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Friday The 13th (2009) Stills Archive

Friday The 13th (2009) Stills Archive

What, you think just because the movie’s out that is gonna let up with the good stuff? Think again! Today I archived 29 Publicity Stills in our Friday The 13th Gallery which will continue to grow into a multimedia haven for Jason fanatics.

Friday the 13th sequel officially announced!

….Well, yeah but as of yet there is no greenlight, as some insiders say. It is very likely that Marcus Nispel will not return to direct the much talked about sequel.

Mark Swift And Damien Shannon Speak

Give this interview a read. Friday reboot writers Mark Swift And Damien Shannon discuss their screenplay work on the flick, things that were cut even before filming, references to the other flicks, and even candid thoughts on their Freddy Vs Jason. It’s five static pages long, and a pretty smooth (and funny) read.
Crave Online: What [...]

More Memories of

After the excellent article by jasonsfury I wiped away the nostalgia-fueled tears and decided to do a follow-up on the history of this awesome site I get to run.

Warning for UK fans

Hello guys and gals!!
Just a little heads up concerning the new Paramount Friday DVD’s.
Sadly in the UK parts 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 have allready been released with brand new (if very bare) cover art, however DO NOT EXPECT ANY SPECIAL FEATURES. They are all pretty much bare bones discs. So don’t be picking them [...]

Friday the 13th cake

Ever tried to take a slice out of a cake that could take a slice out of you? Cake designers Antoni and Edward Frys created this masterpiece that looks to good to eat.

Test Your Friday Knowledge

I am sure there are a lot of us fans that have already done this, but AMC put together there Ultimate Fan Quiz recently and I thought everyone would like to take a “stab” at it. Follow the link below to take the quiz. I got one wrong and was shamed by my wife. I told [...]

Trip Down Memory Lane For

Does anyone remember when this website was I remember. Brenna and Blake had to go through a big change to a new domain. I don’t remember why. If anyone knows, please shed some light on the situation. Anyways, I ran across an article from 2024 that interviewed Blake and Brenna about the series and [...]

Jason Voorhees Vs The Box Office: Round Two

How did Jason fare in weekend 2 of the reboot’s run? Early figures are in from Variety and Friday The 13th placed fifth with $2.73 million. On MySpace On MySpace

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