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For those fans that missed the exclusive interviews, Deadpit Radio talked Friday Part 5 this past summer and it is a great, in-depth look into what it was like to make what many fans call the red-headed stepchild of the series. The official synopsis is below:

“If Jason still haunts you, then you must be tuned into Deadpit Radio! This Friday the 13th, CK and Uncle Bill have a pair of exclusive interview firsts as director Danny Steinmann and ‘Junior’ himself, Ron Sloan, discuss the making of “Friday the 13th V: A New Beginning”. We’ll be talking about all of the great scenes, controversies, and stories that make this Friday the luckiest day of them all. “

You can either listen to the broadcast in Windows Media Player or right click/Save As to download the .mp3 file and convert it to whatever file you want for your listening pleasure.

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I've been dedicated to this franchise for most of my life and am happy to be contributing news and information to all of the fans out there. Happy Friday The 13th!

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  1. Over the years I’ve grown to erally like this movie. I would love to see it uncut!

  2. I think that Martin Kitrosser created some of the most entertaining characters of the entire series in this movie. Ethel is awesome!

  3. I really do not understand why Part 5 got such a bad wrap, especially from F13 fans. In my opinion it is one of the most entertaining of the series and I love how it ends, where Jason was not the killer. Besides the original(the first time you saw it) this is the only entry in the series that throws you off at the end. The outhouse scene with Reggie\’s brother is classic! I would say Part 5 is my fourth favorite of the series, behind 1,2, and 4.

  4. Dead Pit always pays props to Part V, and I am glad. It\’s one of my favorite of the franchise.

  5. When I think about Part V, I think missed opportunities. The director was terrible and the acting was not that great but I agree that it was different than the others. Although, for those of use alive and watching at that time, not having Jason in the film pissed people off. In retrospect though, it was an interesting idea.

  6. There was just as much Jason in it as Part III, and besides that the kills were all POV which means you don’t see the killer. People are just petty when they say “Jason was not the killer, the movie sucked”. Steinmann is also a pretty good director, no worse than Cunningham, Buechler, McLoughlan, etc. Ever see the other movies they did? Absolute shit.

  7. Ak47, I think the outhouse scene is great as well. Martin sure likes writing those outhouse scenes into the Friday movies.

    I look at A New Beginning as the go between of the origianl 4 and the Jason we know today. So the movie holds a special place in the Friday franchise.

  8. Derek, I don’t think the acting was any worse than any other F13 movie (especially Parts 3 and 7). The directing wasn’t especially terrible either. Certainly entertaining if not classy

  9. I’ve actually grown to appreciate this film. I used to hate the fact that it didn’t actually have Jason in it (save for flashbacks), but now I see it, as someone mentioned before, as a missed opportunity. It definitely kept the look and feel true to the original 4, but it could have been a springboard to return the series to the “whodunit” mystery of the first one. (That said, the first movie didn’t work too well as a whodunit, since viewers don’t even know Pamela Voorhees exists until the very end. It’s not like anyone could have possibly figured out who the killer was.)

    All this aside, there are some examples of pure sloppiness in part 5: like the fact that mentally unstable people have access to axes; the fact that Tommy is transported to the halfway house in a vehicle with a partition but is apparently allowed to keep a hand knife; when the guy is killed in the woods after sex, there are two shots of the killer twisting the stick/leather strap tighter clockwise, and then suddenly he’s twisting in the opposite direction, etc.

    I don’t ask for perfection in a movie that is the 5th in a series, but some basic continuity and logic always help with the suspension of disbelief.

  10. I think with the halfway house the doctor’s were trying to have a level of trust and independence with the patients by allowing them access to axes, etc., much like in Don’t Look in the Basement and Alone in the Dark. And, as with both of them, it went tits up!

  11. i agree that 5 is the red-headed stepchild of the series it just never gets the credit it deserves i mean its not the best but its most definitely not the worst

  12. I agree that transporting Tommy with knife-in-tow from the hospital probably wouldn’t happen. Christian is right, however, they were preparing to re-enter society so there was a level of trust given. In the end, though, we are on a Friday the 13th journey, so we should be happy that the movie still took place in the woods and not in space, on a cruise ship, or in Manhattan! :)

  13. In retrospect, I think the series is offically split in half, part 4 is the last real friday, part 5 truly is the new begining, and taking it into a bad area, when it becomes a parody of itself, granted part 5 is great, it has alot of truly dark and disturbing moments, and the concept is great because it echoes back to the first film, the idea of a parant getting revenge for losing their child

  14. I don’t get all this ‘part 4 is the last real friday’ and ‘blah blah ruined the series.’ What is a Friday the 13th movie? It’s Jason hacking shit out of teenagers. As long as that’s what he’s doing who cares where he is! Aside from Freddy vs. Jason (crossing over franchises doesn’t work) all the other ten movies are real Fridays. Each filmmaker aimed for something different - be it space, body jumping or New York - and we should be thankful they keep trying to take this well worn concept in new directions. Do they always work? Well, some more than others, but no Friday the 13th movie is flawless yet each one has something new to offer. I for one am happy to sit and watch any Jason movie.

