Jared Padalecki On Friday The 13th

Jared Padalecki speaks about the old and new Friday The 13ths and more:

“Before I got the script, honestly my thought was, ‘Man, I really like Friday the 13th,’” Padalecki said. “I’d seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre that they had done and I loved it. That was a really good movie. That was a really well shot, really scary, really real, the characters were fun, you kind of felt for them and you kind of could identify with them. You’re like, ‘Oh, I get it.’ They actually had hearts, which is nice because I love sort of just the cheesy horror for the sake of horror, death for the sake of death and, you know, oh fun, crazy, it’s like let’s wait for the next kind of kooky death. But it’s kind of fun as an actor to go like, ‘Hey, kill me, fine, that’s cool, and make it fun, but like give me something to do. Give me something to kind of make it real for myself so I’m not just running around oh when’s my turn to die?’”

There’s already 11 of those. This one goes to the next level. “It’s so funny because you’re filming a movie about a guy who’s immortal and he’s going to go kill everybody in the woods, but we’d sit down and he’d be like, ‘This doesn’t feel real.’ And you’re like, ‘Well, no, it doesn’t feel real. This is Jason. It’s not real.’ Sometimes we’d pause for like thirty minutes, like, ‘This is where the audience is watching it and they start to laugh and they get up and leave because it’s so bullsh*t.’ So we’d sit down and fix it and they’re like, ‘Let’s make it real. This wouldn’t happen, none of this would really happen but this really wouldn’t happen.’ And so that was nice to be a part of.”

Now Padalecki has dueling slasher movies with his Supernatural costar Jensen Ackles, who starred in My Bloody Valentine. “When we found out that we were coming out on February 13th and his movie’s obviously called My Bloody Valentine, we were like, ‘Oh man, I hope we don’t go up against each other.’ Because we’re buddies and not like it could really affect anything but it’s like, I don’t even want the stigma. But luckily his already came out and did tremendously. Now it’s my turn to, hopefully. We actually went and saw it, the opening night we actually bizarrely for one of the rare times of the year, we each had the day off and his girlfriend was in town and Kerr Smith who’s in the movie also was in town. So actually snuck into a theater, put the little glasses on, and we had to think later, we were like, ‘You know what? I bet you the people behind us were like, “These glasses are amazing.”‘ So it was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun and it’s a real fun movie, and if you haven’t seen it, it’s a lot of fun to go and see it. I’m like giving him a shameless plug.”

Back to Friday the 13th, Padalecki got to see how some of the kills were crafted behind the scenes. “It’s almost like really cool to watch on screen and kind of really just exhausting to watch in life. It’s like a sex scene or something. It’s like, ‘Okay, well we can kind of see your breast so kind of lean to the right a little. Okay, yes, okay. Now your neck.’ It’s just so calculated it’s almost like, ‘Okay, well if you stab like this, then we’re not going to see the light shining off the blade, so make sure you stab like that.’ And you’re like, ‘Oh,’ and you realize like man, it really takes a lot. It’s not just like, ‘All right, go in and stab, and then go like wow!’ And the hand coming down and it has to look dead. ‘Oh the hand flexed a little bit, we could tell you were [alive], so like really keep the hand…’ You don’t think about that. It’s a very painstaking process to kill somebody on screen and especially for a horror movie. I mean I assume it’s like it’s just like ah, you know, blah, blah, blah, but for a horror movie where it’s about the deaths it takes a long time.”

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  1. hey shocktilyoudrop.com has a pic of jason unmasked clearly heres the link


  2. this is great interview and a great comment by jared..you’re a really good actor and I loved the scenes..but it absolutely made me mad to kill off the girlfriend..geesh..just when you two had hit it off..:) good luck on the next project and thanks for the comments on filmmaking..for stabbing scenes..that is interesting to know..Lynnsky

  3. This interview hurt my eyes, but I understood most of it. Punctuation is something that he may want to check out before doing another one. Good interview though.

  4. Jared needs to…like…learn how to..like…give…like….an interview…..like…without…like….sounding like….like a thirteen year old…like…girl.
    just kidding, he do good

  5. “There’s already 11 of those. This one goes to the next level.”

