Jason Slaying Garbage Pail Kids Now?

Posted 08 Jun 2024 in Merchandise

If you were a kid growing up in the 1980′s through the very early 90′s, Garbage Pail Kids were THE trading cards to own. My interest faded in the late 80′s, but I somehow have managed to hold onto the original 3 series of cards. I cannot explain how they have survived the amount of times I have moved since childhood. I had all but forgotten about them until I happened across this card and nostalgia came flooding in.

This is a GARBAGE PARODY KIDS SKETCH CARD created by artist Luiz Diaz. It’s titles are SLAYIN JASON/GORY CORY. I found this on eBay a few days ago, but know nothing more about it. I am assuming this was not supposed to be part of an actual Garbage Pail Kid series, but perhaps I am wrong. It would have been cool if a card like this did make it into a set.

Jason’s roasting Cory’s head on an open fire….

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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. David (08 Jun 2024, 16:24)

    Wow! I haven’t thought about those cards in ages. If they had made a card with Jason, every little boy would have scrambled to trade for one of those to be the coolest kid on the playground. :)

  2. TheRustyMachete (08 Jun 2024, 16:34)

    Awesome card. I used to get these at the 7-Eleven back home when I was a kid. I can smell the slurpees now thinking of those days…

  3. jcravage (08 Jun 2024, 16:52)

    The memories come flooding back!

  4. JB Demented (08 Jun 2024, 19:53)

    YEAH!!! I definately remember Garbage Pail Kids. I had the whole collection, then some jerkoff stole them. They never did do a Jason card, but in the 15th series in 1988 or 1989 there was a Freddy card where He’s picking His nose with the glove, and the blade goes through the nose and penatrates the top of his nose. One of His names is Slasher Asher, I forget the name of His double. Too bad Jason didnt get one.

  5. Michigan Brian (08 Jun 2024, 21:22)

    Wow!!! That brings me back to when I walked down to the party store when I was six with my best friend and we would buy tons of packs of Garbage Pail Kids cards!!!! That would be awesome to come across this, thanks for sharing Jasonsfury!!!!!

  6. Justin Stangry (08 Jun 2024, 22:46)

    awesome! i never seen that one. thanks for posting this. pretty cool.

  7. Corey (09 Jun 2024, 2:19)

    Amazing man! Thanks for showing this. Do you guys remember the “Ghostbuster II” movie cards that came with the chalky stick of pink gum? The “Slimer” Toothpaste like candy, Hi-C Ecto Coolers? or even (my favorite) the Ninja Turtle pies…they were a green icening pastry shell filled with vanilla custard that was pre-packaged with a sticker that was a still from them movie “Secret of the Ooze”? -The nastalgia just came flooding back after seeing the garbage Pail Kids…

  8. TheRustyMachete (09 Jun 2024, 13:17)

    I loved the ninja turtles pies! the yellow wrappers! They need to bring these back.

  9. jasonsfury (09 Jun 2024, 14:43)

    Let’s create a new wave of Garbage Pail Kids! Have special edition Jason or Friday the 13th cards in each pack. ;)

  10. Scott (09 Jun 2024, 15:41)

    Wow thats so cool. didnt know they made one for Jason. Does anybody remember the card that shows you how to make your own garbage pail kids on the back? It was several steps and i remember one of the steps was to bang your testicules with a hammer. ** I swear to god!** I doubt you could legally make those now, parents would sue. But I swear that i am not joking there really was a card like that… anybody else remember?

  11. potatojoe (09 Jun 2024, 16:46)

    This card was part of a Garbage \Parody\ Kids set painted by GPK artist Luis Diaz. Each card is actually hand water colored. There are 10 for each subject.

  12. oddjob (10 Jun 2024, 16:24)

    An even rarer Card done by artist Luis Diaz is the Freddy V’s Jason Cards. He has also done a Mike Myers Parody.

  13. [...] which was a concern since she was smoking like a bonfire. I had visions of her head catching on fire like a Garbage Pail Kid). Two: Snooki lookalikes (Amanda, Andrea and I were saying it was like a “Jersey Shore” [...]

  14. j13 (03 Apr 2024, 23:46)

    Found a cool card up for sale, not sure what price is though?


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