Friday the 30th Reunion Update

Part of the big news I mentioned can finally be posted. Mario Kirner, who owns the Friday the 13th Props Museum is in serious talks to bring his entire museum to the 30th reunion. For those of you who have not seen his collection, it is quite impressive. What’s exciting about this rare opportunity is that Mario has never displayed his collection to the public before.





If you are a fan of this franchise, this rare opportunity should not be missed as quite possibly you may never be able to see these items in person again!

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  1. He mentioned this to me.. I think it’s more than fitting for the 30th anniversary reunion and I hope they have him.

  2. All gonna depend on the feedback from the fans… obviously I want to do it.

    I also posted this story at Guts and Gory to see what those maniacs have to allow.


  4. Damn I want to be apart of this event so bad! I live in San Antonio, where’s it going to be held? In Dallas? Somehow, someway I’m going to try to be down there. I wonder if there will be any need for staff? Or could have people dressed up as Jason? I’ve always wanted to be apart of a huge Friday the 13th event.

  5. Yeah. Sounds great. Where is it going to be?

  6. Good on Mario.What a genuine nice guy…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  7. Nice collection. Obviously.

  8. anyone notice the hockey mask on the fridge in the new movie?


  10. The show is happening in Dallas, TX August 13th-15 2024. Location details announced this weekend!

  11. Hey guys, this is Mario from the Friday the 13th Props Museum.
    I`m really excited about you liking the idea of bringing the museum to you via an exhibition.

    To answer a few questions, having these items in my possession brings not only fun and proudness but also brings a lot of liability to the owner. This means, to care for the items properly and acting in the right field among the screen used prop collectors community.

    Providing detail pictures or passing secret tells off of certain props means that I would help to sell a possible fake into the collectors market as an original prop. And believe me, this is nothing new.

    Please do accept and admit this simple rule of not talking pictures during the exhibition as part of the appreciation for the immense work John and I do to bring these pieces to you.

    The rest of the event is PICTURES TAKING ALLOWED of course!

    See this exhibit as a once in a lifetime opportunity to stand eye in eye with THE items from our favourite films and simply enjoy the moment without flashing around in there with your cams.

    I think it is fair enough that I offer good pics of the items on my online site, that you can visit anytime you want to see the props and costumes again.

    There was a duscussion about glossy photos (post card sized) to be offered of the pieces and their displays, mentioned in another forum and I can say this has already been in our discussion. And as it looks for now, we will offer such photos at the show. You can then have them autographed or simply blanc to collect.

    I was planning to do a nice exhibition for some time now and I think this event is the perfect chance to go for it. John and I are working on some good ideas in regards to realize this exhibition with some of my best pieces or perhaps the entire collection with high quality displays and looking forward to provide you with fresh updates. So stay tuned, friends.

  12. I believe that this would be a major plus for all F 13 fans attending the 30th anniversary.

    Well done…Well done, indeed!

  13. I’m SO there! When do tickets go on sale?? Gotta be a part of this!!!!

  14. Gill-Man,
    John mentioned in another forum that this weekend he will announce more guests, the location and tickets will go on sale as well!

  15. Right you are my friend! Be on the look out to buy early because this show WILL SELL OUT!

  16. Awesome news! And yes, as I\’ve told Mr. Gray, I DO also plan to get the tickets early, as I know they\’ll be selling out in no time. I SO can’t wait to attend!

  17. How much is the admission to Mario’s awesome museum?
    I can’t wait for this.

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