    That level being the CRAPPER. God, this moron needs to die in the next sequel (Lord help us if they make another lame ass flick).

    I guess we all know which Supernatural actor got in the best movie, Jensen in My Bloody Valentine 3D that is.

  6. “Chris” - do you go through every post on this site and add your same comment that this film sucked? How pathetic are you? You hate it, okay. Now just let it go. Jesus.

  7. Hear,hear Paul Holt.I bet Chris is just a pussy ass Freddy fanboy that’s jealous that Jason has taken back his throne.(like he lost it in the first place)……..ki,ki,ki,ma,ma,ma.

  8. Well, I LOVED the movie and there isn’t any changing that! And for the record, F13th has almost surpassed My Bloody Valentine’s monthly gross in just a weekend. :D

  9. seriously if you hated the movie so much why are you on a friday the 13th website? if you don’t like it just stay away and quit trying to ruin it for the people who take it for what it is and enjoy it. why don’t you go to some my bloody valentine website waste your time there if you like that movie so much.

  10. I’d like to suck JARED dick and anus!

  11. “Hear,hear Paul Holt.I bet Chris is just a pussy ass Freddy fanboy that’s jealous that Jason has taken back his throne.(like he lost it in the first place)……..ki,ki,ki,ma,ma,ma.”

    Freddy’s gonna get it from Platinum Dunes too… so, not much of a Nightmare fan here.

    Am I pissing on your parade? tough luck, I don’t care. I didn’t know this place was only allowed for Michael Bay fans. I LOOOOOOVE the franchise up until New Line Cinema started ruining it, big fucking deal.

  12. I see someone forgot to drink a big glass of grow the fuck up..today..:)

  13. I think Jared grew up with valley girls all over his cock. Or the word ‘like’ is his fav. word in the history of mankind. Props tho, he had probably the best acting in the movie.

  14. I am very divided by the new F13 movie. I am a hardcore fan of the first four installments and I watch them all the time. I have went through two VHS sets and I am on my third DVD box set. I also went and bought the blue ray for part 1 when it came out. I would rate the killings and the new Jason an A+, the script a D- and the casting, besides Jason, Jared Padalecki, and Danielle Panabaker was a F. What I love about the first four F13’s is how you care about the characters and how they are very believable. They also have some common sense. They also don’t wobble around the whole time drunk and with a bong in their hang. (Minus the hippy couple from part3) I think the new F13 is a combination between a horror film and Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. The issue I have with this cast is, why would you go with a group of people camping that you really didn’t like? I also hate how the black guy or girl in a new horror films are always a gangsta, gonna cut you, and put themselves out there to be killed. Why can’t they act like the other kids and be smart. Why does the Asian guy gotta be the nerdy, fix things kid? I hated that they had the little prick, that went around saying this is mine or that is mine. I mean what sticks with you in the old ones is how you cared for the victims that died and it really had an emotional impact on you. Did you notice how the black and Asian guy were somewhat segregated from the group in the new F13remake? I like how a movie can play with your emotions and mind. I also think what makes the old ones so magical is the time period. They didn’t have cell phones or gps’s. What if the survivor in one of the older films got into there car, realized they left there keys inside and called On-Star to crank their car via satellite? LOL I mean that would totally take the magic out of it. They should have made it in the 80’s setting, which Michael Bay normally is good at doing with time lines. I was very disappointed with the script. I think they could have really dug deeper. Maybe made the creepy old lady Pamela Vorhees sister, or relative or something. I also didn’t like how they started the movie off with the killing of Alice and Mrs. Vorhees. You would think they would have come up with something different to start the movie. I have alot of respect for Adrian and Betsy and Michael really messed up when he attempted to recreate that scene. The scene lacked emotion. I will give them a A+ on the death scenes as far as the creativity of them. I thought it was so clever how Jason tied the girl above the campfire in the sleeping bag to burn while her boyfriend’s foot was caught in the trap and helpless having watch. That creeped me out the most, because you felt the helplessness of the character. I will say they could have found a better way to kill Jason. I also hate how Michael Bay never lets you feel closure to a movie, even if you know there is going to be a sequel. I mean who would go through a ordeal like the two survivors did, then drag him all the way down to the lake to dump his body? Come on! The script seemed to be scattered until after they all get to the house and by the time you do start getting into it, its over. I think that the fans deserve something way better than what we got. If the Jason has to be in the present, why not bring the survivors back from the originals and let them do a face off. I think it would make a much better movie!

