Ultimate DVD Box Set In The Works?

Early word of a possible new DVD boxset courtesy of Dread Central:

There has been speculation since the Friday the 13th remake came to life again that perhaps Paramount would go back and give us a decent F13 box set. Well, an inside source confirmed for us today that that’s exactly what’s going down! Paramount is working on a brand new, revamped Friday the 13th box set that will hopefully put their first attempt to shame.

No word on any of the features yet, but we do know that there is a lot being planned. Of course the goal is to have it done in time for the remake’s release on February 13th, 2024, but only time will tell if that mark is hit.

This news item provides a segue-way for me to mention that our Gallery full of awesome custom DVD coversets and fan images is down. Update: Fixed.

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56 Responses to “ Ultimate DVD Box Set In The Works? ”

  1. Give me a F\’n break. They are going to re-package \

  2. “From Crystal Lake to Manhattan” and call it a day.

  3. We want ALL the uncut kills from 1-8 in there, the alternate endings, the bloopers, outtakes, behind the scenes, etc.

    Quit giving us CRAPPY bare-bones DVD’s…BE REAL for once!

  4. I got the “From Crystal Lake to Manhattan” dvd box set down here in OZ and we were ROYALLY Ripped Off! The special features that were promised on the packaging, for whatever reason., were NOT included. Just the bare bones dvd movies that I already owned. Even compared dvd’s. Exactly the same. So, if this comes to be, then PLEASE, do it justice. (And a nice blue-ray version would be nice too).

  5. Please release Part VII uncut, thats all I ask, hope we do get some better extras this time. How about a documentary on the history of the films like that Halloween one they brought out. and give us the Alice cooper music vid. The amount of extras we could get would be amazing, but they’ll end up just repackaging the other boxset.

  6. new footage of the new friday the 13th

  7. i hope the release part III in 3-D. now that would be worth buying.

  8. Hey great find y2kmalone!! That was awesome!!!!

  9. I hope Paramount doesn’t just slip a new cover on the already existing box set to try to rake in some extra cash. As for part VII uncut, if I’m not mistaken, the extra footage is in unsalvagable condition. So it’ll probably never happen.

  10. Wouldn’t it take some special 3D glasses to view a 3D DVD?

    Blu-Ray F13th DVDs would be nice, but HIGHLY unlikely. And I agree with everyone else, they will just repackage the box-set we already have, sadly.

  11. We all know tis will be the same pile of crap with a new box. We won’t get uncut movies, cleaning up the footage is just too costly and time consuming.

    I don’t care about an uncut Part 7, that movie is horrible. I’drather see uncut 1-5.


  13. Uncut would be nice… Realistically, I’m just hoping for a Blu-ray version.

  14. part 3 needs to be in 3D format as well as regular format.

  15. Like I said before, just hoping for remastered versions of the original eight films (however it’s achieved - 5.1 obviously, but DTS would be very nice), and some new cool extras (commentaries, documentaries). Don’t think that’s asking for too much. Would make for a nice Blu-Ray set too.

    If they somehow include uncut footage or uncut versions (in good quality), I’ll believe miracles are possible. Just how they should (and if they would) achieve that is a mysery.

  16. People, don’t get your hopes up. Don’t forget that Paramount is releasing the original Friday the 13th with a hockey mask cover and no new features. If they’re going to insult our intelligence that much, we will never get uncut F13 DVDs.

  17. to view a part 3 in 3D you’d have to have a special converter box for your t.v and then have the LCD shutter glasses and that would cost a helluvalot so I highly doubt we will ever see a part 3 in the 3D format! But the news of a new boxset… I’d have to take that with a grain of salt. I’d like to think that it will be fuckin amazing but my gut feeling is they will just repackage the shitbox we already have.

