Jason Voorhees Grudgematch: A Lad Insane vs New Blood

Last week in our first official Jason Voorhees Grudgematch, fans helped White 4 to victory over Brooker 3. Those two will get a rest this week, but don’t worry, we will be seeing them again in another grudge match somewhere down the line. This week two zombified Jasons go toe to toe and this week there will be NO blood to flow from these bodies.

A Lad Insane vs. New Blood
For Mr. Voorhees, it will be like looking to the future and then into the past. Can Jason from Jason Lives do any more damage to New Blood Jason. Really, there is nothing left to do to poor New Blood, except maybe chopping ye ol’ head off. Both of these incarnations of Jason have both taken their many licks, but which one of these guys could seriously outlast the other? Perhaps this one could just be called a draw. What say the fans?

Unique Weapons of Choice
A Lad Insane:  Metal Fence Post
New Blood:  Tree Trimmer


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60 Responses to “ Jason Voorhees Grudgematch: A Lad Insane vs New Blood ”

  1. Part 7 kicks part 6’s ass, bad.

  2. I’m going for pt. 6

  3. Part 7 was way superior!

  4. Part 7 !

  5. Kane Hodder is overrated, Part 6 all the way!

  6. part 6

  7. part 6

  8. Part 6 def

  9. Part 6!

  10. Damn you jasonsfury.I knew you were going to put these two up against each other (my two faves).But after careful thought i’m gonna vote for New Blood Jason as he’s always been my favourite vision of him (with part iv + part vi close behind).I like how part vii shows him all rotting and stuff,like a proper zombie would look…………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA

  11. Part six. My favorite Jason.

  12. Part 7. A truly classic representation of Jason, and my personal favourite (the make-up and effects were outstanding!).

  13. Gotta give it to part 7. I think he would totally dominate part 6 Jason.

  14. I’m going with part 6. Jason awoke with the last thought of Tommy Jarvis on his mind. Fate would have Jason return from the grave with the same person that finished him off standing right over top of him. Vengeance ensued instantly and CJ really brought some quick brutal kills I.e.: Jumping out of trees, triple decaps, destroying a VW. <A LAD INSANE gets MY vote Jasonfury.

  15. Part 6

  16. part 7.
    because new blood jason is more brutal,more pissed off and willing to go anywhere.and he looks more strong and menacing.and his weapon of choice is one of the most brutal in the series:Tree Trimmer..enough said
    p.s-dont get me wrong i dig part 6 jason too but in a match..the one who was truly pissed of and forced to stay under water for years..mr new blood wins!!!

  17. While 6 is my favorite of the “zombie” Jason films, I have to go with New Blood for this one. Hodder was at his best in this flick, and Big J’s look is just amazing!

  18. part 7

  19. Damn you jasonsfury.I knew you were going to put these two up against each other (my two faves)

    Sorry baz. :) Wait until next week. It will be interesting and perhaps a little comical.

  20. Part 6!

  21. Part 7

  22. Part 6 for sure although I would choose any of the non-zombie Jasons over both of these choices anyday.

  23. Totally vote for Part 7!!


  25. Part 7.

  26. pt 6

  27. ummm pretty tough decision but i choose part 7

  28. I like both
    but pt7 all the way

  29. New Blood. Always my fave Jason design.

  30. Part VI Jason will attempt to run New Blood Jason through bare handed, but NBJ will grab hold of PVIJ’s head and squish it until the puss stops flowing. the final blow will be NBJ shoving a party favor into PVIJ’s good eye. All of this happening while PTVII’s soundtrack of percussion playing in the background.

  31. Part 6 because even the snooty old ladies of the MPAA kicked part 7 Jason’s ass.

  32. part 6

  33. Part VII for me! Mainly because he had the pleasure of dispatching Bad New Crews! Way to go Jason!

  34. Part 6 Jason, I think this Jason had something about him that part 7 Jason did not have, besides part 6 Jason is my favorite “zombie type” Jason, in the series.

