Video Tour of Horror Domain Shows Friday the 13th Props

Our good friend Mario Kirner owns the defnitive Friday the 13th prop collection, which can be viewed at . His collection has inspired me to research and find out more and more about props in general and that led me to the Horrordomain. It is run by David Brandon and he owns a wide variety of very cool props from all sorts of genre movies. Below are some of the Friday the 13th props he owns.

JASON-GOES-TO-HELL-MAKE-UP-TESTThis is the makeup test head from Jason Goes To Hell, which was used in the explosion scene in the beginning of the film. Mario showcases the similar look with the undermask at his website.









JGTH_ArmThis is the arm and one of many blown up body parts of Jason used in the opening scenes of Jason Goes To Hell. The Friday the 13th Props Museum displays a number of these types of body parts as well.






part5machete_shotHere we have a blood rig machete from A New Beginning. I don’t remember seeing this one before and this is one of the few items that is not displayed at the Friday the 13th Props Museum. This was used for death of Pete in the car as one of first two vicitims of Roy.






There are many more items to see at the Horrordomain. So, take a tour of his prop collection and spot all of the different Friday the 13th props as well as a number of others that I am sure will make you say, oh yea I remember that!


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10 Responses to “ Video Tour of Horror Domain Shows Friday the 13th Props ”

  1. yay escape from NY! The final wardrobe is cool.

  2. I liked the original chucky doll boxes as well, but I would love to own the Part 5 machete and the Jason X costume looks awesome!

  3. The Jason X costume is Great. It originaly came from the New Line Auction back then to promote the theatrical release. It sadly is not complete as its missing the boots, collar, mask, handcuffs and gloves. He definitely has some really cool pieces from time to time, however he’s sadly not best friends with the collectors comminity for a few reason. Please let me know if you have an question about current and past Friday pieces listed on his site.


  4. I know this is “off-topic” but I just want to thank jasonsfury for “unbanning” me from the site (or whoever did it). I had a lot to say over the past month but was unable to do so because I could not post anything.

    My New Year’s resolution is to not offend anyone here. I just wish I could have my old avatar back too.

  5. I was missing you already, Walmart. Loved your comments and really enjoy your humor.
    Serioisly, I would miss if you change aything.


  6. Horror Domain has a great selection of props but David Brandon is someone who will never get my business.

  7. Yay, Walmart Man’s back! Bestow upon us your wisdom once again!

  8. This may be a dumb question, but why are some things referred to as “hero”? Like “hero” box or “hero” pants.

  9. the “hero” pants/mask/etc/ is a distinction between the one usually worn on screen, and similar prop used only in some scenes (usually stunt scenes) for example there were 2 masks known used in Friday the 13th part 3, the one usually seen onscreen is called in film lingo the “hero” mask and the backup mask used for the axe chop scene is called the “stunt” mask, which went on to be used in part 4.

  10. Ahhh, i see, makes more sense now. I knew he was referring to the character but just wasn’t sure what made a prop a “hero” prop. Thanks fro clearing that up!

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