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“Germaniac” has been a busy boy and with the help of Google Earth and the The Friday the 13th Community we now seem to have the filming location of A New Beginning.  The address is 9442 Santa Rosa Road, Camarillo, California, USA. I am pretty sure this is it, but check out the photos below to see for yourself. If anyone lives near this area, see if you can get permission to visit and submit some pics to us.

This sure does look like the main house in the movie


Aerial View of the property

Barn where Reggie The Wreckless breaks through with the tractor

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I've been dedicated to this franchise for most of my life and am happy to be contributing news and information to all of the fans out there. If you have any questions or want to submit your thoughts, email me at jason92777@hotmail.com.

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  1. Woooho, I made headlines! (The coordinates are 34°14′8.63″N 118°56′5.98″W BTW)
    A big thanks to Scabboy, who informed me of the vague directions that Mr John Robert Dixon (the actor who played Eddie, a big thanks to him as well) gave him (”The house was in Camarillo east of the Venture Fwy. (101)”)
    I looked for farms near a.) orange trees (since you can see those all around the house in the movie and b.) power-lines.
    Why power-lines? Put your DVD of ANB in your player and stop at 20 min 22. That´s the scene of the ambulance arriving after Joeys murder (the scene where the camera is behind the lights/siren of the ambulance). On the top left of the screen, behind the house, you see a big metal structure. I assumed that it was a tower for power-lines. Now guess what´s 200 meters to the southwest of the location? (Check it out in google-earth).
    Do you see the lone tree in the middle of the place?
    Now check the scene when Tommy arrives with the van in the beginning (at 8 Min 6 secs). A couple of moments later, when Tommy refuses to get out you see some building through the windows, which must be the other buildings (probably garages)to the northeast of the tree.
    The lawn where the girls are doing laundry and Joey gets killed is the lawn to the south of the house. The small cain to the west must be ther place they had breakfast in the next morning (when Tommy attacks Eddie).
    As you can see from the pic: Ethel and the police did not use the main-road (the Santa Rosa Road) when they went to the house (to deliver the caught pair of Eddie and Tina), but they came from the north.

  2. AWESOME! I am hoping this is legit and I never thought to check it out myself!

  3. Sweet. I’d like to see all the locations, that would be so cool.

  4. wow i think thats it for sure, pretty sweet. speaking of part v, i just today snapped a pick of a sign that reads… crystal lake mobile home park, in stafford, VA. its not glowing neon but still how cool is that? you all do remember when reggie goes to meet his bro and tommy waits outside near that glowing sign? well looks like every town might have a crystal lake mobile park so keep your eyes open. as soon as i figure out how i would like to get it on this site.

  5. Hey Germaniac, I found the Sherrif station used in Friday 6. It is located on 1176 Monticello St SW, Covington, GA, United States

    I guess the place was a library when they were filming. Can’t tell what it is now.
    They have the place listed here http://fridaythe13thfilms.com/bts/locations/part6.html

  6. I live in the general area (I live in Burbank CA) If its not too far I’ll check it out someday. I am a photographer, so if I get permission Ill get some good pics.

    Id be willing to bet thats the place sicne parts 3 and 4 were also shot here. (though a bit farther from me) The house from part 4 (Tommy’s house) was recently in an episode of Entourage

  7. Just checked..its about a hour away. I have a friend that lives in Simi Valley which is closer, so if I go see her sometimes, I’ll take a look.

  8. Tom,

    the Part 4 location is in Topanga Canyon, which is about 16 miles away from the AB location ( I don´t hsve the adress or coordinates for the Jarvis house though, if someone knows: please share).
    The Part 3 location is Santa Clarita, Haskell Canyon Road, near Saugus, which is 30 miles to the north-east of the ANB location. Coordinates for Higgins Haven (barn and the burned ground where the house stood): 34°29′32.36″N 118°29′46.09″W

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