Guess That Friday the 13th Scene

Something a little fun for the visitors today. Since it seems to be a little slow on the series news, I thought we could use a little game to test our knowledge of the franchise. Who doesn’t like to test theri knowledge of Friday the 13th? As the title says, guess the scene and the movie it is from. I am sure these will be easy! Good Luck.

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Scene 4

Scene 5

Scene 6

Scene 7


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30 Responses to “ Guess That Friday the 13th Scene ”

  1. (Scene #1) pt3 – ?

    (Scene #2) pt5 – ?

    (Scene #3) pt4 – Rob showing Trish his newspaper clip with Jason in it

    (Scene #4) JGTH – Joey demonstrating how to make a Jason meat pattie

    (Scene #5) pt8 – Rennie’s flash back to the lake

    (Scene #6) 2024 – ?

    (Scene #7) pt2 – pulling into town

  2. I think the first one is from part 6.

    Second one is from part 5.

  3. Scene 1: Jason Lives
    Scene 2: New Beginning
    Scene 3: Final Chapter
    Scene 4: Jason Goes To Hell
    Scene 5: Jason Takes Manhatten
    Scene 6: Remake
    Scene 7: Part 2

  4. 1. part 6
    2. part 5
    3. part 4
    4. part 9
    5. part 8
    6. part 12
    7. part 2

  5. Great job so far everyone! Can you describe the scene from each movie as well? :)

  6. EASY! Scene 1-Part 6 (right before Tommy takes off from cops)
    Scene 2-Part 5 (just as Roy plants it into kids face)
    Scene 3-Part 4 (Rob showing Trish newspaper clipping)
    Scene 4-Part 9 (Joey B. “Hence 2 for 1 Burger Sale”)
    Scene 5-Part 8 (Uncle Charles telling Rennie about Jason)
    Scene 6-REBOOT (Camp scene for opening sequence b4 title)
    Scene 7-Part 2 (Beginning when prank has truck towed around corner)

    Good start…keep them coming JasonFury!

  7. Corey nailed it! Yeah, keep ‘em coming JF!

  8. Scene 1: Tommy escapes from the police to show them Jason’s empty grave (Part 6)
    Scene 2: The guy gets hacked in the face with a meat cleaver after leaving Violet’s room (Part 5)
    Scene 3: I think that it is Rob showing Trish his newspaper clippings about Jason in his tent (Part 4)
    Scene 4: The lady who gets her face bashed in is showing her employees how to make a hockey mask burger (JGTH)
    Scene 5: The girl gets pushed into the water by her uncle so she can learn to swim (Part 8)
    Scene 6: The post-credits campsite scene (Reboot)
    Scene 7: The guy gets his truck towed away (Part 2)

  9. 1. The scene from part 6 where Tommy is being escorted out of town by Sherrif Garris and Deputy Rick, then Tommy makes an unexpected turn towards the cematary.

    2. The scene from part 5 where Roy hacks Jakes face with a cleaver.

    3. The scene from The Final Chapter where Tommy goes through Robs bag and discovers the article about Jason.

    4. The scene from Jason Goes To Hell where Joey B. shows Her son Ward how to make the infamous “Voorhees Burger”.

    5. The scene from part 8 where Renee as a child and Her evil uncle Charles are out on Crystal Lake in a flashback on a boat before He pushes Her in.

    6. The scene in the remake which I believe is after the first murders, such as Amandas burning sleeping bag death.

    7. The scene from part 2 where Jeff and Sandra pull the truck to a stop before running to the phone booth to call Ted.

  10. 1. part VI
    2. part V or TFC (if it’s TFC, then there’s a blooper in the scene – Jason’s long fingernails are missing)
    3. If I recall, this clipping is used in both TFC and part VII. I’ll say this particular shot is from TFC.
    4. JGTH
    5. part VIII
    6. Maybe JGTH (could be from the 2024 reboot)
    7. part 2

  11. 13thslasher:
    Where in Part 4 does Jason use a meat cleaver?

  12. When I look at picture 6, I begun to wonder..
    There are a few tents throughout the franchise, but is there any tent that aren’t yellow?