  18. I think that the should wait until the new Friday the 13th is on DVD so that they can add that in there too.

  19. hey as i said in another post http://WWW.FLESHWOUNDVIDEO.COM has part 3 in 3D for sale.

    i bought it off there and its great but i dont recommend watching it on a tiny little TV. the quality of the dvd is great and i highly recommend that site for all sorts of friday movies.

  20. UNCUT! That would be great. Maybe if we all shout this, they may hear us…

  21. I can’t wait to get the new boxset! I don’t have the first boxset and that’s good becuase yall are saying it’s crap. I can’t wait to see the outakes, behind the sences, and bloopers! I LOVE YOU JASON VOORHEES!!!!!!!!!

  22. The sad thing is… they could just give each movie its own friggin’ disc within the set… and THAT would be an upgrade over the horrible box they already released.

    That was the other kick in the balls — 8 movies, 4 discs. Awesome. Blade Runner SE has more discs, and that’s one fuckin movie.

  23. i hope each dvd gets its own case and they use some older or rarer cover art for them like they did with the nightmare box set. and they have to be unrated. that would be awesome

  24. part 3 with glasses hell yea

  25. The Nightmare On Elm Street boxset was a much bigger shame than the Friday boxset. They have tons of outtakes, deleted scenes and gore from all the movies, yet we get Fat Boys music videos and Freddy hosting MTV as extras. I was not happy. With Friday The 13th they really did not take care of the deleted footage at all. I would bet that it’s lost, thrown out long ago or left to rot somewhere.

  26. This box set better be worth buying. I want this to include the 11 movies all of them including the theatrical versions and uncut versions, all new HD transfers from the original 35mm prints (I-IX only), all newly remixed 5.1 EX and DTS tracks, original theatrical soundtracks (1-IX only), a 3-D option for F13 Part 3 with 3-D glasses, and 2 discs of bonus material all packed in a Jason head bust.

  27. I got that spectacular Nightmare On Elm Street box set too. Freddy’s Dead even had the 3D version with glasses included, so Friday The 13th 3D COULD be done. Interesting reading that the Friday Box Set had two movies to a disc. Further proof the Australian market was fucked over, as we had all 8 original dvds. No extras…despite being told otherwise. Sigh.

  28. If they re-make the boxset, this will give Paramount a chance to really please the Friday fans as well as just straight up horror buffs. To do that, simply have the boxset consist of the first ever unrated cuts of all the movies. If they plan to release it in time for the new Friday, they should add exclusive footage and extras from the new movie. Maybe a collectors item to come with it like a free pass to the new Friday or something along those lines.

  29. I too am hopeful that we will finally get a fitting boxset for the one movie that opened up Pandora’s Box when it comes to my love of movies, but I’m not overly optimistic that this will actually happen… If this was in Warner Bros hands then I can see it being worth looking forward to, but yet again this is Paramount.. SO it’s squeeze your nuts for a alot of money, for little results.. Prove me wrong PARAMOUNT for once…

  30. I really do hope that this Box set is worth its weight in Gold.Please this way my friend Shawn doesn’t have a Heart Attack over yet another disappointment!Please give the Fans what they have been wanting for so many years now,and lets show the new generation how good movies were back then.

  31. 1. DO NOT BOTHER giving us part 3 in 3D if it’s going to be those shitty red and blue glasses we got in the Nightmare box set for “Freddy’s Dead”. That 3D “technology” is pointless and unusable. If you want part 3 in REAL 3D, you need to get a field-sequential 3D converter box with glasses that plug into it. I have one and got part 3 on DVD and it’s the BEST. I was too young to see it in the theater, so this was quite a treat. All the tricks come vibrantly to life, like Paul’s eye-pop, the spear gun, etc. I got my copy from Ebay a couple years ago, and you can still find a copy here and there around the net. Heads up, though: the converter box and glasses I have only work with CRT TVs, not flat panels.

    2. “Segue” is already pronounced /seg-way/ - no need to add “-way”. :)

  32. They better freaking give us ALL the movies this time. AND they better be UN-RATED!!! I want to see all those extra gory scenes.

