Unedited Images Of Pete’s Death From Part 5

A few weeks ago we brought you images of a few contact sheets that surfaced from Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. Within these contact sheets were one particular scene where Pete and Vinnie are stuck on the side of the road trying to fix their car. They ultimately meet their demise at the hands of Roy vis road flare and machete. As most fans know, A New Beginning is notorious for the amount of cuts and edits the film was forced to endure my the MPAA. As such, many of the kills were done off screen or in a severely edited fashion. One such kill is that of Pete’s as he sits in the car trying to start the engine.

For the death, you see the machete swing around from behind Pete and placed on his neck. The camera then zooms in on Pete’s face and then the fans hear the sound that the machete has cut the throat. No visuals were aloud of the cutting action of the machete. Well, now we can provide you some behind the scenes image of that scene, unedited, so the fans can get an idea of what the filmmakers were intending for the scene. Enjoy and discuss if you think this scene would have been more effective if these shots were in the final film.

ADMIN NOTE: Look closely in the back seat of the car. You can see Jason/Roy actor Tom Morga’s face as the wielder of the machete.

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  1. One of my favourites from the franchise but fans seem to hate it. And usually because of the twist ending, which I find dumb as that’s what the first film did as well. I love the sleazy and over the top aspects of this movie

  2. I love this movie. i think that the series 1-5 are the best, down to earth and the ultimate friday the 13th athmosphere lasted which i thought until part 6, then it got more comedy and unrealistic and out of place (telekinetic in part 7, smiley face on the tree after the headsmash in part 6 and of course the manhattan trip). This movie was brutal and also funny but still scary and serious but not a comedy show. Long life the New Beginning!

  3. I just watched this movie not but a week ago, and I still get a kick out of it. It boasts a great cast of characters, some pretty nasty kills despite the MPAA. If you’ve never noticed, you can hear a lot of the wet squishy kills, like the axe in Lana’s gut, the shears in the eyeballs, the meatcleaver kill…twisted.

  4. NICE!!! I also love TNB and the amped-up drugged-out feel of it. It’s reflected in the # of kills: over 20. Jason is just as effective as a “ghost”. Despite the ratings cuts, everyone remembers the ruthless kills, especially the belt to the face. Harry Manfedini once said (having scored the X versions) sometimes the cuts help; it’s the thought that counts. That being said, Bring on the cut footage!

  5. I don’t even see what is so bad about this kill. The MPAA sucks at life. Seriously. Some of the first kills in the series (Annie anyone??) were right on par with what I’m seeing in these pictures. So how then, by the 4th sequel, did the MPAA decide that it was time to start cutting BACK on the gore? It makes no sense. I’m thinking there were a lot of bitter overly sensitive mom types on the ratings board in the mid to late 80’s. Leave it to the mini van soccer moms to ruin what could have been an even better thing.

  6. Who’s the guy as Jason in the backseat?

  7. Who’s the guy as Jason in the backseat?

    I mentioned it above, but it looks like you missed the info. That is Jason/Roy actor Tom Morga!

  8. Just expressing my love for this entry. I agree with so many ‘love’ comments posted.

    It was the last time Friday felt like a good ‘ol fashioned Friday. Parts 1 thru 5 are my favourites.

  9. Great too see them!
    I just wished as they are HORROR films they would show the killing up close, not start it and then hide it!! grr

  10. As usal thank you so much for letting us a chance too c these exsculive behind the seens pics!!

  11. It’s funny to see a smiling Tom Morga in the backseat in the first image ;)

  12. [...] Unedited Images Of Pete’s Death From Part 5 [...]

  13. I’ve got that scene on VHS…you could see the throat getting cut…very nice done. Too bad that on dvd this was cut.
    Yes, part V is also one of my favorites…it has a nice feel to the movie..lots of humor and I really like John Sheppard’s Tommy.

  14. That wouldve been alot better, except You can see Tom Morga but they couldve fixed that. Another chapter in the franchise that should get an unrated version.

  15. Where do you find these contact sheets if I may ask? I like to collect things like these (but for a different movie series).

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