Sideshow Collectables Jason Part 3 Prototype

I completely missed the auction on eBay for this figure and I have no idea how. I usually keep up on these kind of auctions, but this one was for a truly rare and unique collectable. Sideshow recently sold a prototype of a Jason figure that was in development before they had lost their license to produce figures. “Germaniac” posted the link on the Friday the 13th Community to the eBay auction and it showed that this figure sold for $2,000.

Check out the pics and official description below.

This auction is for a truly rare treasure, a Jason Voorhees Premium Format Figure prototype. This figure was in development for nearly a year, and underwent many revisions, but ultimately it was decided that the figure would never be manufactured in this exact form. This prototype includes two sets of hands, which can be switched out to display Jason holding the axe or machete. This is one of only three such prototypes in existence, and it is by far the most complete of the three.



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  2. The mask-holes in the mouth area look too tight/small to me, other than hat it looks great. I wonder if that apple is an extra to that figure.

    I hope to see more 12″ inch Sideshow figures (non-premium). We still need a child-Jason, Roy, Uber-Jason, Remake-Jason (and probably an ANB-Dream-Jason).


  4. I originally posted this on

  5. This looks incredible. I love the spangley hands. Did he ever hold an axe in the movie? i think Jason needs a makeover in the next PD release. What’s shown here is a classic (and classy) look. Fresh clothes from the clothes line, gleaming white hockey mask. The whole PD template for all their movies is just sepia toned film with everything covered in a layer of dirt. Too trendy and not F13. Even the logo has that split-gradient Vista button look to it. I want a rebranding!

  6. oh yeah, der. he chopped down the door when Chris was hiding in the closet

  7. nice figure,i think the part 3d jason is making waves huh,he seems to be gaining more and more popularity,he’s one of my favorite,i just got the new part 3 figure from the cinema of fear line and it rocks,more of this version is cool with me.

  8. I like the figure too. Yea, what is with that apple? I am assuming it was to show scale.

    I try not to spend too much on these. I got a Part 2 for $30, Part 3 for $70, and a part 6 for $80. For the prices that I see these go for on eBay and such, I think I got pretty good deals.

  9. nice but not for 2,000 i could make buy the whole sideshow series for that and be happy

  10. pretty shure thats a pt4

  11. OMG I can’t wait for them to release this figure…so that I can look at it and wish I had enough money to buy it. :-(

  12. That is a awesome figurine, and from my favorite release of the series too … but 2 g’s !!! Does it come with a flat screen too ?

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  14. Eh, for the most part, yeah, but the mask has GOTTA go. I wouldn’t have forked out 200 bucks. I’ll have a better prototype, which is currently in the works. You watch. :) But It’s not that bad, just the mask, like I said, needs to be redone.

    Best of luck!

  15. The Mask Look like shit to me not even close to part 3
    but the rest rock

  16. Oh man…that figure would’ve been the single best Jason figure to ever be manufactured. Sideshow, why-oh-why did you allow the licence to expire? The wierd thing is that they still have promote the New Line HOuse of Horror line on the website, so not quite sure what’s up with this…Why couldn’t the licenceholders just work out a deal where Mezco don;t have the exclusice, they have to share the rights? I mean, let Mezco make the 7-inch, while Sideshow coud’ve handled the 12-inch and Premium Format versions…

  17. Well, the mask is indeed problematic but looks better than the mask on Sideshow’s previous FVJ Premium Format figure in my humble estimation. That mask made Jason look like big gentle teddybear. The mask also looks better then Neca’s 18-inch FvJ figure, and it looks better then the mask on thre 18-inch model kit from Screamin’. Flawed mask, yes. But still superior to any mask we’ve yet seen in this partical size range/format.

  18. Alexander,
    I agree with you that this figure looks great. You make a great point about the licenses being shared between the companies. I think that would be mutually beneficial and we would get some great figures!

  19. ddybear. The mask also looks better then Neca’s 18-inch FvJ figure, and it looks better then the mask on thre 18-inch model kit from Screamin’. Flawed mask, yes. But still superior to any mask we’ve yet seen in this partic

  20. Yep, this probably would have been a surefire hit anyway had they went ahead and released it. I guess they’re currently reworking this one? Hope so. Mask wasn’t spot on, I wonder if the head sculpt was/will be worth a damn.

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