Friday Conversation: The Coolest Moment In The Franchise

We spend a good amount of time complaining about timeline inconsistancies, bad musical scores, subpar writing and acting, and poor direction. I thought, for a change, we should focus on all of the fun, exciting, and truly cool moments in the franchise. This is an open ended chance for our visitors to express to everyone what their favorite moment or moments are in any movie throughout the Friday the 13th pantheon.










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39 Responses to “ Friday Conversation: The Coolest Moment In The Franchise ”

  1. The coolest F13 moment for me: The ending to F13 Part 4. I also think that it is a good learning experience. The Lesson: You never, EVER f**k with Corey Feldman. Because if you do, he’ll hit you in the head with a freaking machete. Over and over again. Part 4 is awesome.

  2. i would go with the movie montage at the beginning of part 4. I know- it’s cheating :-)

  3. Once Chris is alone in Part 3. Greatest chase scene in movie history. Most memorable and stolen for cliche later at least. Part 3’s ending set the stage for the rest of the franchise.

  4. that’s good too

  5. Too many to list. There is one creepy shot in the reboot that no one mentions. When Whitney and her boyfriend are snooping around Jason\’s house, the flashlight shines on a collection of counselor\’s whistles. I always imagine Jason collecting them off the dead counselors.

  6. Love the whistle collection in the reboot. Love the reboot period really.

  7. Id have to say the coolest moment for me in the franchise is Part 6, when Adult Tommy and Jason battle it out in the middle of the lake only to finish when jason is returned to his watery grave.

    I also really liked the intro and end of the reboot.

    there are many other great scenes but id have to say those are my Top 3

  8. The whissles are cool but did anybody notice in the reboot theres a collection of boyscout type ”knots” on the wall implying that Jason knows how to make every type of knot possible… just my 2 cents

  9. Here’s a little gem i found after watching The Final Chapter (my personal fav) for the 100th time. When Rob first gets to Tommy’s room, the camera pans a bunch of masks on a desk. If you look real close,you will see Jason’s mask on the desk with fake plastersine eyebrows and lips with teeth. I had to rewind and pause it three times just to make sure. Anyone else caught it?

  10. If it´s just about moments (meaning just a few seconds) you gotta name Kevin Bacon´s death scene. I think that without this death-scene the franchise wouldnt be what it is today. It set the trend for innovative kills.

    I also think that the ending of part 2 (the confrontation in Jason´s shack) is pure brilliance. The scene when Ginny just entered the shack and wesee Jason aproaching from the window is also very cool.

    Te kills in TFC are not only very creative and original, they were in a very creative way (e.g. when Jason kills the twin and we only see it in the shadow during a lightnig-flash; the slo-mo fall of the other twin etc).

    Jason X: Uber-Jason´s first appearance and the Crystal-Lake VR-sequence are great moments. ‘The entire “grunts vs Jason in the cargo-bay” was shot very good as well.

    Freddy vs Jason: The titkle-sequence (blood-splattering on the title. Still give me chills today and reminds me of the cheers in the cinema. The dream-sequence with young-Jason at the amp and the cameo of the bag were also great moments.

    F132009: The entire prolouge.

  11. I have two. While I’m an avid supporter of all the Fridays I am perhaps a bigger fan of the first 4. However the ressurrection scene of Jason in TNB when he stand up out of the lake looking at the house on shore. The camera follows him up out of the water and it only reveals his skelital back and hulking presence. CLASSIC!

    And I also love the reveal scene of Jason with the hockey mask on for the first time. He strolls out onto the dock and looks over at Vera just before he shoots her with the spear gun. Chilling.

    And one last one is a very small scene in TFC where Trish is over at the “party” house and Jason is standing in the doorway staring at her. It’s very short pause where he is framed by the door, lit from behind and silhouetted. Like I said it’s a small moment but for me a memorable one.

  12. Mine has to be when Ginny walks into Jason’s memorial room and she puts the sweater on. It’s definitely one of the most memorable for me.

