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Tom Savini Directs His 'Wet Dreams'

Tom Savini Directs His ‘Wet Dreams’

No, I do not kid with that title. Horror legend Tom Savini is directing his film Wet Dreams which will be a segment of the horror anthology THE THEATRE BIZARRE. The film will definitely have its fair share of unique and disturbing imagery. I dare you to take a look at the photo of Tom [...]

Derek Mears Was Jason, Now He's A Pirate!

Derek Mears Was Jason, Now He’s A Pirate!

Yesterday, our first look at the current Mr. Voorhees in full pirate gear for Pirates of The Caribbean 4 debuted. Disney unleashed the first trailer for the new ‘Pirates’ movie and guess who was included? The image below comes courtesy of the newly released trailer and shows Derek in a not so happy mood.  
The new [...]

Kane Hodder and Darcy Demoss Bunk Together in 'Room and Board'

Kane Hodder and Darcy Demoss Bunk Together in ‘Room and Board’

I have to say, there have been some odd actor parings in Hollywood and even stranger stories to go along with those pairings. When I saw the press release for this new horror movie, I was sort of shocked. Kane Hodder will be starring with fellow Friday the 13th alumn Darcy DeMoss (Nikki, Jason Lives: [...]