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Script Archive

Today I started up a Multimedia section of the Gallery. To kick it off I’ve archived several Friday The 13th Scripts, many of which (Freddy Vs Jason drafts) haven’t been present on the site for years.

Teaser Trailer To Debut At Comic-Con?

For those of you that don’t know, Comic-Con is a massive pop culture convention held annually in San Diego. This year it’s coming over the weekend of July 24–27. What does this mean for Friday The 13th fans? Besides a chance to pick up all sorts of merchandise as is the norm at cons, there’s [...]

“Itty Bitty Pieces my Friend!”: A New Begining’s Ron “Junior” Sloan talks to Friday the 13th films!

To many fans, the Friday the 13th series means many different things. Most of the time, it’s remembered for creative kills and crazy characters. Perhaps none more crazy than good ole’ Junior Hubbard and his mother Ethel in the Jason-less Friday the 13th part V: A New Beginning. Played brilliantly by one Mr. Ron Sloan, [...]

Jason Rambo

I only now came across this Interview with new Jason Derek Mears, where he discusses Jason right from the set. While we wait for the no-doubt carefully timed release of the first shot of Jason in-costume, I thought it would be useful to strip out all the details from the interview and post them here [...]

Custom DVD Covers

Today I updated the Friday The 13th Gallery with 23 of Lafe Fredbjornson’s customized DVD covers, generously donated for archiving. Sick of those later Paramount releases with crappola cover art and wish the original posters were restored for them? Or maybe you need a cover for that “unofficial” 3D version of part 3. Or maybe [...]

Paramount DVD Re-Release

Paramount DVD Re-Release

My good friend Dustin alerted me to this on DVD Active. The original Friday the 13th DVD is being re-released by Paramount. Street date is September 9th retailing at around 15 bucks… “The upcoming F13 re-release has a lenticular cover that morphs into Jason’s mask. You know, the same mask he doesn’t get until Part [...]

MTV Screencaps

Happy Friday The 13th! I’ve made some screencaps of the MTV set video. Enjoy. Featuring Amanda, Jared, Derek, a Crystal Lake cabin and more shots of the fan-pleasing mask.

Jason’s Mask Revealed!

After weeks of speculation (and even our own little betting pool) about the look Jason will don in the upcoming relaunch of the Friday the 13th series, Platinum Dunes have officially laid the speculation to rest. At least when it comes to the infamous hockey mask anyway. Today, during a set visit report on [...]

Happy Friday the 13th: Looking Back

It’s that time of the year again. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, and it’s the last Friday the 13th of 2024. The next time our calenders read Friday the 13th will be Friday, February 13th, 2024. That day will be a very important day in movie history for Friday the 13th fans. Will movie goers  [...]

Friday the 13th remake “Camp Crystal Lake” sign revealed!

The official website for Platinum Dunes released the first image of the Camp Crystal Lake sign today. The sign appears very similar to signs for the campground that appeared in previous films!
“ We deliberated for a long time about what that sign would look like cause we wanted it to be really creepy. The photo [...]