Friday the 13th And The Drive-In Experience

A visitor to our website, pghpunk13, was nice enough to send in this awesome image of a drive-in theater sign announcing the opening of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter in 1984. A while back we had a blog which everyone discussed their first experiences seeing a Friday the 13th movie in the theater. There were a lot of great stories shared and now we would like to know what our visitor’s experiences are of watching a Friday the 13th film at a drive-in theater!

These venues are disappearing a rapid pace, especially in the midwest and beyond. Chances to view a new movie at a drive-in is almost completely impossible. So, share your stories to let others know what it’s like to see these movies in the great outdoors.

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21 Responses to “ Friday the 13th And The Drive-In Experience ”

  1. Drive in’s are a thing of the past because alot of people are quite frankly lazy, they dont want to pay for gas to get there, don’t want to travel, ect ect. Just like where i live in Winnipeg (Canada). there is one drive in left and its been up and down with open and closing for years. I used to love it because on really nice nights, it was awsome to sit and eat old fashioned footlong hot dogs and watch a double flick. Those days are loooooooong gone. it’s all about the glitz and glammer of overpriced theaters..That and alot of movies are on Youtube.

  2. Theres a new drive-in here in south jersey, but i have yet to get there yet :(

  3. A couple of years ago, I attended a screening of “Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood” at the Georgetown Drive-In in Georgetown, Indiana. Kane Hodder, my personal favorite Jason and one of my all-time horror heroes, was in attendance to meet the fans. Anyone that knows Kane knows that his favorite kill as Jason is the infamous sleeping bag kill from “The New Blood.” This also happens to be my favorite kill. I’ll never forget standing there in line to meet Kane, my replica “Part VII” hockey mask in my hands. Watching Kane take a picture with the fan who was in line in front of me, his hands tightly wrapped around the man’s throat, I was actually happy I forgot to bring a camera. As Kane released the man from his grip and stepped back behind the table the drive-in had set up for him, that unfortunate young lady in “The New Blood” was getting dragged out of her tent. Kane’s eyes widened, drawn to the giant screen to enjoy his handy-work, when he suddenly turned to face me. I smiled, nodded, and said what seemed most fitting in the moment. “Sleeping bag.” Kane smiled back and said, “Let’s watch, shall we?” We both then turned to face the screen and watched the sleeping bag kill together.

    Coolest thing that’s ever happened to me. :)

  4. As a kid, nothing ever beat the enjoyment of watching these movies at a drive in theater, there was a certain something about it.

    I don’t know if it was the burgers wrapped in the foil bags, the arcade in the lobby, or the occasional bug that would fly into the projector every once in awhile, but drive ins need to come back.

    Drive ins are what made slasher movies so cool (and Cheech & Chong movies too).

  5. I wish I could’ve been there, but I wasn’t even born then. Good stuff, though.

  6. Drive ins are what made slasher movies so cool (and Cheech & Chong movies too).

    I completely agree! And yes, even with the Cheech and Chong statement. \You can keep on knocking but you can’t come in\

  7. I saw both Part 7 and Part 8 at the drive-in and it was some of the best times I have ever had at a drive-in theater. There were bikers at the part 7 screening and they were yelling, run bitch run. Stuff like that. Great times. They are missed now as all of the drive-ins have been demolished in my area.

  8. Ah I miss the drive in. Ironicly part 4 was the first FT13th movie I ever saw on screen, and it was at the drive in with My Mom and Brother. As well as parts 5 and 6. I do love the drive in atmosphere. But when I saw part 7 (my first at a walk in) the crowd really got into it. Before the previews even started there was a crap load of people discussing their favorite scenes from previous sequals. Everything from Jacks arrow death, to Mrs Voorhees’s head being on a shrine in Jasons shack. I’ll never forget that. When i saw the remake, it was just too quiet. God I miss the 80’s.

  9. Before the previews even started there was a crap load of people discussing their favorite scenes from previous sequals. Everything from Jacks arrow death, to Mrs Voorhees’s head being on a shrine in Jasons shack

    That was some of the great reasons to go see these movies in the theater. I think that with the reboot, you had a lot of people either seeing these movies for the first time or only watching the movies on DVD and so it wasn’t that whole whirlwind event that it was in the 80’s.

  10. Very cool! I saw F13 Final Chapter at a drive in.

  11. Im 26 and ive never seen a drive in in real life. i live in upstate ny and i know there is one in driving distance which shows old movies. I need to go

  12. Correction. The vintage drive in in avon ny shows new features, two at a time for 8$

  13. Actually, I see first-run movies at the drive-in all the time…I live in western NY and their are three in my area….one opened up last year! I LOVE the drive-in…this one is my favorite:
    ….20 minutes from my front door!

  14. …there used to be four or five drive-ins right in town…I remember “Deadly Blessing,” Motel Hell,” and “F13th Part 3″ all playing there…but I was too young to go…even though I wanted to. The reason why I remember them is because there was a miniature golf course across the street…I would play golf and covet those who could go to see the R-rated films at the same time.

  15. You think your old?? My folks took me to see the Godfather(1972) at the drive in. I was only 4 at the time, but that horse in the bed scene traumitized me…..and that started my horror movie craze!!!

  16. I’m moving to Delaware in a few weeks. A town called Townsend. Does anyone here know if there are any drive-ins close to there? I’ve never been to a drive-in but have always wanted to! I know this sounds stupid, but the scene in Twister when they are at the drive-in watching The Shining has always made me want to see that movie at a drive-in. That part was awesome! So anyway, if anyone on here lives in or near DE and can tell me where there may be a drive-in close by I’d really appreciate it!!! Thanks!

  17. Friday the 13th Part 4 was my first at the theater, but my all time favorite at the drive in was a wonderful double feature……The Apple Dumpling Gang and then once us kiddies were all happy from that family fest they scared the shit out of us with……..Piranha. I will never forget it. I am still traumatized from the old man with the skeleton feet. There is still one drive-in within an hour of my house and it is packed every weekend.

  18. My favorite thing is going on a Tuesday because there are usually four other cars there and we have the run of the place…saw Iron Man 2 last week….

  19. If you’re in SC, you can still go the drive-in. or Both show first runs and are awesome.

  20. I was living in Virginia when the first Friday came out. At this time the only scary movie i had seen was Dracula or Frankenstein. I didnt even have an idea what a scary movie was. My cousin got stuck watching me last minute so the adults could go out. He was in Highschool and i was maybe 6 or 7 at the time. He had a hot date he was all excited for and was a little mad so i convinced him to take me along that i wouldnt tell. His date took her little sister that was my age too. We went to the local drive in to watch it. Needless to say the drive was in the middle of the woods since we were in southern Virginia. I was so completely scared after that, that i was traumatized for like 4 years. I was up all night throwing up chili dogs, and for years after wouldnt sleep without the lights on or checking under my bed to make sure an arrow wouldnt be comming through it. However this traumatizing experience is why i love scary movies so much today especially the Friday series. I eventually started forcing myself to watch them little by little till i was a junkie of them. I couldnt have asked for a more perfect scenario to watch not only my first horror movie, but first Friday movie. First time posting check the site regularly to keep up with my fellow die hard fans. Sorry for the long post but thought you guys might like my experience.

  21. Thanks for sharing your experiences everyone! And Jeremy, thanks for posting for the first time and visiting the website.

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