Video Review Saturday: Thai Friday the 13th (1980) Poster

Had a long couple of days everyone. This is a shorter video than normal, however, this is a very rare poster indeed. Beautiful artwork and conception. Thai posters have the slight edge of Japanese posters. Hope everyone enjoys!

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3 Responses to “ Video Review Saturday: Thai Friday the 13th (1980) Poster ”

  1. love all the detail and composition. i like the creepy little hands coming over the side of the boat. i also like how the lake is given a prominent place in the artwork. the only thing i don’t quite get is how the axe has a motion blur as if someone is actively hacking the pillow–and the pillow is gushing blood! Is that the pillow the counselors were using who weren’t watching Jason as he drowned?

    The other thing that freaks me out is I cannot for the life of me remember the scene where Alice has the gun. Why doesn’t she shoot Mrs. Voorhees? Guess I will have to watch that movie again. Thanks for posting, and good luck with the basement.

  2. Cool thing. I couldn’t even guess there’s a thai poster out there. I like the atmosphere of it and how it apeals to different scenes in the film.
    Cool review there, jasonsfury. I always enjoy your reviews and learn a lot from them. Keep’em coming!

  3. Nice!!!! I always loved the thai posters for the Ft13th series. The one thats always stuck in My mind is the thai poster for A New Beginning. The only drawback which is very minor, is that if You havent seen the movie it kind of gives away too much. It shows basically every death in the movie. But for the fans its kickass. Thank You for sharing, and Im sorry to hear about Your troubles. But Im glad nothing in Your collection got ruined.

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