  13. My favorite scene is the final battle between Jason and Tina in part 7. It was pretty awesome to see someone stand up to Jason with supernatural powers. Although She did run, everytime Jason caught up with Her, Shed dish out some pain. I mean She dropped a freakin house on Him. Smashes Him in the face with a light (which Kane Hodder did an awesome death drop…almost got himself killed for real). Breaks His trademark hockey mask. And She sets Him on fire. I know the ratings board raped the hell out of part 7…but that final battle is just kickass to Me.

  14. Well, there are several cool moments in the franchise. But I can’t pick Just one. But The coolest moment of being a fan to the franchise is the whole Friday the 13th remake experience I had. I got to meet Derek Mears, who I still regard as the nicest person I’ve ever met. And he is the first actor I’ve ever met.

    Meeting Jason Voorhees or “A man behind the mask” as some call it was a great experience. But what completed that experience is seeing the Movie at midnight On Friday The 13th with a huge audience.

  15. But to answer the question. My favorite moment in the franchise was The rebirth of Jason Voorhees and the Franchise last year.

  16. I liked the prologue of the remake too, Germaniac.

    HisNameWasTravis, that is awesome. Glad you got to meet him! :)

  17. I think my favorite might be the whole chase sequence through the last 10 minutes of part 3… the whole thing is brilliant. And of course the iconic scene where she nails him in the forehead with an axe and he keeps coming for a few seconds.

    For me too, the most epic kill in the series, the decap of Pam Voorhees!! Iconic moment.

  18. WOH!8th Picture shows Nudity!?!?!Since when does this site show nudity!?!?!?

  19. The one thing that for me really stands out is that kill in Jason X(shown on the last photo up on this page), where Jason freezes the girl’s head(I can’t remember he name right now..) and smashes it, it looks amazing.

    Also that scene in Part 2 where Ginny runs from Jason and enters Jason’s ‘house’ and then we see Jason running up to the house(a hole in the wall reveals Jason running up to the house). I find that scene so scary and disturbing.

  20. My Top 5;

    5. Joey getting hacked to pieces over a candy bar in Part 5.

    4. Sleeping Bag Death in Part 7.

    3. Ethel (every scene she is in in Part 5).

    2. Corey Feldman killing Jason in Part 4.

    1. Crispin Glover dancing in Part 4.

  21. My favorite part was Rick\’s death in part 3. It was such an outrageous and bizzar death scene.

  22. I agree with Colin … for me, it’s all about Jason’s first hockey mask entrance in Part 3. Up until that point, the movie had alot of practical jokes and tomfoolery (always loved that word) so when Jason first steps out on to the dock with the mask on, you can’t blame Vera for brushing it off.

    Who are you ? What are you doing ? THAT’S NOT FUNNY !!!

    Bam. One of the most signature moments in the history of the series and my personal favorite as well. After Jason donned that mask, and put a hole in Vera … he only continued to do it for what, nine movies ???

  23. I’m gonna go with part 9, when Jason misses Agent Marcus with the machete and then we get that great shot of him over the railing. Awesome! Especially after the long wait from part 8

  24. I think it’s when Jason puts the hockey mask on in part 6, then the zoom in and James Bond sequence. It never gets old.

  25. I like the ending of part 3, jason gets a splitting headache LOL, and funny thing he ended up in the hospital from it, I guess laying in the hospital morgue did the trick for him huh? he was feeling fine after that to go back killing, maybe it was stress related.

  26. My favorite moment? The fact that this thread came this far without anyone whining about the remake! I’m 32 and I’ve been watching these movies religiously since I saw “Jason Lives” at a birthday party in the 5th grade. Every minute of the remake was everything I hoped it would be, and I’m glad to see other people finally having the balls to admit enjoying it.

  27. Also, the picture from JGTH is a dummy, so it’s only simulated nudity.

  28. There are too many! I’ll try to pick favorites, though.

    In part 1, both Jason leaping out of the water and Pamela’s slow reveal; in part 2, Ginny leaping out with the chainsaw, and the first slow walk through Jason’s cabin. From the Final Chapter, I love Jim’s death; the dumbfounded look on his face as Jason drives that corkscrew into his hand is priceless. I loved the arrow-attack in the remake. I think it’s part 7 that has a quick shot of Jason standing in a shadowy corner that’s really cool, and I also completely agree on the walk down the pier, the final chase sequence, and the axe-in-the-head from Part 3.

