Coming in 2024, “The Man In The Lake”

MITL poster final web designUPDATED: NEW TEASER

As everyone knows, I love fan films. A lot of our visitors have seen many of these types of films throughout the years. Most recently, we covered Timberwolf Entertainments, “The Storm”. Now, there is a brand new fan film going into production and I thought I would give everyone a sneak peek at what that team has in store.


Produced by Southlan-Films
Directed by Ron McLellen
written by Kevin L Powers

After the drowning death of a young man at Camp Crystal Lake, the camp is closed down for good. Police searched for days after the accident but the body of the young man was never rcovered from the lake. Now years later a private investor, Spencer Hartwell, buys the property where the camp once stood with plans of reopening it. He hires a group of young folks to join him at the camp and help him get it ready for the upcoming season. When they arrive at the nearby town of Crystal City they are warned to stay away from the old camp. A local store owner tells them how no one goes there because legend has it that the young boy who drowned all those years back actually survived, and now he haunts the forest surrounding Crystal Lake taking vengence on anyone that somes around. None of them take the stories seriously, and they go on their way. Shortly after arriving one of the guys, exploring the forest, happens upon an old shack. Upon checking it out he discovers that the stories are true, and the Man in the Lake… is real.

Check out some of the test shots that Southlan-Films have been conducting, below, and watch the teaser trailer as well. We will keep you updated as this promising fan film progresses to the end of production and eventual release.





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50 Responses to “ Coming in 2024, “The Man In The Lake” ”

  1. Pretty good, but the mask is way too clean.

  2. The mask is supposed to be clean to fit the story

  3. That was way cool! The lake water must keep the mask clean, maybe its really acidic?

  4. i’m not a fan of this whole jacket & sweater trend that started with freddy vs. jason. it looks lame & it’s clear it’s never going away. it makes jason look less like jason in my opinion.

  5. Looks sweet for a fan film

  6. I dont like how small the eye holes are in this mask….!

  7. Film looks great!
    The cast and crew put long hours in to their film and it shows! Great job so far, I look forward to seeing more of the movie.

  8. Im more of a fan for the jacket then I am for the yellow gloves.

  9. “shotz10 Jan 7th, 2024 at 1:35 pm
    I dont like how small the eye holes are in this mask….!”

    I actually like the eye holes smaller. It’s different and could make the character a bit more menacing.

  10. Those are great pictures!

  11. im sick of this FvJ sweater thing like really…you think jason cares hes a 6′7” mongoloid…I really dont think he cares i mean for what hes got style for a killer

  12. Looks very interesting. I hope the reason for the clean mask is a good one… Good luck! I look forward to this!

  13. The reason for the clean mask is because he gets it from one of the people that are at Crystal Lake. Some guy is not gonna have a weathered beat up hock. This is not a sequel but a re-envisioning of the concept. It would probably be best to watch the film before getting so judgmental about things

  14. If you watch the teaser you can clearly see Jason also wearing an OD green fatigue jacket. Maybe this will be what he wear in most of the film. I think I will just wait and see. I know these guys did the best Halloween fan film I have ever seen, Return of the Sandman… so I have high hopes for this one. I know it will ROCK!

  15. Oh Wow this is the people that did that Halloween fan film Return of the sandman. Yeah, I am REALLY looking forward to see what they do with Jason. I for one think that if you can’t actually get out there and make a better film then you should keep your negative opinions to yourself. I for one would not be so bold as to call out anyone about there film. If you watch these guys Halloween fan film you will see what I mean. It is amazing

  16. Yeah I think people should jold off on making any opinionated comments until they see the film. That’s just childish. I for one love the look of the trailer, and the pictures.

  17. Nice trailer! good work

  18. Well, I think the film looks really good. I agree everyone should give it a chance before critiquing it. Looks nice guys :)

  19. In a word…AWESOME!

  20. I think us fans are just pointing out things we noticed that we didn\’t like about pieces of the costume. Nothing offensive about the film. I don\’t think that\’s a big deal. Also, what an overwhelming amount of support from the fans for this movie all of sudden. It\’s almost as if all of the filmmakers showed up to post positive comments. Hmm

  21. As Ron’s close and assistant editor, I would like to point out to everybody that both the pics and the teaser are all test shots. We’re still working on a menacing costume for Voorhees, testing locations and lighting, etc. to produce both an original and quality film. We hope to exceed the expectations of fans of Southlan Films and those of the Friday the 13th saga.



  22. I don’t remember getting judgemental Ron… if you were aiming that toward me.

  23. Especially when I was going, “I look forward to this…”

  24. DrJohnMan Jan 7th, 2024 at 11:51 pm

    Especially when I was going, “I look forward to this…”

    No it was not aimed at you DrJohnMan. I really like constructive opinions. As a matter of fact we have taken everything you guys have been saying into consideration. I was just trying to point out that some folks were making comments, especially about the mask being clean, without first finding out one very important piece of info…where does he get it. I guess that most of you think this is, or maybe should be, about a half rotted Jason with a rotting hock to match. That is absolutely not the case at all. He is a living breathing juggernaut with one thing on his mind…Revenge. Yes he will look genetically disfigured somewhat but he is not the Jason from hell, or the Jason that has been chained up underwater for years. He is just a big mean dude with an appetite for killing. No worries, not into all this drama anyhow, you guys will either like it or not. Thanks for all the input

  25. Hey everyone,
    I guess I did not make this clear enough when I wrote up my story about this. The teaser trailer and photos are indeed test photos and video. They have not even gone into production yet and are finalizing everything as we write our comments. I just wanted to give the visitors to our site a little preview of what Ron and the rest of the team are putting together.

