Deleted Scene: Jason Unmasked

Thanks to ‘The Question’ for posting the link in another topic. Here is Jason unmasked. Remember you can see more looks at his face by checking out Tony’s photo close-ups of the Action Figure here on F13thFilms.

When pressed for details on a possible director’s cut for the DVD release, he replies: “They asked Cameron once if he regretted the hour he had to lose from Titanic’s original cut and he said, What sculptor regrets the sculpture for the chips that had to fall off in order to retain it? So I had to look at it the same way.” What chips fell away? “I did have scenes about [Jason's] mask flying off that I felt very strong about. Is it scarier by having the hero exposing his humanity or by hiding it?”

Source: Shock Till You Drop

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  1. I’ve always felt it’s better to keep his face somewhat hidden. We get enough of a look at it in the movie to know it “ain’t pretty” and that was good enough for me. I like leaving some things up to the imagination.

  2. IMO, They really should have included those scenes of “Jason’s mask flying off” in the movie.

  3. Yep that’s about right…..he’s in bad shape….

  4. That looks about right…….

  5. EWWWWWW lol

  6. After seeing that, I’m glad we didn’t get a good look at him in the movie. I can’t say I like the design, but it definitely tops his mug in 8 and X. If the nose weren’t so flat, his eyes a little closer together, and the neck a bit leaner, it’d look a lot better. The way it is, it looks more mutant than deformed human.

  7. to quote the redneck “this shit ain’t fucking right, man”, lol…just kidding really. Actually, this all looks pretty much up to par with the original look of Jason.

  8. The unmasked look of Jason here is absolutely perfect! :-) There needed to be a much longer scene with Jason in the movie unmasked! The mask flying off scene sounds to me like The Final Chapter! :-)

  9. That dude look like he came out of The Hills Have Eyes remake… so not Friday the 13th, can this mess gets worse? it doesn’t look like a deformed human, more like a mutated mess.

  10. I prefer Jason’s face be left somewhat concealed. Keep some sort of mystery about it…what good is your own imagination if everything is always shown to you?

    And lo and behold, here’s “Chris” with yet another negative comment about every single post on this site concerning the new film.

  11. should had been in the movie. no, seriously, when clay and whatsherface was in Jasons house they shoulda found this group pic of jason and his friends and been like “wtf?”

  12. Kind of looks like Chucky meets William Zabka.

  13. Yeah it does look very creepy!!! But i wished it was in the film! esps if the other cast didnt know what it would look like untill the mask came of!! loved to off seen their reaction!! :D

  14. Paul Holt - you have it 1000% correct. It’s what they DON’T show that is scarier than anything that appears on-screen.

  15. He’s kinda cute grinning away like that! But I agree that I thought the very brief glimpses we got were a lot more effective than seeing. Because it is certainly scarier.

  16. Oh Oh! I knew I wanted to say something a bit more intelligent than fangirling; is Jason blind in that opaque eye? Any opinions?

  17. Chris is getting preetty annoying

    “it doesn’t look like a deformed human, more like a mutated mess.”

    Does that hold much sense to anyone else? I don’t want to start discussing the relation between deformations and mutations. I think it’s understood that you don’t like the new F13, but just stop with your lame BS.

  18. Seriously. “Chris” is downright annoying in his repeated comments.

    But hey, whatever. Since Chris is so fond of “My Bloody Valentine,” he must hurt deep down knowing that in 4 weeks of release, that film has only made $48 million, while “F13″ made $42 million in 4 DAYS.

    Chris, how do you like them apples?

  19. I don’t really like it… looks more like somekind of mutant.

    Glad they left it out, to me Jason doesn’t need to be unmasked. In the sequel they should make him stalk more instead of just being there.

  20. Whoah. Jason’s really very different in this one. He seems to be blind in one eye (see the way his eye is clouded over?)
    I agree with eXile, we got a couple of quick shots, that’s all we need. I’m just glad for behind the scenes pictures. ;)

  21. I think it is kind of a disappointment to see his face when the mask comes off. The mask makes him a tough son of a bitch. Just the feeling of curiosity of what he looks like with his mask off is better than actually showing it. During the whole movie I was psyched because I asked myself is the mask coming off or is it staying on? I was excited to find out the answer to the question. When I found it out I was thinking put the mask back on.