  15. well, this wasn’t one of my fav’s. i have watched it many of times to try and like it, but there is something that i just can’t shake from it? anyway, just a quick question. how do you think roy would have killed that guy with the belt across the eyes if he didn’t happen to back up against that tree? that is one that has bothered me for a long time, how every kill had to be significantly different, except for having 2 cleaver kills. but really, how did roy know he was going to back up against “that” tree and he knew that he could use “that” belt to kill him. he kills the peeping tom with a knife, the chick with a set of grass trimmers and then him with a belt. lol, its like he is pushing a Home Depot shopping cart thru the woods with him. anyway, thats just my opinion. maybe im just a fan of the ol’ machette? lol, its like in part 7 when Jason shows up in the middle of the woods with a gas branch trimmer??? lol??? ok, ok, im just starting to ramble now. hey hey, the remake comes out in 2 weeks, can’t wait! peace out dudes

  16. Well said as always, scabboy our good man. ;)

    I’m grown to seriously love the good ol’ rule Prestonburg, Kentucky boys on over at DeadPit.com, listening to they’re latest every weekend after recently being posted, they’re MpSpace halfhour mini shows sometimes (even though I’m not on MySpace), and of course I subscribe to they’re YouTube page (Wesvance).

    They’re hardcore original Cashamount era F13th lovers like all of us, and they almost always have a Friday the 13th annual podcast that is well worth listenin’ to. This year it’ll no doubt be the remake, Friday the 13th (2009) as it shall be forever written I guess, centric, Which is more then okay with me, but I hope even with Uncle Bill’s very bad luck (he claims on the most recent show that with e-mailing out requests for recent interviews, too many North American convention hoppin’ assholes & bitches want money for a breif interview), I doubt he’ll have an old school original series writer/director and or actor/actress this year. Ah well *playful shrugs*

    Gotta say my favorites of the original series are actually 2 (the scariest and soe of the best characters dispite massively trimmed gore set pieces that ultimately hurt the film), 3 (another good Steve Miner directed sequel), and then 4 & 5. For me I feel 5 was the last Exploitation-era feeling one, with it being shot in late ‘84 which was one of the last years stuff like that was even shot & produced, and loaded with (admitedly) censored FX but it’s still hilariously mean spirited kills, tons of tits (including our favorite, Debi-sue Voorhees) and overall the best attractive cast right up there with Parts 2 & 4 (gootta love Tiffany Helms; look for her breifly in Reform School Girls saying basically nothing), and it’s just so eccentric, ect.

    I also love this Black Sheep of the series. Been talkin’ about it a lot on the IMDB boards on it’s pages under this screen name (again I post as captian_brandon1980). I’ve also never understod the hate myself. Hell, the ones that came after this are just way too PG-13 ish for my tastes anyway. Although I would like to see that orignial, over 2 plus hour cut form Rob Heddon of Part VIII with uncut deaths. People forget that was the one hit hardest along with part VII. After that, people can keep New Line’s shit.

    Oh and that DeadPit show was a classic. I saved it and listen to it frequently over the months. A very good one. The one with Amy Steel and Adrienne King is very sweet ‘n cute and friendly as well. Super nice ladies.

    Glad to see DeadPit gettin’ some love ‘around here …

  17. Are these guys accents for real?

  18. I wouldn’t get too hung up about that bytor2112. The death is cool and the uncut version would have been cooler. Most of the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ in Friday the 13th or horror in general are ludicrous, just enjoy the FX, that’s what these movies exist for

  19. Lance, the accents are indeed for real. Don\’t let that deter you from the fact that these guys love the Friday movies and know what they are talking about. After listening to the program for a couple of minutes you don\’t even think about the accents because they are so great to listen to.

  20. Lance,

    Yes, they indeed live in a very real county. Prestonburg, Kentucky. They themselves recently called it on a show “the middle of nowhere”. So they are almost appilations.

    However, as Jasonsfury noted, please don’t let that deter you from downloading past shows and givin’ them a listen, and staying witht hem currently. They’re deadpit on the read segments on YouTube every week are also well worth paying attention to.

    Gotta admit at first the accents on them were a bit thick if you will, and I’m from the mid-south (have lived mostly in a west Tennessee county named Jackson, a fine subburban city, and my mother’s rural towns in south east Missouri of Kennett and Caruthersville, and I was taken aback by they’re accents at first).

    Was just noting. Stay cool …

  21. I would love to see this movie uncut!

  22. I love part 5. Its not my favorite, but its up there. It would be amazing to see this uncut! (i’m not holding my breath)

  23. I love part 5. Its not my favorite, but its up there. It would be amazing to see this uncut! (i\’m not holding my breath)

  24. I love part 5. Its not my favorite, but its up there. It would be amazing to see this uncut! (i\\\’m not holding my breath)

  25. Hope to see it uncut.The minor grip is those two psychos ethel and junior.

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