Great Detail In Lifesize Jason X Costume

Sirbrad, who we’ve featured here before, just posted some pictures and a great explanation of how he made this very detailed Jason X costume. I love this and think it is pretty accurate to the real thing. Here’s a bit of his explanation below. If you want to see more pictures and read his full explanation on how he made this truly excellent costume, visit his Frightstuff forum post.

I wanted to do this one for years now as I have never seen anyone do a full costume with lots of detail really except Wickedbeard, and never seen a life-sized Jason X. I got this about 95% done and it was about a 9 out of 10 on the pain in the hiney meter, right behind part 7 at 9.8. I was going to do a full frozen version but I did not want to cover all the details up with ice/frost, and may make storing it a pain. I might do another suit with that since I bought specific clothes for this. The hood is from Bellamy, I added my own hair from a mohair beard I bought that worked great for hairing. This was my first time ever hairing a mask but I did not go for perfection here being it should look kind of choppy for Jason X. I added a little more hair than the movie just in case some falls out, but I used tacky glue and it seems to work well.

I like the bald look better but I am pretty happy with how this looks. Bellamy only added a few pieces so I wanted to get it fuller to match the movie more. I believe Els Studios sculpted the hood and I also got my Hockey Mask from Earl, it came with the full frozen look which looked awesome. I took some ice off of it however as I did not want it to stand out too much and detract from the rest of the costume as I decided not to ice it much as silicone smells pretty foul. But I may add some moderate ice and frost later to the whole costume.

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  1. Hey thanks for doing the stories! This was one was indeed brutal but well worth it in the end, still have some stuff to add and may be doing a frost version too, we’ll see. I hope to get some more costumes/life-sized done soon, got a lot of surprises coming! ;) This hobby is very addicting and expensive. Will keep you posted. Thanks, love the site! Brad

  2. Jason X features my favourite costume of the series. Really love to see your guys versions of it and the details you find and replicate. The shirt on your costume looks really good, Brad.


  3. Thanks Mario, your site and collection was an inspiration and good reference pics for me among many others. Some guy on the forum even asked how you feel about me having your collection lol. Cool props, thanks. Not bad for my first attempt at this I guess. :) Yeah I did not like the movie much as a kid, but now I actually like it more and did think the look was cool always. I never thought I could pull it off, but then again I knew I would find a way.


  5. it’s always great to see someone take the initiative to produce something like this which nobody ever really considers (since many of us want nothing to do with the Jason X movie itself lol). but wow this is amazing! good work dude. where do you keep your jasons stored? in your house?

  6. looks more creepy than the one in actual movie

  7. Thanks! Yeah it was a major pain to get right and well worth it in the end. It looks pretty sick even at 95% complete. I am doing a more closed natural eye tonight will be adding some pics soon to the threads on Frightstuff,, and Nightowl etc. I also posted a video on youtube. I might also do a frost suit and add some more ice to this suit as well later. But I have to finish another life-sized that may be on a DVD of a worldwide re-release movie, should be awesome! Stay tuned for that.

  8. Unfortunately I either have to take the costume off and store it in the closet in plastic containers or I sell them. I wish I had unlimited room and money so I could keep them all. I usually have to sell a costume to make a costume, which is why I have my Jeppers Creepers on eBay right now so I can finance some more projects. But as soon as I hit the lotto I am going to buy about 10 mannequins and have a room full of slashers and awesome backdrops and lighting. :) I also get contacted a lot to do commissions which I do, especially around Halloween.

  9. Thanks ONE, I said the same thing about your figures when I got my New Blood off you. I hope I can one day do figures even half that good! Looking forward to your Jason X figures. I really want to do Uber Jason but man that is even harder.

  10. Detail is so good!!! I wouldnt have the patience to do that! But luckily for us fans some has!!

  11. I finished the eye up and added some new pics and a video. Check out original forums threads.

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