  33. unless all/some of the movies are actually unrated or they give them all 5.1 sound…..it’s 100% useless. just another movie studio trying to squeeze out more cash from desperate horror fans.

  34. i wanted to see chris on friday 3 wander in the barn and get killed does this footage even exist???

  35. Im not sure,I just have seen the one picture on this website. :(

  36. i read somewhere that someone at a convention had part 3 with the alternate decapitation ending for like 500 bucks. shits rare, but it exists.

  37. 500 bucks? To buy that, you must be either really rich or really stupid. No footage is worth that much money.

  38. I’d Like them to bring out a new box set. Of course the $65.00 I paid for the other would be a waste. I want to see them bring all of them back out with 5.1 surround sound, Original cover art,interviews with all the Jasons and victims,pretty much everything that was on the Last box set but with new extras.

  39. I would love to have these films on Blu-ray, I already have them on DVD.

  40. I borrowed the boxset from my friend….and I put in the special features disc,and was like “this is really not good at all.” They couldve made it better.

  41. I want full length commentary on all the movies!

  42. Hmmmm, very interesting news. Like many, I would say I am hoping for the best, and at the same time, cause it’s fucking Paramount, I’m not even beginning to get my hopes hope.

    Evil still, as I said, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for some true miracles and surprises. I would like to see them not compressed with two to a disc and each one given it’s own disc. New soundtracks cause the original Mono ones from parts 1-through-5, I have to agree, simply don’t hold up. I know they were shot that way, but offer up 2.0 Stereo and 5.1 and options at least for us home theater owners. The original boxset never even started to sound good untill part 6, and aside from the surreal and underrated part 8, I don’t even care for parts 6, 7 and the New Line Cinema years (I know, go figure).

    Also tell them to PLEASE AT LEAST CHECK for what uncut footage, in any way shape or form, that they have. And no more “side-by-side” comparasion shit. Just leave it up on screen with no introduction or a quick one. That would be fine. Like “Uncut Vera death [Longer reaction]“, for three seconds, ect.

    Also please try to get others who’ve been at the recent conventions (such as the Part 5 reunion I heard about on DeadPit.com and would have love to have been at) to meet for fresh interviews and commentary tracks. How awesome would that be? Remember only half the films got commentary tracks last time, and those are honestly some of my favorite part of *any* DVD set. The wonderful cast reunion commentary for part 3 was an awesome treat, and honestly one of my favorite commentaries of all time (and I’m a hardcore commentrary track regular listener). In truth, the commentaries always tell us more (much more) then the limited screen time interviews that Paramount felt had to be interrupted with movie footage constantly, and with Peter Bracke’s now legendary coffee table book, they should get in touch with him to find many of the participants left out of the boxset that resides in Los Angeles and closer. Please get into contact with him. I would up-date (from a cheaper 3rd party seller on Amazon) just it all film have fresh commentary tracks and many more were interviewed, the films weren’t compressed and new audio options were available, cause after all, the censored R-rated films is what I feel in love with in the first place in my earily youth, like many, and I gave up on Paramount reading our letters and e-mails (which they should take into acount just as regular stationary letters if you ask me) a long time ago. Sorry boys & ghouls, but like many said, that footage probably doesn’t exist. Would be awesome if it did, though.

    Also consider re-mastering every movie in HD (yeah I know: fat fuckin’ chance) and doin’ something different. C’mon Paramount, and actually more or less surprise us …

  43. Will not be uncut. Not a chance. Same box, same extra + a \

  44. Yeah full length commentary would be cool.

  45. Can they PLEASE be in hi-def format!?!?!?

  46. This is a good idea cause they can have all the films on their own individual DVD with their movie poster artwork. Also, I think ALL of the films need audio commentary on them,plus interviews with more of the actors who never got a chance to talk about the films would be nice.Plus also TV spots for the films besides the trailers again. Let’s hope they do a really good job on this one.

