New Friday the 30th Reunion Promo Banner

I just wanted to share this cool banner with everyone. As you can see things are moving along swiftly in preparing this event.  I really hope all fans can make it out to this once in a lifetime event!


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10 Responses to “ New Friday the 30th Reunion Promo Banner ”

  1. I’m really liking the banner. They did a nice job with it. Looking forward to this event more than anything.

  2. I’m getting pretty hyped for this. Seriously hope I can interest some friends on goin on a road trip to Dallas. Me being the biggest F13 nerd I hope I can sell ‘em on the idea of a badass road trip.

  3. I would like to go, but I have been to a ton of cons with Fridsy people attending. Props are nice, but I am pretty far from Texas!It would take something like getting people that are next to impossible, such as Jenifer Cooke. Pull that rabit out of your hat, and I am there!!! : )

  4. this should be a great time, definately looking forward to this. save up now !

  5. Impossible guests are our specialty… I promise you, by the time the event rolls around, you will be wanting to attend. We already have 19 guests that have never done a show, so keep your eyes peeled! This is the definitive Friday the 13th event.

  6. You’re all doomed if you go! DOOMED!

  7. “I told the others, they didn’t believe me”

  8. How far are some of you guys traveling. I’m SERIOUSLY thinking of going and I’m in California. Is anyone further away than I am who is attending?

  9. 5000 miles on my end :)
    Distance is no excuse for such an iconic and important moment like the world official celebration of the 30th year of Jason Voorhees

  10. And I SO agree with Mr. Kirner.

    Indeed, this, to me, is an even bigger event then the His Name Was Jason DVD siging much earlier this year in Burbank, California :D

    I am SO there! (thankfully, I live only maybe three hours, at the most, from Dallas Texas, te hehehe ;) )

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