Full Look At Kaiyodo/Revoltech Part 3 Barn Scene Jason

Wow, there has been a lot of figure news as of late and now comes the most definitive look at the new Kaiyodo Part 3 Jason figure. A few days ago we showed you a clearer look at this Revoltech Jason figure, but now we have the best look yet at what fans can expect to own this fall. Check out the ad below which displays definitively, all accessories included with this Jason Voorhees as well as the barn diorama display base.

The coolest parts of this figure are the fact that Stan Winston’s look for Jason is utilized and also it looks as though Chris’s severed head is included. All of this together looks like we might be getting the alternate ending version of Friday the 13th Part 3! Once again, thanks to Lester Romero for letting us know about this awesome figure.


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24 Responses to “ Full Look At Kaiyodo/Revoltech Part 3 Barn Scene Jason ”


  2. Where would you be able to order this when it comes out? Hopefully not only in Japan…

  3. That is one Jason i would love to have!!!
    Its realy realy good!!!!
    Maybe i can bribe someone! hmmmm…lol

  4. I know jason will keep us updated on were and when to buy. This is a must for f13th fans! Pretty different then whats out there.

  5. I really want this! The articulation is so good. His posing is just like the movie. Part 3 and 4 has always been my biggest favorites, but I really like the clean mask in part 3. This is shaping up to be the best mass produced small scale Jason ever. Thanks for posting this.

  6. Thats not Stan Winston’s Jason.

  7. I’ve never bought any of these figures before. theres some really nice ones out there and believe me if i had the money i would snag some up. but this is just too cool to pass up! Im getting one of these bad boys as soon as i find out where to buy!

  8. I’m very impressed with it and I hope (but probably won’t happen) they do other figures of the line. Still I don’t have what I’d consider a great (or even good) Final Chapter Jason figure.

  9. Awesome I want this figure so bad!!!!

  10. Yes indeedy…… we want one of those, oh yes! Looking forward to updates, Jason! :)

  11. This. Is. Amazing. His shirt is even wrinkled the same way it was in Part 3. The open collar is lifted up like he has hunched shoulders. That old spintered wood of the barn looks great. I wonder if they are doing other set pieces, such as Final Chapter Jason with a piece of the Jarvis house behind him, or better yet, him at the hospital with the hacksaw.

  12. That is Jason the way he should look….Platnum Dunes, Shannon and Swift…take notes..if they can put Derek Mears in this get-up..it would be the first step towards an awesome Friday…

  13. This a must for my collection! And yes they should do one of the Stan Winston Mask too. Robb-the people who made the remake should have watched Part III. It was obvious they didn’t.

  14. Anyone know what scale these are? I am not familiar with this company, but I HAVE to have this figure! It looks amazing! Blows Mezco’s version away!

  15. Oh My God.
    The ultimate Part 3 action fugure. Enough to say.
    I wonder if they could do the same trick with PArt 4. Mrs. Voorhees tombstone or Jarvis house cracked door as a diorama, then… all accsesories we want – The Hacksaw, The Corkscrew, all the stuff…
    I really want to own this.

  16. Completely stomps the Cinema of Fear part 3. The Jason figure of my dreams! Must have…ordering info soon please. I’m going to buy about 10 of these.

  17. I updated the story and added that the retail price is going to be $29.99

  18. we need to find out the scale of this figure as the company,s other stuff is around 5 inches tall.now this does look larger but you really cant tell for sure.but even if he,s 5 inches those hocks will still fit mezco,s figures which my part 4 and 6 masks completely suck and these would customize up nicely.

  19. Revoltech’s are range from four to five inches. I don’t see it being bigger than that as right now in Japan small is in in terms of collectibles as display space is (and has been) a premium.

  20. We need a translator. I’d like to know all of what this ad says. I seriously doubt that this figure is only 4 or 5 inches. That’s a lot of detail to jam in a small figure. You’d most likely break the neck trying to switch the heads. I may be wrong, but 4 inches is tiny. Mezco’s 3.5 inch was highly detailed, and it was under $10.

  21. I have plenty of Revoltech’s and they aren’t very big. Size is the appeal for that market (along with its unique joint system). They Jam detail into small figures all the time. So don’t get you’re hopes up that it’s this 6″ plus toy because you’re going to get disappointed. And as for the price it’s an import toy and import toy means import prices.

  22. Thats awesome, but My only complaint is the mask in the movie was more yellowish. Id still like to get it though.

  23. WOW! Hope he IS in the 3.75″ to 4″ scale, as we already have the Mezco part 3 figure in the 7″ scale. This may be the best Jason figure to date!! I REALLY hope they wind up doing more from other films.

    Where can you buy Revoltech figures? I’ve seen pics of the Aliens and Predators, but never found any in stores.

  24. Very cool! I can’t wait to pick this up. It’s also very cool they went with the Winston look

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