  15. Kiah, stop posting your goddamn book report on every thread.

  16. I actually haven’t posted them on every thread but I will if that will make you happy! WInk!

  17. 5 separate threads, same lengthy post. Yeah, stay cool.

  18. haha, well whats your thoughts on the movie. I mean it is important to me and I think if the hardcore “oldschool” fans pull together we might have some impact on them actually writing a not just ok script, but kiss ass script and maybe bring back some of really cool orginal surviors who could actually act. I mean if Chris from part 3 went around the whole movie saying, well this is mine and that(being a selfish prick, like the guy in the new f13), it wouldn’t have had near the same impact and the movie would have been totally forgettable, because who would care about a selfish prick. Plus, add a fat person or two. Not everyone in a abercrombie model, come on.

  19. What are you talking about? That’s what people are like where have you been? People are selfish pricks, they don’t all hang around fat kids, and do wear abercrombie. I’ve said it before it’s not my ideal set of friends or standards but that’s how alot of people are.

  20. I personally don’t hang out with selfish people and bet there are alot of people out there they don’t either. The abercrombie thing is so 15yo fad. I am just saying that they could have made the friends in the new F13 be more believable and likeable. I mean they had a guy in a wheel chair in part 2 for god sake! I just think they through a asian and black guy just for the sake of doing it and then (I mean it seemed this way for me) that they kinda stayed to themselves the rest of the movie.(segregated)I personally don’t think the first 4 f13’s were so cliche when it came to the actors. They all took their characters and made them their on. It is really hard to compare the characters in the first 4 films to each other. But like I said just my opinion.

  21. Hey Kiah…in Part 4, when the kids were partying at the cabin…where was the wheelchair bound guy? Or the minorities? Or the fat guy? Oh wait, there was the fat canadian hitchhiker, but the beautiful people left her on the side of the road to die.

    I’m just sayin’, since you’re preaching so high and mighty about the classics…

  22. I beat many kids up in high school who wore abercrombie, they thought they were realll tough.

    Also I agree, black kid & chink boy smoking weed - segregated from everyone, chink kid is smart, black kid sells record deals.

  23. Haha, I just think that it is cool to have a bunch of different type of “real people”. I don’t think they should have a guy in a wheelchair everytime. LOL It just makes it extra exciting. Maybe do a down syndrome kid or something. I am just saying do something original and fun. If people wanna see bitchy abercombie people maybe they should watch, Bring It On. I guess the reason I say all this is when I was a kid I use to go to summer camp every year and it the 80’s it was really mixed. We always had a blast and for the record I was the fat kid in camp. As I think back it is funny now. Plus Part 4 kicked ass too. It freaked me out when Jason was killing the hitchhiker guy and he was telling Tris to run and while Jason was hitting him with a machete, he is screaming, “he is killing me, he is killing me” Made my hair on the back of my neck stand up.

  24. Wow, Jake…I bet those kids that thought they were tough deserved it. I mean, they were probably so arrogant that they went on the internet proclaiming how many kids they could beat up…

    And you’re totally right about only the minorities smoking weed. Oh wait, the redneck did as well. So it must only be stereotypes that do drugs! Then again, Richie & Wade were going to sell and smoke weed too. And they were WHITE! Hmmm, looks like many young people in this film did drugs. Where’s your logic now?

    As for the Asian & Black guys…I thought that they were just good friends? But you have to make it racial. If we’re going to go that route, then maybe they bonded since they were both so diverse from their Aryan friends? But smart, funny Asian. Black guy looking to start a record label, blonde rich prick. Stereotypes, one and all!

    But if no minorities were included in this film, then people would be screaming racism! Lo and behold, here are 2 minorities to add some social balance to a large group of friends, thus representing the typical college pals: a few kids, mostly ethnically diverse. I found no problem with this.

    Seems like you’re trying to make something out of nothing.