  47. I think to do it right there should be movie trailers, photo galleries and making of and fact files options. With audio commentary by Tom Savini,Betsy Russel etc. Could be great

  48. well for the uncut thing, i KNOW for a FACT that footage does exist. friday the 13th part 1 is available uncut overseas, everyone should know that. part 2 i dont know, part 3 they have 2 alternate endings filmed and ive seen pictures on this site as well as the friday the 13th playing cards. part 4 basically went by uncut its the most uncut out of all the movies. part 5 i know has uncut footage, also by the friday the 13th playing cards. they have the studdering kid getting the cleaver in the face uncut, and a much brutaler axe hacking scene in the beginning. part 6 the full sheriff garris back breaking scene footage exists, its available on the workprint but thats all ive seen for that one. part 7, every single kill footage is def. around. it was even on the old box set, but i know the director john carl buelcher has said that he would have no problem re-editing the uncut material into the original print and even said he would do it for free. part 8, lots of extras exist, based on the playing cards theres an alternate death of the white boxer who gets the hot coal in his chest, he gets darts shoved in his eyes. so with all that already floating around, it kind of boosts my hopes a little about seeing these films in their beautiful uncut glory.

  49. might i add the effects cut out of part 7 are by far one of the top effects i have ever seen, next to day of the dead adn a few other flicks. the head crush scene, the axe uppercut scene, and the full 13 whacks sleeping bag scene. wow it gives me goosebumps just thinking about what that full movie would be like uncut.

  50. Hey guys, sorry to rain on the parade, but I emailed Hi-Def Digest to see what they knew about the new “box set,” and whether they would be in hi-def. This is the response:

    Hi Derek -

    Funny you should ask — I’m actually working on that very re-issue as we speak!

    Plans are only to re-issue the first three films, not the whole set, to tie into the new remake.

    From what I’ve been told, there is currently no plans for a Blu-ray version. : (

    Hope this helps!

    This reply come from the editor-in-chief himself, so should be pretty reliable unless plans change.

  51. hey roy where did you read that about the alternate ending cause i would like to read it also.

  52. I fear this new release.I was in the hubba bubba crowd about this boxset 4 years ago.I think looking back it was rip off.2 movies one disk Mono on films 1-4?No uncut movies.SHoot 5.1 better be there on these new flicks and anomorphic tranfers or no sale.

  53. they should have all the extras fans want like uncut versions, commentary, behind the scenes, stuff like that. but it wouldnt make any sense though if it comes out on dvd.dvds will be old news. it should come out on blue ray.blue ray is the future. watching it in hi def would be an extra itself.

  54. I agree with all of you above: give the movies an optional 2.0 or 5.1 and lots of extra’s. If the Crystal lake memories book has all these information about production, deleted scenes and music (Alice Cooper!!)it would be great if they also put some music along with it from part 1 (that little country song) and Darkest side of the night from part VIII, I would be very, very happy, and maybe for once they can release the box also in the european pal2 code, because we can’t watch the box set here in Holland. We can buy all the Friday movies, but not Jason goes to Hell, I had to import it, that’s a shame. Well, long story short: release the complete Friday the 13th saga with part 3 in 3-D and all bonus materials on every movie, and make Crystal Lake even come and take the Netherlands and not just New Jersey and Manhattan!

  55. $65? Ha! I paid 80 for it when it 1st came out day one! and I was upset with the “specials” as well… oh well A fan I am will be buying the new one anyways!

  56. I purchased the Friday the 13th boxset and it is excellent. tthe review was spot on. With his trademark machete and frighteningly blank hockey mask, FRIDAY THE 13TH’s teen-slaughtering serial killer Jason Voorhees stands as one of the most iconic characters in horror film history. This bloodcurdling collection includes the first eight FRIDAY THE 13TH films plus a special collection of bonus material. See individual titles for plot details.

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