  22. In response to “THE GOAT”’s quote about a pic of Jason and his friends, I dont think Jason had any friends. Maybe a young jason with his mom (or even better, a first look at elias voorhees :p)

  23. “But hey, whatever. Since Chris is so fond of “My Bloody Valentine,” he must hurt deep down knowing that in 4 weeks of release, that film has only made $48 million, while “F13? made $42 million in 4 DAYS.”

    Does quality has anything to do with money these days? Please, don’t embarrass yourself. From website:

    “This FRIDAY THE 13TH reboot was all right. I have a feeling Voorhees virgins will love it and old school bubbas will be split in the middle. Personally, the flick gave me some decent to mucho cool kills, lots of bouncing melons and a new kind of Jason that I was half and half on. He smelled too much like Leatherface meets Wolf Creek killer for my liking but I dug his presence and his run & gun, machete routine. The picture started off strong, got slow in the middle, not helped by grating and overly infantile 20 something mooks and it then got its groove back on for its slash-slash finale. Definitely a gnarly time at the movies, but nothing like the taunt and gory as hell ride that was MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D… still my numero uno slasher of the year so far…”

    I completely agree with him, I’m not gonna suck Michael Bay´s cock just because this dreaded flick did well on the box office, many shitty films does & are not considered classics. The original Friday the 13th is a classic, this rehash? not so much.

    I’ve my right to piss all over this Platinum Dunes thing as much as you’ve your right to praise it to high Heaven, deal with it.

  24. Chris, you are truly pathetic. If you’re so fond of MBV3D, then go to one of it’s websites and stroke yourself off with other fans of that film. Stop crying foul about F13 over-and-over-and-over-and-over again here.

    It’s one thing for you to “piss all over the film,” once or twice, but you are posting on every thread here (sometimes repeatedly) which shows that you are really an immature, and possibly lonely, person.

    I’d pity you, but I think you’re a jackass.

  25. Thanks, you’re comment is welcome. Now fuck off. If you can praise this garbage once or twice I can trash it more than that, fair is fair, right?

    I don’t pity at all. You deserve that remake, many of the people who posted on my blog talk (surely act) like the fools depicted in that PD’s cow cash, now that’s sad.

    I only mention MVB3D because that´s the other slasher remake out there at the momment, if you can’t take that it did better (horror wise)than Jason, then sorry to burst your bubble.

  26. Your gonna tell people to “fuck off” while you think it’s justified to continue to go on and on about your negative opinion on a Friday the 13th movie, on a fan website? If your contradicting opinion was more than just that people would care to listen to you with open ears(or eyes I dunno). Don’t confuse your opinion with facts.

    FACT -F13 has more dough coming in

    OPINION -that other movie blows I like this one better

  27. I saw F13 on Saturday morning, and then went to see MBV3D at a special one-time 12:45am showing Saturday night. Holy shit, MBV sucked donkey balls. The acting and writing were sub-soap opera caliber. If I had seen it in 2D, I would have fallen asleep. My best friend who accompanied me fell asleep with his 3D glasses on anyway. Even the girl selling me popcorn on the way in saw my glasses and said, “You haven’t seen My Bloody Valentine yet? It’s not scary at all, just gory.” She was absolutely correct, although she didn’t warn me about the big fucking retarded ending - that the lead protagonist, who had been present during and watched “Harry” kill people, was actually himself. LAMEST. FUCKING. ENDING. EVER. If I spoiled it for anyone, you can thank me for not wasting 2 hours of your life on this turd.

    Oh, but “joblo” loved it, whoever he is, so it must be good.

  28. Yeah A little tired of this texas chainsaw feel/Hills Have Eyes look they are going for. The old lady & guy driving the truck are in that tcm remake as well. Maybe a little less deformed.

    Will Zabka! ahahahah

  29. Look here, “Chris,” you are oblivious to your own whining. “Sinz86″ actually sums up your pathetic, childish behavior in his post.

    I just don’t understand how you can spend so much of your time repeatedly coming to an F13 fansite, trying to scream to the masses that you hated this film. Isn’t saying it once enough? Do you think your poorly spelled, incoherent posts are going to change the minds of internet users who have come to a “Friday the 13th”-centric FAN website??!!

    Anyway, whatever, dude. It’s apparent that many people here think you are a douchenozzle.

