UPDATE: Dead End Hollow’s ‘Horror At Higgins Haven’

Finished, Painted Pictures Added

Josh and his Dead End Hollow brand have been churning out some truly spectacular masks from not only the Friday the 13th series, but all different horror genre films. Check out all of our stories and the big interview we conducted with Josh a few months back. Now, Dead End Hollow has finished their first pull of the Triple H (Horror At Higgins Haven).

View the new pics of the unpainted mask below, modeled in some images with a familiar mask and shirt. There should be pics of the mask painted available soon and we will post them when they are ready. If you are interested in purchasing this mask, hit up Josh at his website, http://www.wix.com/deadendhollow/dead-end-hollow.

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10 Responses to “ UPDATE: Dead End Hollow’s ‘Horror At Higgins Haven’ ”

  1. Very well done! The detail in this is astonishing. How much is this going to sell for? I like his Crazy Ralph mask too.

  2. It looks like it is being sold for $300. It seems expensive, but for the detail and the fact it has full shoulders, that is an great price.

  3. beautiful!!!!

  4. agreed sounds expensive but looks like its worth every penny!

  5. Hey Jason, thanks for the post, and thanks for the comments everyone. I’ll be making some production molds here in the next few days and should have a painted bust here for ya by weeks end.

  6. outstanding work, one of the 2 or 3 best Part 3 pieces ever produced right here. Can’t wait to see a painted version!

  7. New site’s up with painted HHH pics. On sale now.

  8. Awesome, thats pretty dead on. Good work as always.

  9. WOW

  10. This is great work!

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