone in the hope video department really loves Roy.

  51. home video*

  52. What if they just started making Friday The 13ths all with Roy from now? All original, no remakes, just with Roy. Or, if we found out that Roy was Jason the whole entire time. Parts 2-X. People in Crystal Lake just wanted to cover up Roy’s real name with the name Jason.

    I am convinced by Paramount, that Roy was the killer in all of the movies….even in part 1, he was a crossdresser.

  53. i like them..

  54. These DVD covers are definitly a helluva lot better than the old ones Paramount put out a few years ago…those looked like shitty photo-shop jobs…at least these new ones have an aura of “coolness” about them.

    Can’t wait for these as well as the 2024 remake to hit DVD!!!

  55. All of these covers are worse than the first DVD covers. Roy was dead during part VI, the mask is reversed for part IV, AGAIN. I’m just going to download custom covers for these.

  56. The mask is reversed, AGAIN? The basards! Seriously, does it matter? Just enjoy the extras when it’s finally released and chill out!

  57. Ya, these are not too good, stripes on the masks are off-good god, man. But,…….I am going to just make copies of the old original covers(I’m sure there is a way to do this with computers now etc, etc.) and at least have the original pics on the front. If there is a will there IS A WAY!!!!! These are ok, but not for blu-ray!!! Like I said- old vhs had all the original covers for christ sakes!!!!!! Lazy, lazy-ass cheap design or marketing people, man.

  58. still mad about the new extras for the blu rays of part 2 and 3 and not for dvd like missing murder scenes for part 2 and all those extras for part 3 why can they just re release those again to dvd lol :(

    I NEED BLU RAY :( too much money

  59. the blurays will have the same fucking covers…they did it to 1-3 so i’m sure they’ll do it to these. motherfuckers. they need to announce the boxset already. i’m a fool if i buy all this shit again, only to buy it again later.

  60. WOW this is such an epic fail. And what the hell is with the chocolate Syrup on the machette.
    Thanks for fucking it up again paramount.

  61. Im waiting for riots to start.

  62. ugh. Not liking them. But I still can’t wait to get them

  63. The VHS cover for Part 4 is different than the 2024 DVD. On the VHS one, the axe mark was on the right and the knife was on the left. They flipped the picture around for the 2024 DVD. I just think they should’ve left the original artwork alone, it was perfect to begin with… The special edition DVD of the original Dawn of the Dead was great. Why can’t the Friday DVDs get a release like that? And the original My Bloody Valentine was recently released uncut, it was a Paramount film. So why can’t the Fridays be released uncut? It’s already been proven that Paramount lied about the MBV footage being lost. If a movie like MBV that most people have never even heard of had it’s cut footage saved, then it’s safe to say that the footage from a group of films as popular and successful as the Friday ones would’ve been saved also… It looks to me that Paramount is just too cheap to put the extra money into releasing uncut versions.

  64. If Paramount would sale the rights to Friday the 13th to another studio like they did with MBV, we’d get much better DVDs. The whole time Paramount owned MBV they could’ve released it uncut, but they refused to do it. It took Lions Gates’ buying the rights for it to get an uncut DVD. But some how I don’t see Paramount ever letting go of the rights to the Friday series, it makes too much money.

  65. Hey assholes be glad that these deluxe editions of these dvds fuck the damn covers just be happy that their showing extra delicious treats from these films that the box set didn’t do fuck paramount they suck hairy sweaty balls for making a box set and not show an alternate ending or any other treats that these movies are doing so stop bitching and complaining and just go out and buy these dvds come out in the store’s.

  66. That sounds like something Paramount would say.

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