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Coming soon to Friday the 13th films is a new game that will pit all of your favorite characters against each other and you, the fans, are in control of who wins. One huge bracket of all of your favorite Friday characters will be broken up into their own divisions. Each division will be comprised of similar characters that have appeared throughout the series. After a winner of each division has been crowned, they will then battle winners of other divisions with the sole purpose of being the lone survivor, the ultimate fan favorite. What will that lone survivor do? They will have their popularity tested as they do battle against the ultimate Jason of the franchise. The Jason that you, the fans will choose.

How will you be able to choose your favorites from each division? Every Monday, a new section of the bracket will be revealed and you can vote on who you think within that bracket should move on to the final rounds. You can vote by simply adding your favorite characters name as a response to the bracket that week.

Results for the previous week will be tallied and posted on Monday as a new section of the bracket is revealed. More details will be revealed as this week goes on and this coming Monday, August 3rd the game will begin!

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17 Responses to “ Preview: Friday the 13th Bracket Challenge ”

  1. cool. this will be fun

  2. sounds really good fun!!!

  3. Sounds good. I\’m in!

  4. Awesome! Sounds fun to me.

  5. Great. I’m willing to bet it will come down to Thom Mathews vs. Ted White in the final show down. This will be fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds.

  6. Ethel vs Richard Brooker

  7. Uhhh…. lol. Can someone give me the “Jason Bracket Survival Guide For Dummies?”…

  8. This is gonna be nice.

  9. Corey,
    Amazon probably has it for $19.99. ;)

  10. Steve Dash Vs Warrington Gillette

  11. sound like fun. march madness only with Fridy victims. cool idea.

  12. This sounds fun i cant wait, i kinda feel though that if Tommy Jarvis is involved its gonna come down to a rematch between him and ted white cuz most fans love him as for me personally i would love to see jarvis and hodder go at it

  13. I’m pullng for Ethel too, Peter. She’s one of my favorites!

  14. Tommy Jarvis vs. The New Blood Jason!

  15. Tina Shepord vs. Ted White

  16. The possibilities are endless………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  17. Hey everyone, tomorrow I am going to give you the rest of the details on this. Monday should be interesting!

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