  13. @ Fredrik…

    “Ted! Ted, where’s Corkscrew”

  14. Of course..
    How the hell did I forget that ;(
    But you never see that kind of frame (Picture 2) in that scene..

  15. scene one- part 6
    scene two- part 5
    scene three- part 4
    scene four- jason goes to hell
    scene five- part 8
    scene six- friday the 13th (2009)
    scene seven- part 2

  16. 1 .Part 6
    2. Part 5
    3. Part4 -Either Rob showing Trish the cut out or its tommy looking at the cutout.
    4 .JGTH when whats her face is showing how to make “2 for 1 Jason burgers”
    5. Part 8- young Rennie in the boat with her uncle,he’s telling her about jason in the lask who pulls down people who can’t swim.
    6. Remake
    7. Part 2

  17. ooooops…. number 5 should be “lake” not “lask” LOL

  18. ^Colin, what can I say? I’m a natural.
    I hope JF will try and stump me just once with a real good one. Personal Email responses for a give-a-way would be awesome, so that way nobody can just see what everyone elses answers are…especially in detail.

  19. Yeah these were “very” easy (being an old school fan).. I’m sure he will use less noticeable clips for the next test. I hope so.. yeah I agree with Corey that maybe use some really hard ones with a email contest or something.


  20. Don’t you hate it when captcha fails only to double post when you resubmit lol.

  21. 1) Part 6
    2) Part 2?
    3) Part 4
    4) Part 9 (Jason goes to Hell)
    5) Part 8
    6) Remake
    7) Part 2

  22. Okay yea I see it as part 5 for #2 now. The rest were very obvious.

  23. Here’s what I think

    1.)Part 6
    2.)Part 5
    3.)Part 4
    4.)Part 9
    5.)Part 8
    7.)Part 2

  24. 1)Part 6 – The sign to the cemetery in Part 6 when Tommy is chased by the police
    2)Part 5 – Jake’s death scene
    3)Part 4 – Rob showing Trish the news paper clip-outs
    4)Jason Goes to Hell – Showing how to make a hockey burger
    5)Part 8 – Young Rennie at Crystal Lake with her uncle who pushes her in the water
    6)Remake – A shot of the tents in the beginning
    7)Part 2 – A shot of Jeff’s truck while Jeff and Sandra calls Ted

  25. hey jasonsfury,
    i have a question thats been bugging me for agers about 1 scene!!!
    in Friday the 13Th 6,there is a scene involving a couple camping in the woods.the boyfriend goes to chop wood,,,he dies with a fist through the Jason walks back to the tent to get the girl in there,,the scene looks like the tent(with rain) from Friday the 13Th 4.(when Trish is in the tent).i swear its the same it me going crazy or is that old scene from 4 in 6?????

  26. c_s_a78,
    The scene you are referring to is from Part 7 and you are correct about the tent. Check out my blog about the correlations between Part 4 and Part 7 and enjoy!

    Good catch on the tent scene. ;)

  27. #1 – Pt. 6 right before Tommy makes Sherrif Garris chase him
    #2 – Pt. 5 don’t know where in the movie
    #3 – Pt. 4 I think when Rob is showing the news clippings to Tommy’s sister
    #4 – JGTH Joey showing her son how to make Jason patties for the “2 for 1 sale”
    #5 – Pt. 8 Rennie’s flashback to her swimming lesson
    #6 – ‘09 Remake couple having sex before they’re killed
    #7 – If I had to guess pt. 2, haven’t seen it in a while and don’t remember that truck from any other friday movie lol

  28. cheers jas.
    that link is very interesting!
    it was Friday 7!i should of known that cos its my favorite in the series!
    another thing,is it me or is there a weird game played in all the fridays??
    e.g-friday 1-strip monopoly.friday 6-camp blood(with the cards).there are others including the remake!!!

  29. Wow! This was fun! I haven’t seen JGTH in ages but I certainly remember the Jason burgers!

  30. pt 6
    pt 5
    pt 4
    pt 8
    pt 2

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