  30. “Chris” = No taste is slasher horror. Friday the 13th, Halloween, Nightmare, TCM, Child’s play (1,2,3 were okay before they got stupid like part 4 and 5 )are good classic slashers. My Bloody Valentine was FOR SURE a rip off of the classics Halloween, and Friday the 13. The ONLY reason it made more money was because it was in 3D. I guarantee that is why it did so well. If Friday the 13th 2024 was in 3D, It would have done better because 3D attracts people. Horror fans or not, 3D attracts an audience.

  31. ;_; I liked My Bloody valentine 3D, but this site is not about that. Constant derogatory comments about the new F13 movie are just boring, and in this thread, they are definitly off topic too.

    Jason’s appearance without the mask is the topic.

    So. How’s about that eye…

  32. Let’s check, shall we?


    Reviews Counted: 68
    Fresh: 41


    Reviews Counted: 126
    Fresh: 34

    Yeah, I guess you can’t buy a positive review these days.

    I’m proud of my poorly spelled posts, I can speak french, english and spanish, but I’m sure you don’t even know how to read subtitles, so your opinion doesn’t matter much, ha!

    OT: Jason still looks like a reject from the Goonies in that make-up.

    Another realistic review on that mess here:

  33. One word that describes the movie, the face, and the possible sequel… LAME.

  34. One word that describes your mom: LAME

  35. Let’s check each film’s box office, shall we?


    Worldwide Gross: $62,045,058 in 33 days


    Worldwide Gross: $54,532,885 in 5 days

    Oopsies! But I’m so glad you keep pointing to reviews to back up your weak argument, Chris, as we all know that every previous “Friday the 13th” installment got nothing but glowing praise from critics. I’m sure you can still go dig up some harsh opinions from really well-known and respected film critics like “Fred The Wolf”, too. Maybe you can even find one for us in French or Spanish? Perhaps “Les Critiques de Film de Jacques Le Loup”?

  36. Just looking at the rotten tomatoes page for MBV, it offers a brief synopsis for many of the critic’s reviews - and the funny thing, most say the movie sucks, but its saving grace is the 3D technology utilized. Which I find hilarious, that film critics are supposed to criticize the “film,” not be impressed by a 3D gimmick.

    And by the way, “Chris,” I don’t care if you can SPEAK French, Spanish, and English. I am bilingual myself, big deal. What I am more concerned with is you mastering one language, instead of dallying in 3. So skip the espanol and francois, and try learning to READ and WRITE english.

  37. wow dudes girls chris look we all got our opinions chris if don’t like movie then u don’t like the movie but u don’t have to bitch about it over and over again (one time is good enough)to all us fan boys/girls here that’s a suicide wish u will be eaten alive and as i seen u r. yes ok i like the new movie after 3 times of watching it so chris i know where ur getting at but its pretty good and a hell of a lot better then 8 9 10 and 11. the remake has made 1 whole group of fans into 2 old schools and new schools (im in both lol) fan boys girls just because a movie did better doesn’t make it a better watch i mean 1 2 3 and 4 r better then the remake yet made less money but in this case i gotta go for f13th mbv was really bad and boring and who gives a shit about bad reviews from critics f13th always has and always will get them so lets try to get along here after all we are all fans of jason is jason no matter what

  38. oh and by the way this jason looks pretty cool i wish they showed more

  39. did anyone not know that the fruity guy was the miner i figured it out aout 7 minutes in Rotten tomatoes are a bunch critics who like fruity movies thats why My Bloody Val 3 D was enjoyed by some cuz it gave a nod to the fruity section of the movie going population .3d was good, writing was crap

    P.S. is it a coincidence that a tomato is a fruit

  40. he is real frightening

  41. All I know is if some giant mutated freak with a perma-smile jumped out at me, I’d probably just die of a heart attack on the spot. I hope you see his face better on dvd.

  42. Well done great post haha!

  43. I’ve always felt strongly about having a Jason unmasking scene in the Fridays. To me it’s essential. When I went to these movies in the 80’s the big payoff was always seeing Jason’s face. That seemed to drop off after JTM and i’ve always felt like somthing was missing ever since.

  44. Gotta show his face, I totally agree with the payoff statement Nick. Trying to kill you, and smiling the whole time. That’s just messed up. And then you gotta deal with his rancid B.O. from living in the woods all those years.

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