    I am sure they appreciate the contructive criticism, but please reserve judgement until they finish their movie. Then we can all judge the work of Southlan-Films. ;)

  26. I also wanted to welcome Ron and Eric to the website. Thanks guys for visiting and trying to lend some insight into your project. By the way, I really, really like the sunset shot of Jason walking. Please get that into your film somehow!

  27. jasonsfury,

    Thank you very much! We appreciate having a place to discuss our project with fellow Jason fans. We will do our best to keep you guys updated with the latest photos and clips has we work our way through production. As for the sunset shot, we froze our asses off to get it. I’m sure Ron and I will be using that shot or a very similar shot in the final cut.

  28. This looks great. I’m rather excited about this one. That actor playing Jason has a good size to him. Should be a nice tide over until Part 2/13 comes out.

  29. The mask being too clean concept was my fault, I should have paid attention to it more, but my daughter was fussing and so i guess I made that mistake of jumping to conclusion, I won’t be doing that again.

  30. Jason wears a fleece now ! Where did he get it at … Abercrombie & Fitch ?

  31. Eric Burton Jan 8th, 2024 at 1:52 am

    “As for the sunset shot, we froze our asses off to get it. I’m sure Ron and I will be using that shot or a very similar shot in the final cut.”

    Ha Ha, well it was worth it as it is a great shot!

  32. Deputy Winslow Jan 8th, 2024 at 3:13 pm

    Jason wears a fleece now ! Where did he get it at … Abercrombie & Fitch ?

    You’re a funny guy…LOL! You crack me up dude!

  33. We will be releasing pictures of the final costume really soon…maybe a soon as tonight

  34. Ron… you explained the logic behind the “clean” mask. I think it’s fine. I apoligize if I offended. By no means did I mean too. I look forward to seeing this when it is finished and I wish you all the luck in the world. If there was anyway I could help, I would. I love fanfilms… and want to see more. I honestly believe that some can be made now a days that are better than some of the actual films. Will it be easy? Heck no… but the possibility is now there. Have fun with this and good luck. I look very forward to your results. :O)

  35. Have you seen our Halloween fan Film RETURN OF THE SANDMAN? It was really well received by the Michael Myers fans. We can’t make enough DVD’s to send out.

  36. I have to agree with Tommyblah on this one. I don’t get the deal with the jacket and sweater, it look odd on Jason to me.

  37. yeah i’m not ragging on this movie in particular. i have not seen any representation of jason since FvJ that does not have this open jacket look. i guess people just like it.

    i always found the mis-fitted button up shirt to be creepier for some reason.

    i think the jacket is an attempt to make it grittier & more “real” like zombie did with myers…but what they don’t realize is it takes away from some of the charm of the simplicity of the characters.

    pt.3 & 4 jasons will always be the ultimates!

  38. Ron – No… I haven’t seen it. I am looking for it right now. Thanks for the heads up! :O)

  39. Ron – Found it!!! I am checking it out now! Thanks!

  40. Just posted some pictures of the final costume. Check it out folks

  41. If I wanted a copy of this thing on DVD, how would I go about getting one? Do you guys have a mailing list or something? Please let me know!

    Needless to say, this film looks amazing. I am in love with the concept already and I am VERY appreciative that there are people out there willing to go through so much effort to create stuff like this for fans.

    Thanks in advance!

  42. really what’s with the dingy aged old sweater? Jason should just show up with a brand spankin new pair of coveralls, Right.


  43. I mean Jason lives in the woods all year round. A wool sweater is rediculous and ruins his character.


  44. If the Friday film is as well done as the Halloween film then it will be awesome! Good work so far Ron and Eric (and crew) Thanks for taking your own time and your passion and putting something out there for the fans. Looking forward to the final cut!

  45. nice!

    I’m pretty hard on fan films (not that I could do better), but this looks great. Jason looks approximately the size we expect him to be, finally!

  46. Some of you people are just too critical, and probably the ones who are criticizing couldn’t make their own movie if their lives depended on it. How about stop being so quick to say what you would have done, and be thankful there are good filmmakers out there willing to take the time to do this for us, the fans. It doesn’t matter what YOU think Jason should look like or act like. The film makers probably are not listening to you anyhow. I personally want to thank you guys for doing this.

  47. I think it looks creepy, and I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT. I agree, why so much bad mouthing, that’s just not very respectful. I guess some people don’t know how to be respectful, bad upbringing I suppose…or maybe they are just ADHD LOL

  48. Well I think this looks pretty cool. Are you going to post pictures of the final costume?

  49. I emailed Jasonfury some final costume pictures

  50. I hate the jacket and sweater, thats not jason,for the true fan he needs to look like he did in part 3 and final chapter

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