F13th Films Store Now Open


Yeah, I don’t know any chicks that would want to dress up in Voorhees worship-gear either.

Not hot ones, anyway.

Our Friday the 13th Store @ Amazon is now open. DVDs, soundtracks, books, apparel, etc.

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10 Responses to “ F13th Films Store Now Open ”

  1. Does she come with the shirt??? :)

  2. Nope, She comes with Clamidia!!!

  3. Get the Friday The 13th Woman’s Costume Now!
    *girl in picture sold seperatley

  4. Ha Ha! Great stuff! Seriously, this is awesome, Dusk!

  5. Trying to persuade my good lady to wear it for hallowe’en (or anytime for that matter).Gonna take a lot of persuasion and bribery………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  6. To bad theres absolutly nothing unique in the store, maybee try selling vintage or rare items things that are hard to find, this stuff is available anywhere

  7. Hi Walter.

    It’s an Amazon store.

    We sell things that are on Amazon.

  8. i wish i could get my girlfriend to wear that. that’s some hot shit.

  9. I am a Turk. Friday the 13th films very good

  10. Anyone know the name of the model?

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