  25. Yes Kiah, I also still get a good laugh out of Rob saying “He’s killing me, Trish, he’s KILLING me!”

    I would have said, “Bitch! Get over here and help me before this guy kills me!!!!”

  26. I am saying how many rapper guys goes camping with a rich abercrombie crowd. Unbelievable!!! I am just saying make it believable I could care less what race they put in it, as long as it makes sense.

  27. Not totally unbelievable…maybe they were all from a small liberal arts college. One that didn’t have many minorities to begin with. That would explain Chewie & Lawrence being drawn together. And why can’t a black guy go to a house party with white people?? Now you ARE being racist and making stereotypical assessments.

    You should stop putting Lawrence “in a box.” Hell, he may even like Green Day.

  28. Not at all. I was referring to a rapper guy and preppy bring it on types going camping together in the woods, not a dinner party. I have alot of black friends. And by saying that ones that I actually have over for dinner parties, and we go on trips together. My point was why can\’t the black guy just be a normal college kid going to be a lawyer or something rather than him having be be a rapper or football player.

  29. Paul Holt, you sound like a typical P-C liberal that gets pissed every time someone has a different opinion than theirs. Calling people “racist” is a weak, naive onesided way of looking at things. It’s just a way to try and dismiss other points of view as being “ignorant”, so you can act like your opinion is a fact. Why is it so important for everyone to agree with you? I didn’t like the new movie either, but I should be able to express my opinion with out some asshole insulting me.

  30. kiah, you don’t have to defend your self, by saying that you have alot of black friends. You didn’t say anything “racist”. Paul is just attacking everyone who says anything bad about the new movie. For some reason he has a problem with people having a different opinion. Just look at his comments to Chris.

  31. The only friday movies I liked are parts 1,2,3,4,6 and 7. I have some friends that hate the first three movies and only like parts 4,5,6,7 and 8. But we get along just fine, we don’t fight over it. No two people agree on everything. It’s stupid to insult and pick a fight with somebody for disagreeing about which movies you like.

  32. Ashley whats the point of stating your opinion on here? You just expect people just to say “ok cool”. It’s discussion and if some things don’t make sense there lies a perfectly good reason to discuss. If you feel so insecure about opinions and don’t want anyone disagreeing don’t bother coming out with them.

  33. Sinz86, fuck you. I happen to agree with Ashley. You’re just one of those pricks that likes to start fights on the internet for no reason.

  34. sinz86, ashley never said she had a problem with anyone disagreeing, she said insulting. there’s a big difference between the two. calling her “insecure” and telling her to keep her opinions to her self, kind of makes you look like an asshole.

  35. This has gotten so off topic. Nobody was a being insulted if anyone took it that way thats on them. Calling me an asshole makes you look like a misinformed asshole. That’s what I call picking a fight and insulting. Ashley jumped in the middle of a fight that wasn’t there and so did you.

  36. Does anybody read these things before they jump in with the name calling.

    dis·cuss \di-?sk?s\
    tr.v. dis·cussed, dis·cuss·ing, dis·cuss·es
    1. To speak with another or others about; talk over.
    2. To examine or consider (a subject) in speech or writing.

    Doesn’t mean you fight or start tossing insults. Go back and read the blog I’m not gonna waste anymore time on this.

  37. Sinz86, you still sound like an asshole. Calling people “insecure” and talking down to them like they’re stupid, is an insult.

  38. Ok Chad.

  39. I wanted to just say I loved the new Friday the 13th movie, Dispite what everyone else might think that hated the movie. I saw it 5 times. I\’m a huge Friday the 13th fan and a huge Jared Padalecki fan and was thrilled that he survived. I agree that the cute chick at the end of the movie that was the last to die that had hit it off with Jared\’s character should have lived. She was Hot! I didn\’t like how they did Mrs\’s Voorhee\’s death either, I think it would have been better to just use a flash back from Part one. But I loved Jared\’s part. I like him and I\’ve met him. I have to agree with some of you that he\’s very handsome. If I were a girl I\’d go there with him. He\’s very nice looking. Anyways, I liked this movie because I thought Jason was more brutal and scarier than ever. It was also reallistic up until Jason Jumped up out of the lake at the end. But it didn\’t shock me because they leave every Friday the 13th movie open for another part. That\’s nothing new people. I hope if they do another Friday film that if Jared returns that they don\’t kill him off. I also think it would be neat to see Jensen Ackles star in the movie with Jared Padalecki and they could kill Jason together. Every Supernatural fan would love that. Jensen Ackles plays Jared\’s brother on Supernatural for those of you who have no idea who Jensen Ackles is. And by the way Friday the 13th has made 80 million dollars worldwide. It did way better than My Bloody Valentine! Which had Jensen Ackles in it. So I\’d say Friday the 13th was way better than My Bloody Valentine. But not to dog Jensen here, Because I\’m a fan of his as well. I love both these guiys and think there great together. They would kick ass in the next Friday the 13th movie together. This movie rocked, Jared Rocked. Sorry but I disagree with those that say they hated this movie. Take care Jason

