Video Proof: The Running Jason Debate

part3chaseWe have had many discussions on if Jason Voorhees does indeed run. Most of the debates have began due to two reasons. One, the reboot caused quite a stir among fans who did not recall the older movies in the franchise. Seeing Derek Mears run after his victims was quite the shock. There were fans that only remembered the later movies in the franchise and after only remembering seeing Jason walk for almost two decades, skewed their perception.


part4chaseThe second reason for the debates is Kane Hodder. Now, I love Kane. He is a great guy when you meet him in person. I did discuss the running aspect of the character with him the last time we talked and he still holds to his convictions that Jason doesn’t run. That is his perception of the character and I respect that. He earned his opinion on the interpretation of the character. However, in interviews, when Kane mentions “Jason doesn’t run”, it rubs people the wrong way. I can see where people get upset.

So, to lay all minds at ease in the debate, here is a video showcasing Jason’s cardio workouts from the original set of movies. Yes, Jason does run!!

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34 Responses to “ Video Proof: The Running Jason Debate ”


    I’m going to call for a coup de etat and take control of this site and make it one in which Jason NEVER, EVER RUNS!

  2. :)

    The proof is in the movies! I cannot make that up. No matter how much you want to believe Jason only walks.

  3. MY GOD THATS FUCKING SOO SICK .. thats when jason was at his best .and scary as hell

  4. I think it makes Jason more scary when he runs after a potential victim, than when he walks. I think it makes him seem more realistic. I hated when Jason would just appear out of nowhere or walk very slowly and yet catch up to a victim who had been running. That never made much sense to me and thats one of the main reasons that the first 4 Friday’s are my favorites out of the whole series. Just my two cents, Thanks!!

  5. I saw this video a while back. I really like it and Ive shown it to others since. Jason does run, Jason should run more. Jason was better as a living breathing human being, more realistic is scarier. The only decent zombie Jason is in Jason Lives. After that the series goes to shit.The remake is truer to the original 4 than parts 6, 7, 8, 9. Running, alive Jason ftw.

  6. I love the running and always had. However, when Jason would just appear and be there, well that used to scare the crap out of me when I was a kid.

    I’ve found that the first 3 movies with Jason are the best. And now I rank the “reboot” up there are well based on the running. I watched it again last night and its pretty good. I am starting to not hate the score as much either.

  7. Yes Jason does run and always did, except for when he was a zombie. Running Jason is cool with me, makes him a crazy bush-man running wild in the woods. An angry dude you dont want to fart with!

  8. It cracked me up when supposed die hard fans were shocked that Jason ran in the reboot and were saying that he did not run in the previous series.

    Jason did not stop running after his victims until he became a zombie in part VI. Even in that film he walked really fast.

    It was not until Kane took over the role in part VII that Jason took on a more stalking lumber when going after his victims.

    Thanks Jasonsfury for posting

  9. Yes Jason did run. So didn’t zombies for that matter….see Return of the Living Dead.

  10. THE MANIAC Dec 31st, 2024 at 2:33 pm Yes Jason did run. So didn’t zombies for that matter….see Return of the Living Dead.

    I think you’re referring to the text the person put in the video about zombies not running in the 80’s. I immediately thought of ROTLD when I saw that statement too. That movie is awesome. Lot os Friday alumn in that one.

  11. I agree. I mean, he would have to run in the non-zombie versions. But to everyone who gets worked up over the evidence, think about this: There’s only the remake, 2, 3, and 4 where it happens. The non-running Jason fans can rest well knowing they have 6, 7, 8, Jason Goes To Hell, Jason X, and Freddy vs. Jason.

  12. I loved that he ran!!! That was the J man at his very best! Those were the days! I never liked when Jason began walking. I mean it did make sense that he was indeed now a zombie (and most zombies I know walk LOL), but I found the walking a bit boring.

  13. Doesn’t matter if Jason runs or not, he is still the best at what he does… I was stoked to see that Jason was running around again in the remake, since i hadn’t seen it for so very long last movie being Part 4, The final friday. It reminded me of the old movies before Jason was an undead killing machine walking round everywhere. But in the end Jason is Jason and run or walk he is still the man.

  14. How was this ever a debate to begin with? It’s not like a rumor or anything. It’s in the damn movies!

  15. this video is one of the greatest things i’ve ever seen. I love the eastern inspired music. Very scary. The scene of Jason hightailing it up to the closet that Chris is hiding in with the axe is classic. As I get older I find myself drawn to the human Jason and not the zombie, although I liked the zombie as a kid.

    Whoever said Jason never gets kicked in the nuts?

  16. Maybe he should work out to Wii Fit so he doesn’t have to run after his victims for excersise.

  17. HE SHOULD ALWAYS RUN!! the older ones were my favorites because he did run. The new one was awesome because he ran. Its more intense and scary when Jason is running after you. Kane was cool, but zombie jason wasnt that scary.

  18. Excellent video by the way

  19. take note for the next movie !!!

  20. Every Jason fan knows he used to run. If not, you’re a ra-tard

  21. Yeah thats amazing that some newbs didn’t know he ran… god he ran in all of them until part 5, when they introduced the power-walk, which Kane slowed down to a saunter. Of course when you can teleport like Mr. Spock, who needs to run? Lol

  22. It’s actually the most disrespectful thing to argue that Jason didn’t run, especially when it obvious that the guys that say it haven’t seen the most relevant films in the franchise. They should be banned like the Walmart Man.

  23. Human Jason runs.

    Zombie Jason doesn’t.

    Doesn’t need to be more complicated than that!

  24. Jason 1-4 – Runs

    Jason 6 onwards – walks

    New Jason – runs (for now)

    “New Beginning” Jason – teleports.

    ’nuff said.

  25. WOLF, is ra-tard even a word?? :P

    And great article here, jasonfury. It funny some fans still think Jason never run. If it wasn’t for Kane’s comment “Jason never run” & having undead Jason move a little faster, then some of those who never watch 2, 3, & 4 wouldn’t complain on why does Jason need to run in the reboot film.

  26. I never contested that Jason ran, but to add on to a Homer Simpson quote: I like my Jason walking, my beer cold, my TV loud, and my homosexuals FLAMING!

  27. Even as a Zombie there is an instance of Jason running.
    It is only one scene, FvsJ. When Jason smashes Freddy through the cabin window he runs pushing him down the length of the window.
    Only one scene, sure, but proof that even as a zombie Jason did run.

  28. how can a fan not know jason ran??????????????????????????????????

    Jimbo X way was walmart man banned

  29. Jason didn’t run. These videos are CG!!!! JASON ALWAYS CRAWLED!!!!!!!!!! :D

  30. finally some sanity! i thought i was living in some parallel universe ever since the 2024 teaser was leaked. of course jason runs. the friday the 13th franchise is did not begin with “new blood”!

  31. Great to watch the clips!
    But Kane really!!! He IS running!!!!

  32. Yea, Jason was technically alive in 2-4 so there was no reason for him not to run, even after he was stabbed in the knee by Chris, he limped a bit.

  33. Jason was at his scariest when he ran. Seeing Kimberly Beck get chased up the stairs, with Jason right on her ass is always a suspencful moment. By the way, what was that music? That was very cool. Certainly nothing from Steve Jablonsky.

  34. Perhaps it is custom music??

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