    On a stranger note, there’s a shot of Chris walking by a mirror in a murky blue room on her way to discover Shelly’s gag “corpse” that I love watching for some reason.

  29. Part 5 – Tina’s boobs!

  30. I like the Jason Lives scene starting with Tommy digging up Jason all the way to the opening credits. I understand wanting closure in a death…even thinking that just seeing the dead body will give closure. But the best part is when Tommy lights the match and it starts raining. It was just so classic. You knew it would happen, but it was almost a comedy bit. But because of this scene, Zombie Jason was born and gave us all those sequels!

  31. In part 7, when a character is walking through the house at night and lightning flashes revealing Jason standing in the corner.

    I didn’t see it the first time I watched the movie. and it freaked me out when I saw it.

  32. My favorite moment is at the beginning of part 6 when he climbed out of the grave and is standing there with maggots dropping off him looking like he is really pissed off for being disturbed :D

    @ Paul Juser,thats so weird because Im 32 and I had a birthday party around the 5th grade where me and my friends watched Jason Lives,were you there? :D (We also watched “Earnest goes to camp” lol)

  33. Both of my favourite moments were named allready. Tina’s naturals from Part 5 and the opening credits from FvsJ. So, to add fresh one: the scene in JX when the camera surrounds Jason wearing the chains and intact straight jacket. Love the details of the costume in this one.

    Good points with the knots and whistles, by the way.


  34. Jason coming out of the lake in the original is an easy call.

    There are so many memorable scenes and kills, but I always go back to Jason taking the garden tool to Erich Anderson in the basement…when I was a kid, even though you couldnt see it too well, it was a brutal kill done so well.

    As for just a pure shot of Jason, when he jumps through the window while chasing Tina, in TNB, and stands there with the balloons around him…I love that sh!t. Kane was the man.

  35. The coolest moments for me were always the final 20 minute climactic chase/battle/showdown scenes in the first 5 movies. These had great chase scenes…with Part 3 being my fave.

    Tommy Jarvis “absorbs” Jason into his psyche, empowered and grinning.

  37. My top 3 are:
    1.The sleeping bag kill for its creativity.

    2. Rob in part 4 screaming he’s killing me because of the fact he knows Jason is killing him, and its not a quick kill, and it shows the pure rage. The longer the kill the better sometimes.

    3. Paula’s death in VI. I think the fact that you dont see what happens but can hear a brutal attack creeps me out the most. also, when they show the blood soaked room later you know it was a massacre. Its evident when he throws her through the window and rips her back in, gives me chills!

  38. One of my many moments is in the original….the whole shower/bathroom scene. You can barely see Mrs. V’s hand move the shower curtain….AHH SUSPENSE!

  39. My favorite (aside from the original of course) is the way Trish from Final Chapter (Kimberly Beck) battled Jason. Tommy always gets all the credit but Trish kicked some serious Jason ass in the final scenes. First she saved Tommy when Jason broke through the window and grabbed Tommy. That girl did not hesitate to pick up that hammer and bust his head repeadedly (grunting the whole time) till she embedded it into his neck. The next scene was totally awsome when Jason bust through the door and threw the hammer just missing Trish. Then of course the TV set on the head was classic (reminds me of a similiar scene in Mothers Day). then there was the part after when Jason chases Trish into the teens house and stands there in the doorway for a moment as Trish looks on…then he chases her up the stairs literally right up her ass and he is pissed and grunting. Then, at the top in the hall when he is just standing there and Trish appears trapped looking for escape and he finally lunges forward and Trish just screams and jumps right out that window…(this movie had some of the best “window scenes” I’ve ever seen in a film ever!! Even Gordon the dog jumped out the window! when Tina was pulled through the window that was just the coolest ever, it looked so real. And of course when Trish finallt tells Jason after just slicing open his hand…”you son of a bitch..I’m gonna give you somthing to remember us by!” that was just awsome! ahhh..there’ll never be another Final Chapter! I wish Joeseph Zito would comback and bring back Harry Manfredini!!

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