  40. Sorry about the typing error’s in my last comment! My computer is acting up! Jason Again

  41. Chris, Jared does not need to die in the next Friday clip. Your an asshole. This movie was not a crapper. Your the moron who needs to die in the next Friday the 13th. Jerk! Why do you got to dog Jared Padalecki he’s a great guy who I met and you’d like him if you met him. GROW THE FUCK UP!

  42. I loved this movie ( Friday the 13th ) Jared Padalecki was great and is SUPER HOT! Chris your wrong. Jared is not a moron, you are. Why do you got to dog this movie and Jared. If you don’t like the movie fine, But why get on here and say mean things. It just shows how you need to Grow Up! Be an adult for god sakes. This movie Rocked and so did Jared. I saw it 8 times. Mostly for Jared. I’m a huge Supernatural fan too. Why not have Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in the next Friday the 13th film. They can kill Jason together. I toatlly agree with Jason on that. Every Supernatural fan would be so thrilled. Friday the 13th fans would be thrilled too. These guys are hotties. Sorry Chris but Friday the 13th has made 80 million dollars world wide and My Bloody Valentine only made 51 million. Friday the 13th is the bigger hit. So up yours Chris.

  43. I’m sorry I liked my movie and think that the script was really good. I highly reccommend this movie to everybody. I also love the idea of shareing the big screen with Jensen Ackles in the next Friday the 13th film. I like the idea of me and Jensen killing Jason together. I hope Hollywood will listen to that Idea. Love Jared Padalecki

  44. I like this version of Friday the 13th too. Jared was wonderful in this movie. I’m not normally a horror fan but this one was scary. Jason was more brutal than ever. I only watched it because Jared Padalecki was in it. I loved him on Gilmore Girls and Supernatural. He’s very handsome too and so is Jensen Ackles. I like the idea of the two of them being in the next Friday the 13th film together too. That would be wonderful if that were to happen, But I bet Hollywood will never listen to the fans so don’t count on it happenning. But it would be great if it did.

  45. I loved Friday the 13th and Jared padalecki was great in the movie too. I also love him on Supernatural and Gilmore Girls. I also have seen all his movies too. except Silent Witness. But I’m working on that. Can we get a nude shower scene with Jared. I’d like to see Jensen and Jared in Friday the 13th too. Only don’t let them die! The people that hated this movie just don’t have any taste. Jared is fine as hell.

  46. If I had to sum up Jared Padalecki in one word it would be Delicious! The man is Fucking Hot OK! I totally agree that Friday the 13th was a rocking movie and that Jason was scary as hell. Jared was Handsome as always too. I would like to see Jared and Jensen kill Jason too in the next Friday the 13th movie as well. Every Supernatural fan would be thrilled. Jared Call Me, I love you. I’d could so please you better than any woman could. Especially in the oral department.

  47. I wish Jared will never have project alongside Jensen Ackles ever ever again. Supernatural is enough. Jensen is good guy and good actor, but I cant stand most of Jensen fans, they always find a way to belittle Jared as if Jared is inferior to Jensen, both in acting and in looks.
    F13 obviously kick MBV ass.

  48. I actually enjoyed MBV. Not sure how it will stand up without the 3D but it was a fun movie. And to be honest I found the new F13 flawed so I would hardly say it wiped the floor with MBV. They’re different movies so it’s not really fair to compare them.

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