Friday Conversation: Should Jason’s Father Be Introduced Into Future Films

novel_part6Tom McLoughlin started the journey of bringing Jason Voorhees’s father into the Friday the 13th universe by including him in his original ending for Jason Lives. And although Mr. Voorhees did not make it into filmed product of Jason Lives, his story did live on in the Simon Hawke adaptation of the movie. Most recently, the special edition DVD of Jason Lives showcased storyboard art created by Crash Cunningham, which depicts the original ending of Jason Lives.

Crash’s interpretation of Father Voorhees is actually what alot of fans have envisioned Jason’s father to look like, from what I have read on various forums.




Later, the idea of Jason’s father was toyed around with in the script stages of Jason Goes To Hell. The character was originally conceived as Jason’s brother, Elias, and then morphed into Jason’s father. Then, Jay Hughley and others even considered making the character the actual killer of Jason Goes To Hell. The final decision was made to exclude the character and story line altogether.


Should Jason’s father be included into the Friday the 13th storyline on film or should he remain a mystery to the franchise?

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  1. If they start getting more into Jason’s past and family it could be interesting, and it would be new ground for the upcoming series to go into. It’s dangerous territory though, and could go bad very easily.

    If its just his father it could be interesting, but why would he show up and how. One problem is Jason’s age, and how old would his father be? Someone figured Jason to be 60, but he’s like eternally 35 or something. They could do it, but then we’d be debating the characters age and where he fits into the continuity.

    Also, in the comic books (non cannon), Jason’s father is a disgusting asshole who Pamela Kills. Kind of makes me think they should leave the subject alone.

    I would like to see another bounty hunter character though. that could be another way to get into Jason’s history and bring up the subject of his father: what happened to him? is he alive or dead? what part does he play in the mythos?

    I’d like to see that.

  2. It probably wouldn’t have worked to bring Daddy Voorhees into the mix sequel wise (I’m talking about the original films/sequels before the reboot) because too much had happened in those films and ‘why’ would his dad stay away logically for soooo long after everything that happened. I did like the idea of Mrs. V killing Mr. V though!

    But…bringing back the dad for the rebooted storyline would be okay cause it’s fairly early in the rebooted F13th timeline and would probably make sense and fit in. It would have to depend on the writers coming up with a logical way for the Daddy V character to fit in. But maybe they should just leave it alone. Mystery is great. When they start to try and explain too much…we get left with stuff like Jason Goes To Hell LOL.

  3. I’d like to see it worked in somehow. Depending on what they did with his character you could even go as far as a prequel. Maybe he was a homicidal killer too? They never really go into who he is so sky’s the limit with the possibilities of a F13th movie with Elias. It’s not a necessity but would definitely be cool to see him introduced down the road.

  4. I agree that bringing Jason’s father into the franchise laster in the 80’s would not have worked. The story had progressed too far to introduce him then. Now, it could work…. if done correctly.

  5. For me I wouldn’t mind the father being introduced to the franchise, but only if he was someone who wanted to destroy Jason. No that doesn’t mean he would be a good guy, just a bad guy who wanted to use Jason, but when if finds Jason wouldn’t be controlled, then tries to destroy him. That would be cool.

  6. I hope not to see Jason’s father I’m scared about what could came out

  7. Well we know he remarried and had a daughter named Diana circa 1950. She couldn’t be Pamela’s daughter because she said “my only child… Jason” in her monologue. We can extrapolate that he either inherited $$ or had a pretty good job because his house in JGTH is pretty sweet, so not consistent with being a miner from Ohio. So yeah I don’t follow the comics, however cool they are.

  8. Yes I think they should definately bring Elias to the series. I wish they wouldve went with the original ending to part 6. From what Tom Mcloughlin described, it sounded pretty cool. Maybe in this upcoming sequal We’ll get a chance to finnaly meet Jason’s Dad.

  9. The only way to properly do it is to either not have it present day, or neglect the timeline. Jason was born in 46 (if I’m not mistaken), making him over 60 years old. That would have to make his father AT LEAST 13 or so years older (trust me, I’ve known of 13 year olds being fathers. Its a sick sick world). More than likely he was in his 20s or 30s though. That’d make the dad in his somewhere between 70-90.

    But, we have already disrespected Shelley by taking away his claim to providing Jason a mask…so lets go on and screw the time-line up even more and bring in his daddy.