  35. This is tough…

    I believe Kane was a better Jason because there was this feeling that he really KNEW he was going to kill you. When Jason from 6 shows up, my first thought is for the person to “run away.” When Jason 7 shows up, my first thought is, “your dead.”

    Still, Jason 6 is MUCH better of a movie. I would have loved to seen Kane play in one GREAT Friday the 13th movies. (In my opinion, the great ones were 1-4, 6)

    Well… I have to make up my mind don’t I? I suppose I will go with Part 7.

    Jason from part 7 IT IS!!!!!!!!!!

  36. C’mon part 7 easy!!!!!!!!!

  37. The New Blood all the way. The part 6 Jason was pretty badass. There were alot of brutal kills in that movie. But The New Blood Jason is way superior. Just think of all the extended kills that were killed by the ratings board, and then compare them to Jason Lives. Like when He squeezes Bens head into the size of a walnut.

  38. Part 6 Jason

  39. No question, The New Blood, definitely Kane\’s best performance and the only thing that could have made it better would have been being able to see all the mold and shit they hid because it was deemed \

  40. “too grisly”

    Damn don’t know what happened in that first post it cut off the last bit.

  41. Part 6 Jason Lives…the best Jason in the whole series

  42. Geez, Jasonfury, you sure did rise some eyebrows on this grudge match. I noticed you mentioned something for next week both being good AND comical? I can only imagine…Anyways, I’d like to see a JasonX vs Uber-JasonX sometime…just to see what everyone has to say. Maybe 11yr. old boy Jason vs. JGTH Jason…lol just some random thoughts Jasonfury…

  43. Part 7 for the superior make up effects.

  44. Part 6

  45. Part 6. CJ Graham > Kane Hodder.

  46. Part 7 all the way! My favorite Jason movie

  47. Part 7 has the best makeup, but I think part 6 Jason is better in term of character & toughness. It just that it’s his first time rising from the dead & he was sneaky as ever. Seeing Jason keep taking damage too much in part 7 was too much, so my vote is on part 6.

  48. Part 6 all the way.

  49. Part 7 for sure

  50. part 6 ,first one I seen,sentimental favorite

  51. Jason Lives!!!! Part 6 :C.J. Graham: KI KI KI…. MA..MA…ma…
    Yes Jason looked badass in The New Blood, but Part 6 Jason, would rule ass on any of the zombie incarnations.

  52. I’ll go with Part 6 Jason. I think Part 7 Jason would have a hard time trying to keep up. And your comments about next week’s match-up: is it Part 2 Jason vs. FvsJ Jason? Or perhaps Part 2 Dash vs. Part 2 Gillette!!!!!!!!

  53. Part 7 !! :D

  54. This is a very hard decision, as both Jason’s are very similar but also very different, and i always loved part 6’s Jason, but i love the overall look of part 7’s Jason better.
    Now usually i would go for CJ Graham’s part 6 Jason, as he was very brutal with his kills and was pretty much an unstopable killing machine.
    However if you watch the unrated, unedited scenes from part 7 before the ratings board destroyed all the kills and the movie in general, you will see that part 7’s Jason is a lot more brutal and deadly than part 6’s, so that being said i have to go with Kane this time round, but only just lol, was a tough one.

  55. VI

    Wow. While I think Part 7 is THE ultimate, flawless, and perfect Jason, I still have to vote for Part 6 for reasons I can’t fully explain. It’s not that the part 6 Jason is better than 7, it’s maybe because part 6 as a film is better than 7. Extremely difficult vote. It’s like picking your favorite child or something.

  56. Really?!?

    …because I have no problem picking my favorite child (but thats another story altogether).

    I’m gonna go with Part 6 because all of the elements came together to make it a better film. When I was a kid, Part 7 was my favorite and it was the first Friday film I owned on VHS. Admitting that the Jason from Part 6 is superior is a sign of my own maturity because now I appreciate the process of film making and not just how cool a character looks.

  57. Part 7 for me, hill kick 6’s ass!!!

  58. part 7,not being a kane hodder fan.i just hate part 6 that much.

  59. part 6 for me

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