Behind The Scenes TV Segment

Cheers to YT user “abramreyes” for uploading this.

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  1. feed me i need more imput more ,more

  2. Nice !!! Thank you very much for that video !!!

  3. Awesome! Thanks abram!

  4. Great! Thanks for the video.

  5. LOL….Nice Short Circuit reference!!! I always wanted to have a beer with the Indian dude from those movies. Looks cool. Not only do I need more input I need input that is not blurry and watched out. Thanks for the upload though. I\’m looking forward to the official stuff hitting the net!!!

  6. The “Indian dude” from SHORT CIRCUIT 1 & 2 is actually Fisher Stevens, who is not Indian, and seems far less cool in everything else he’s ever been in. I suppose if he’s buying the beer…

    Anyway, cool clip. What is it about Danielle Panabaker that makes me fall for her more every time I see her?

  7. i still can’t believe theres no black ppl in this movie (that i’ve seen so far)
    i usually look forward to seeing at least one black person cuz we’re actually taken seriously in the jason movies (meaning we last more than 22 minutes)

  8. Actually e®n, there is a black character called Lawrence

  9. Yeah I know the Indian guy from Short Circuit isn\’t really Indian and his accent is way over the top but I would love to have a beer with him but I would make him use his fake Indian accent and I\’d use him to pick up chicks. LOL!!!!

  10. Nice. I hope that the Poster to be released with the movie is a remake of the old one. (With a twist, of course) Did anyone notice UN-masked Jason? When they had those two Hockey Masks? To bad it was covered. :(

  11. Can´t wait!

  12. Hey BigTdoe,Brian and any other Michigan fans check out the archive “Friday Website Opens” post 107 from 8-10-08.

  13. I wish they’d add this to the official Reelz Channel Dailies site, they have other interview clips there. Maybe it’ll appear there later.

    I’m just ready for the official stuff - bring on the teasers, the trailers, the tv spots, official images, (more) posters - anything. These bootlegs are the real tease if you ask me. :P

  14. Here’s a cool interview I found:

  15. Here’s a b etter “Non You Tube” Version

  16. 102 MB Version thescenes2.mpg

  17. 102 MB Version

  18. Mark Saw, thanks for both! Awesome :D

  19. As so many people F13th-films and Jason Voorhees are my favorite horror films and fictional character! So I wasn’t very happy when a new movie was announced! But I must admit that I am becoming curious about the new movie due to the information that is leacking trough! So I give them credit untill I see the result but mayby a new series of films can exist next to the vintage stuff! Let’s hope so!


  20. fisher stevens was bangin michelle pfiefer in her prime i think he thought he was gonna be bigger then he was cuz i think he dumped her

  21. Great to see what’s going on on set, even though it’s just a little bit. I’m counting the days for the movie to be in theatres, Jason looks very real in this footage.
    If the killings are realistic like they said, then it just can’t be a downer, the remake of the movie that changed my look on horrorflicks and made it fun to rent a videotape at a store!

  22. If it is a remake of the first movie what about Jason mother she was the main killer strange dont you think.

  23. It’s a remake of the first three movies and Jason’s mother is in it. She is played my Nana Visitor who some might remember from Star Trek Deep Space Nine. She played Major Kira. On a side note, Fisher Stevens was bangin Michelle Pfiefer in her prime? Seriously? WTF?????

  24. Well done great post haha!

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