  10. no daddy!! sorry !! how about bring back a young Tommy Jarvis in part 2 so in part 3,, 6 years later he can kill jason to make a part 4 jason back from the dead!!!! just a thought ..oh ya hatchet 2 will be sick !!

  11. Yes, they should, why people would not want this part explored is beyond me. This would bring a new chapter to the series. Jason with some daddy issues, that would be interesting. Both he and Myers dad have not be explored in their respected movies. Bring on the daddy issues, you could do this by having Tommy trying to stop Jason. He seek out his dad to get some insight to found his weakness. Look at this way, Tommy is mommy boy as well since Jason killed his mom, so why would he not use it against him

  12. Adding the element of Jason’s father into the story would be too complicted for Shannon and Swift. So I don’t see it happening.

  13. I dont think they should bother. lets not fuck around with the past any more, lets just get Jason back on the screen and killing teens.

  14. I actually think that making him the killer in JGTH would’ve prob made the film better than what they actually did with the movie (kind of a reflection of the original) but as for including Jason’s father in the new story-line… I would rather them stay away from it unless they actually came up with a 5-star story!! It just seems that all the mystery that made all of the horror icons popular back in the late 70s and the 80s has disappeared.

  15. No

  16. NO.

  17. I’ll admit that when I read Hawke novel I was intrigued by that scene. Then I found out it was the original intended finale of Jason Lives and I was even more intrigued. But I was a kid back then. As I get older I look back on the Friday movies, more specifically the first 3 or 4 and I think to myself, what was it that made those movies stand out more than the others? I mean the others were great and I loved them but for some reason those first few struck a chord with me. The reason, I deduced, was that Jason (and for part 1 Mrs. Voorhees) was barely in them. Or at least barely seen. He never made an appearance until the final act of the movie. THAT’S what made him scary, THAT’S what made them standout in my memory. But when film makers begin to delve deeper into the back stories of characters that were never meant to have one in the first place, the characters become too familiar, too human. They’re putting a face on the boogeyman and pulling back the curtain to reveal a cartoon character instead of what he is meant to be… a villain.

    Keep the back story in the fan’s minds. Let US fill in the blanks. We don’t need to be spoon fed with this other stuff. All we need is to be scared. That’s why we love these movies.

  18. Though call. It could work well, and it could also help put the series further down into the crapper. I wouldn’t do anything of the sort until they can establish a good quality, orginalish, Friday the 13th film. After they do that, they can throw in some gimmicks… like the snow, the father, Tommy, hey… even a new Duke like guy might be cool.

    Could work… just depends on story!

  19. Having Jasons dad be the owner of the camp site at Crystal Lake… where he drowned, etc… Might have been a cool.

    Jason “drowned,” Pam went nuts and out of anger, killed her husband and the teens at the lake, etc…

    Except, the Dad didn’t die… and now that he knows Jason is alive, goes to try and reclaim his son… but the son feels abanded by the dad. Then the dad, after seeing how evil Jason is, hires the bounty hunter Duke to finish him off for once and for all…

    Right there is an interesting story idea. (I think so at least.)

  20. You guys have some great ideas! Gotta get Platinum Dunes and Warner here to the website to read your ideas. ;)

  21. There is some great ideas here. If somebody was ever going to take over a franchise (of any kind!) I’d hope they would at least be a fan of it! Friday the 13th included!

  22. i have the simon hawke novel of Jason Lives and that part of the story was very interesting. The whole franchise could have had a huge twist on it after that, then again we probably wouldn’t have had A New Blood with “Carrie vs. Jason”. It may or may not work, just depends on how its written and if the studio is going to allow that backstory to come into play (paramount didn’t)!

  23. This is what they have to do. Jason’s dad when Pamela was pregnant was a scientist. And he found a way to heal damaged tissue. So he wants his unborn son to have all the health benefits. So he injects his wife’s womb with this medicine. He only has enough for himself and injects him self also. They should blame the killings of Part 5 on Jason;s dad and explain it. And now he’s back. Only he wants to help Jason kill-but we all know Jason. And Jason is so sick that he now wants to kill his dad. Come on tell me this is fucking great.

  24. It sounds like bringing the father into the series would create a Loomis character for a series not needing one. Tommy Jarvis was Loomis-esque and that was fine then. Bounty hunters would be a better idea then to introduce the father into the series, unless he’s just spoken of or shown in photographs as some “smarter” kids are able to find out more about Jason through the course of a film.

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