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REVIEW: Christian Sellers
Thanks to Michael Moore, Metal: A Headbangers Journey and Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, the documentary is no longer something that is reduced to a DVD featurette and has now become a movie in its own right. The one movie that gorehounds have been counting [...] Exclusive Interview with new Jason, Derek Mears!

Throughout the long history of Friday the 13th, there have been many men to put on the makeup and the mask and call themselves Jason Voorhees. Some have embraced the role often show how proud they are to have been Jason. Some dismiss the mask. Regardless of how accepting they are about playing Jason, [...]

King on new Friday/Sequel Talk

Yo. So I was browsing and came across this quote from Adriane King with regards to the new movie.
“To be honest, I was at first miffed,I heard they were doing it and Betsy and I were approached, or our manager was anyway. I thought it would be great to come back in a remake [...]

Exclusive Friday New Beginning Radio Interviews

For those fans that missed the exclusive interviews, Deadpit Radio talked Friday Part 5 this past summer and it is a great, in-depth look into what it was like to make what many fans call the red-headed stepchild of the series. The official synopsis is below:
“If Jason still haunts you, then you must be tuned [...]

More Friday the 13th guests at HorrorHound Weekend!

Hey campers!
Jason mania continues this March in Indianapolis 27-29 with HorrorHound Weekend Friday Fans can meet and greet with Ari Lehman, CJ Grahm, Warrington Gillitte and Derek Mears. That’s 4 Jasons for the price of one admission.
If you haven’t been to HorrorHound Weekend it’s definitely worth checking out.
Watch the fun at a recent [...]

Win a copy of Friday the 13th uncut!

Want a chance to win a copy of the new Uncut Friday the 13th DVD? Hurry up and head over to HorrorHound for your chance to win! Contest is open until February 1st.

MORE, YES MORE TV SPOTS!!!!!! (Updated)

Wow so I think this is like spot 5, 6 and 7. Some new footage here and there and it all looks bloody great! One has Whitney about to square up to Jason while another shows Clay sticking up posters of his missing sis! Get em watched!!!!
Added below - embedded TV Spot #6!

Deleted Gore Info From Archival Fangoria Issues

Thanks to fan Matthew Head who transcribed the following passages from old 80’s issues of Fangoria! They relate to cut gore from Friday The 13th Part 2, Part 3 in 3D, and The Final Chapter respectively.
“Carl Fullerton” by James H. Burns
“As FANGORIA predicted last issue, the MPAA forced director Steve Miner to cut much
of [...]

Scare Fest 2024 to feature Friday the 13th guests once again!

Those of you who attended the 2024 Scare Fest Horror & Paranormal Convention got more than you bargained for! The event featured a very successful Friday the 13th reunion and a side order of Kane Hodder! The reunion and convention are featured very nicely in the upcoming (Feb 3) Friday the 13th: Deluxe Edition DVD’s [...]

NECA's 19 Inch Jason (2009) in depth review and gallery including NEW JASON UNMASKED!

NECA’s 19 Inch Jason (2009) in depth review and gallery including NEW JASON UNMASKED!

It certainly won’t be long now! Jason Voorhees will be knocking off an all new group of teens next month as the relaunch of Friday the 13th hits the big screen! It’s a great time to be a fan of Friday the 13th. A new movie, new DVD’s and a ton of new merchandise! This [...]