SirBrad’s New ‘The New Blood’ Costume

SirBrad has been busy making a number of fan made costumes for the different incarnations of Jason Voorhees. Most recently, he made a Jason X Costume and a Jason Lives Costume. Recently, he just finished up a comissioned costume for Jason from Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood. Take a look at the pics and video of his finished creation below and let us know what you think!

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6 Responses to “ SirBrad’s New ‘The New Blood’ Costume ”

  1. Thanks again for the feature bro! You can see a lot more pics of this on the forums, and some more videos of this on my youtube channel, life-sized and costume tests and reenactments. Lots more costumes/life-sized to come fellows! Thanks.

  2. Excellent costume! In the video, the person wearing it looks quite a bit bigger than the costume is suppose to fit. Dude must be ripped. :)

  3. want to know the price and wen i can get it

  4. That looks sweet. Awesome job.

  5. Thanks guys. Yeah I am pretty ripped but I am only 5′9″ (5′10″ in regular boots) 175, but some bulk too. I also wear a medium sized muscle suit underneath to fill the bigger shirt out, and 5.5 height boots for the costume, although here I wore regular shoes so you could see more of the costume. The mannequin display is 6′6″ with boots and looks about 300 LBS. You can contact me about commissions on my myspace of youtube. Although I am pretty swamped from now through Halloween.

  6. Cool costume & very detailed!

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